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Margaret MacMillan on Nixon and Mao


Free Resource (#727) - January 13th, 2009
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When Nixon Met Mao

In this lecture delivered at the World Affairs Council of Northern California, historian Margaret MacMillan discusses Richard Nixon's historic visit to China in 1972. In what she describes as a watershed moment in a long history of barely veiled antagonism between China and the western world, we see how various economic and geopolitical forces made a reconciliation unavoidable. In this crucial period of relaxed tension, China began its advancement to the modern world stage; an achievement presided over by a president with an otherwise tarnished political legacy. This talk is available on audio download and streaming video through FORA.tv.

When Nixon Met Mao

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Knowledge Products: United States at War
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This series of audio books from Knowledge Products is entitled The United States at War. These audio books cover the major military conflicts the United States has faced in its 200 year history from the Revolutionary War up to the Vietnam War. The audio programs present an overview of the political, economic, and social forces that erupted in military conflict. They describe the historical context for each of the major U.S. wars, and how a military conflict resolved (or failed to resolve) the forces that caused a war.

This series is entirely narrated by Academy Award-winning actor George C. Scott. Here are the 11 titles covering nine major wars presented in historical order:

The American Revolution

The War of 1812

The Mexican-American War

The Civil War, Part 1

The Civil War, Part 2

The Spanish-American War and World War I, Part 1

World War I, Part 2

World War II, Part 1

World War II, Part 2

The Korean War and The Vietnam War, Part 1

The Vietnam War, Part 2

Learn about the history of America's military conflicts.

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