Reasons To Be Proud To Be An American


Free Resource (#597) - July 7th, 2008
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Be Proud To Be An American

Listen to this 5-minute audio program which reminds Americans of the many freedoms they have and also the responsibilities that come with freedom. Motivational author Bryan Golden reminds us of the opportunities we have in America, if we are willing to work hard towards our goals. He mentions that even citizens who dislike the United States have the freedom to criticize and to leave the U.S. if they'd like to. This title is available on MP3 download and was published through our TeachOutLoud self-publishing tool.

Be Proud To Be An American

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What's So Great About America

America is under attack as never before - not only from terrorists, but from people who provide a rationale for terrorism. Best selling author Dinesh D'Souza takes on all of America's critics and proves them wrong - as perhaps only a writer with an immigrant's understanding of this country can. D'Souza presents his case for intelligent patriotism based on an understanding of what really makes America unique in the world. Among other issues, he confronts the hallmarks of criticism of the American way - our history of slavery, colonialism, and materialism. His thought-provoking essay is simply presented. He defends not an idealized America, but America as it really is, and measures America not against utopia, but against the rest of the world.

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: What's So Great About America

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