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Free Resource (#555) - May 7th, 2008
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NPR: Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan Podcast

With the Talk of the Nation podcast from NPR, host Neal Conan moderates a daily discussion of the current events that dominate the news landscape. Utilizing the expertise of a carefully selected panel of informed commentators, Conan navigates the various sides of an issue, seeking to provide an even perspective to the listener. Call-in guests are also given a voice in the proceedings, providing invaluable access to the present national dialogue. Listen or subscribe to this daily podcast from National Public Radio.

NPR: Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan Podcast

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Tom and Ray Magliozzi are America’s foremost auto mechanics. Most people phone in to their radio show with questions about cars: buying them, driving them, cursing them, keeping them running. But advice is just the tip of the Car Talk carburetor. In between are songs, jokes, puzzlers, rants—and, most famously, digressions. Give the guys an inch of airspace and they’ll riff on almost anything. That’s what this collection is about: telling stories, going off on tangents, taking verbal detours, and convincing a delighted audience to come along. Whatever happened to Tommy’s Dart? Why is Doug the subway fugitive? Listen, learn—and laugh.

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