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Quotes on Taking Action


Free Resource (#588) - June 23rd, 2008
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Zaadz: Quotes on Action

This eclectic collection of quotes compiled and read by former Zaadz.com (now Gaia.com) CEO Brian Johnson brings together inspirational words covering many aspects of action from leaders in philosophy, religion, business, politics, and self development. Motivate yourself to action this week with these classic quotes. Available from LearnOutLoud.com on MP3 Download and Streaming Audio.

Zaadz: Quotes on Action

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Philosopher's Notes Downloads

LearnOutLoud.com is pleased to be offering 40 audio downloads from PhilosophersNotes.com. This website features titles that cover the Big Ideas of the best self-development books in less than half an hour of reading/listening a week.

The PhilosophersNotes are written and read by Brian Johnson, the philosopher & CEO behind eteamz.com, thinkArete.com, and Zaadz.com (now Gaia.com). Brian has distilled the Big Ideas and "concentrated" the wisdom from dozens of the top self-development books. These a la carte downloads are available exclusively through LearnOutLoud.com on MP3 download with a supplemental PDF of the material.

If you want some free samples of the PhilosophersNotes or you're interested in subscribing to receive access to all the PhilosophersNotes please visit PhilosophersNotes.com.

Philosopher's Notes Downloads

Giants of Philosophy Audio Downloads
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The World of Philosophy Audio Downloads

With the World of Philosophy audiobooks, your newfound knowledge will span the ages encompassing philosophy from ancient Greece and China to twentieth century America and Europe. You'll better understand the world as you join history's greatest philosophers, like Socrates; Confucius; Descartes; Voltaire; Peirce; Russell and de Beauvoir, in wrestling with the profound meanings of science and reason, religion and belief, innovation and tradition, moral virtue, knowledge, love, community, language, and much more. These audio books are all narrated by actress Lynn Redgrave.

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Are you ready to Think and Grow Rich? Napoleon Hill's classic book has helped thousands of people become financially independent. We're proud to announce that for the first time ever, Think and Grow Rich and other titles by Napoleon Hill are available for download. These audiobooks are ones you'll listen to over and over again. Check out the following links for more information about how you can be one of the first people to own the downloadable version of Think and Grow Rich and other Napoleon Hill titles.

Think and Grow Rich

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