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Free Resource (#409) - October 8th, 2007
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Sue Morem's Professional Edge Podcast

In this podcast, author Sue Morem points listeners to ways they can achieve success and satisfaction in their professional careers. On the feed she features her video podcast series The Job Seeker, as well as other podcasts on professional topics and interviews with career experts such as Sonia Choquette, author of How To Trust Your Vibes at Work. Start your work week with some professional advice from career expert Sue Morem.

Sue Morem's Professional Edge Podcast

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How To Trust Your Vibes At Work

As a professional, six-sensory, intuitive consultant and teacher, Sonia Choquette has worked with thousands of people from all over the world who seek advice and direction, especially regarding their jobs. For many of her clients and students, work woes have become all-consuming, and in these uncertain economic times, they seem to have completely taken over their lives, filling them with anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction. However, not all of Sonia’s clients fall into this category.

Some of them are, in every sense, masters of the game in the arena of work, and are immune to professional woes of any kind. Are these trust-fund babies? Harvard graduates? Lottery winners? Or are they just plain lucky? The answer is none of the above. Their secret is this: They’ve made the simple decision to always, and in all ways, listen to and trust their sixth sense to guide them in their career growth. The good news is that everyone has a sixth sense. Even better news is that it can be readily activated and put to use in your work world immediately. The best news is that this lecture series will teach you exactly how to do just that!

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Listen to a free sample of: How To Trust Your Vibes At Work

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