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Free Resource (#791) - April 14th, 2009
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Vernon Bogdanor: The Presidency of Ronald Reagan

Political historian Vernon Bogdanor takes stock of the Reagan presidency in this lecture delivered at Gresham College. In this overview, Reagan is described as an unlikely president that nevertheless proved transformative following a caustic period in American history. This realignment of American leadership saw the end of the Cold War and a new era of U.S. dominance in world affairs; an accomplishment Bogdanor admits would not have been possible without Reagan's deft understanding of people. This lecture is available on streaming video through FORA.tv.

Vernon Bogdanor: The Presidency of Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. 1

"The Great Communicator". Now relive the authentic thoughts and words of the legendary President Ronald Reagan. This historical compilation features highlights of some of the greatest moments in American political history.

Speeches include his first Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech in July of 1980 to the First Inaugural Address on January 20, 1981 minutes before 52 American hostages in Iran were set free. Also included is his First State of the Union and others. Eleven total.

Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. 2

Known as The Great Communicator, some would call him the greatest president of the century. This compilation includes highlights from nine memorable speeches given from 1982 to his Farewell Address to the Nation from the Oval Office in 1989.

Include these tracks:
1. Address to United Nations - 6/17/82
2. Address to nation on Star Wars - 3/23/83
3. Announcing Candidacy for re-election - 1/29/84
4. Air Strike in Libya - 4/14/86
5. Aid to Contras - 6/24/86
6. State of Union - 1/27/87
7. Iran-Contra Controversy, "Tower Report" - 3/4/87
8. Address to U.N., "Disarmament" - 9/26/88
9. Farewell Address to Nation - 1/11/89

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to free samples of: Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. 1

Ronald Reagan: The Great Speeches Vol. 2

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