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Tale of Two Cities Audiobook


Free Resource (#640) - Sept. 5th, 2008
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A Tale of Two Cities Podcast

Check out this free unabridged professional recording of A Tale of Two Cities, released by Literal Systems. Listen to this sweeping historical novel set in London and Paris around the time of the French Revolution. The audio quality is top notch and Jane Ayer's narration is superb. This classic 14-hour audio book is available on MP3 download as a podcast from Literal Systems.

A Tale of Two Cities Podcast

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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist, Dickens' second novel, is a thrilling study of childhood innocence thrust into the darkly comic world of Fagin, his apprentice, the Artful Dodger, and their gang of child thieves. Who will help the orphaned Oliver to escape from their clutches and discover his true history?

The original story is even more powerful and compelling than the musical, which has popularized it. Anton Lesser reads with all his intensity and comic versatility.

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Arthur Miller Plays on Audio
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Arthur Miller Plays on Audio

Arthur Miller was a famous American playwright. The child of two Jewish immigrants from Poland, he worked in an automotive parts warehouse to make money for college. He married his childhood sweetheart, a Catholic girl named Mary Slattery and had two children. On graduating, he wrote for Broadway, with the play that led to his fame being Death of a Salesman, first performed in 1949. In 1956, he divorced Mary and married Marilyn Monroe, but they were divorced in turn a year before her death.

Politically active, he was called in front of the house Committee on Un-American Activities. More than once, he was accused of being a Communist and denied permission to travel. This culminated in him being found in contempt of Congress and having his passport removed. It was after this that he became president of P.E.N., an international organization that campaigned for the rights of suppressed writers. He died of heart failure in 2005.

He is best known for Death of a Salesman, available in audio format as a full cast dramatization. Another of his most famous plays is The Crucible, about the witch trials of Salem with an allegorical connection to the McCarthy era anti-Communist Red Scare that he experienced. Those interested in his early career may want to download his very first play, The Man Who Had All The Luck which was under appreciated at the time and shown only four times. Enjoy full cast dramatizations of some of Arthur Miller's most famous plays.

Arthur Miller Plays on Audio

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