Mitt Romney's Faith in America Speech


Free Resource (#480) - January 22nd, 2008
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Faith in America Address

With two weeks to go until Super Tuesday on February 5th, when over 20 states in the United States will hold their primaries or caucuses for voting on the Republican and Democratic Party presidential candidates, we thought we'd feature a free resource from all the major candidates over the course of the next few weeks. We'll start with the Republican candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney.

In this speech which Romney delivered at The George Bush Presidential Library on December 6, 2007, he focused on the role of religion in American life and politics. Romney speaks of the importance of religious freedom as being essential to American life. He talks about his own Mormon faith, emphasizing that as president he is not in office to promote any one faith, but to be the voice of the people he is representing. This address is available from American Rhetoric on MP3 download and on streaming audio & video.

Faith in America Address

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