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Studs Terkel Interview on His Life


Free Resource (#697) - Nov. 25th, 2008
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Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times: Conversation with Studs Terkel

Author and radio broadcast personality Studs Terkel recently passed away at the age of 96. In this hour long streaming video interview, Conversations with History host Harry Kreisler interviews Studs later in his life. It is a fascinating and funny interview which covers much of Terkel's life and his philosophy on life in America. He also openly expresses his opinions about the media and the politicians today. Although in his 90s at the time, Terkel lucidly reminisces about his life and the lessons he has learned from it. This video is available to stream through YouTube.

Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times: Conversation with Studs Terkel

For an MP3 audio download of a different conversation with Studs Terkel recorded at the University of Chicago a few years ago check out this title:

A Conversation with Studs Terkel

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There are plenty of Prairie Home Companion audio collections to choose from. First of all one should look no further than the highly representative "A Pairie Home Companion: 25th Anniversary Collection" which will give you the very best of APHC's 25 years in broadcasting. If you are strictly interested in hear Kiellor's Lake Wobegon stories, then check out "Lake Wobegon Days", an audio version of his hand selected tales. Interested in other stories by Keillor? Then "Stories" is a great way to hear the author read some of his favorites, which include selections from his New Yorker articles, and best selling books such as Happy to Be Here. Whether you are looking for tales from Lake Wobegon or wish to relax with Keillor's unique take on the world, LearnOutLoud is excited to help you on your way. This audiobook offers and ideal starting point for anybody with an interest in Native American culture and in the environment which shaped and nurtured it.

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Audio Books

Born in 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle is the author most famous for creating the detective Sherlock Holmes and is renowned as the world's greatest crime fiction writer. Spending his childhood in Scottland, his first career choice was to be a doctor, and indeed he ended up with his own medical practice. It was during the failure of this first business venture that Doyle began writting to pass the time. With the creation of Sherlock Holmes, Doyle embarked on a series of crime stories that brought new levels of realism to a marginalized genre. He also became a real life detective on ocassion, personally investigating two crimes that eventually led to the release of the accussed men. His Sherlock Holmes' stories have found enduring popularity and have seen countless Television, Stage and film adaptations over the course of the last century.

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Shall we start with a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery? "The Hound of the Baskervilles" is the quintessential Holmes mystery. Join him on the trail of a hellish beast that has terrorized the Baskerville family for generations. Next up is Holmes' first case, "A Study in Scarlet" in which Holmes and Watson must track down an evasive murderer that writes a cryptic message in his victim's blood. Finally we'll direct you to something from Doyle's Professor Challenger work, "The Lost World". Here Challenger leads an expedition into the jungle and falls headlong in to a world filled with dinosaurs and man's pre-historic ancestors! If you want to listen to quality detective fiction, there is no other name that stands close to Arthur Conan Doyle. LearnOutLoud.com is proud to provide everything available by the author on Audio.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Audio Books

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