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Stanislav Grof on Death Experiences


Free Resource (#605) - July 17th, 2008
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Death Experiences: Stan Grof and Scott Eberle

Listen to this talk delivered at the Book Passage bookstore in San Francisco, CA. Author Stanislav Grof talks about his book The Ultimate Journey, telling stories about his own experiences with patients who have used psychedelic therapy and other methods of confronting death. Scott Eberle speaks about his book The Final Crossing which examines the intersection of the rites of passage movement with hospice care, and covers his observations of patients that have died both physically and symbolically. They answer a number of questions and talk about some of the difficulties that the American health care system has in confronting death, such as the illegality of euthanasia and the legal requirement to perform heroic measures of CPR when an individual is dying. This talk is available on streaming video from FORA.tv.

Death Experiences: Stan Grof and Scott Eberle

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The Transpersonal Vision: The Healing Potential of Nonordinary States of Consciousness

In every mystical wisdom tradition, nonordinary states of consciousness have served as essential tools for discovering why we are here and how we can live richer, more meaningful lives. For over 40 years, Stanislav Grof has tested and brought these methods into the field of modern psychology. Are emotional states and behavioral patterns explained solely by brain chemistry and life experience - or could they be expressions of far vaster universal energies? Which specific mind states most powerfully accelerate integration and healing of the self? And how do you access these states? In The Transpersonal Vision, Grof answers these questions - and raises many others - in a stunning summation of his groundbreaking life's work. You will learn about transpersonal psychology's daring forays into the worlds of the shaman and the mystic; how your perinatal (birth and prebirth) experience profoundly affect you even today; what past-life, near-death, and out-of-body phenomena teach us about our life purpose; and much more.

Available on MP3 Download.

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