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by David Berlinski
Formats: Audio Download ($17.50)
Published: May 2011

From the acclaimed author of A Tour of the Calculus and The Advent of the Algorithm, here is a riveting look at mathematics that reveals a hidden world....

by Len Fisher
Formats: Audio Download ($29.98)
Published: April 2011

Why do certain civilizations, societies, and ecosystems collapse? How does the domino effect relate to the credit crunch? When can mathematics help explain marriage? And how on earth do toads predict earthquakes?

by Scott Patterson
Formats: Audio Download ($21.28) | Audio CD
Published: February 2010

In March 2006, the world's richest men sipped champagne in an opulent New York hotel. They were preparing to compete in a poker tournament with -million-dollar stakes. At the card table that night was Peter Muller, who managed a fabulously successful hedge fund called PDT.

by Jacqueline McCord Leo
Formats: Audio Download ($16.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette | MP3 CD
Published: December 2009

Media guru Jackie Leo explains how the number seven can improve the focus of your life in this fascinating exploration of the numeral's power and significance.

by Pablo Triana
Formats: Audio Download ($49.98)
Published: July 2009

For the past few decades, the financial world has often displayed an unreasonable willingness to believe that "the model is right, the market is wrong," in spite of the fact that these theoretical machinations were largely responsible for the stock market crash of 1987, the LTCM crisis of 1998, the credit crisis of 2008, and many other blow-ups, large and small.

by Leonard Mlodinow
Formats: Audio Download ($24.98) | Audio CD
Published: June 2009

In this irreverent and illuminating audiobook, acclaimed writer and scientist Leonard Mlodinow shows us how randomness, chance, and probability reveal a tremendous amount about our daily lives, and how we misunderstand the significance of everything from a casual conversation to a major financial setback.

by George Musser
Formats: Audio Download ($19.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette | MP3 CD
Published: May 2009

We’re living in the midst of a scientific revolution that’s captured the general public’s attention and imagination.

by Robert Kanigal
Formats: Audio Download ($27.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette | MP3 CD
Published: October 2007

In 1913, a young, unschooled Indian clerk wrote a letter to G. H. Hardy, begging that pre-eminent English mathematician’s opinion on several ideas he had about numbers.

by David Blatner
Formats: Audio Download ($14.35)
Published: 2002

No number has captured the attention and imagination of people throughout the ages as much as...

by Amir Aczel
Formats: Audio Download ($16.57)
Published: 2002

The secrets of science meet the drama of the high seas. Amir D. Aczel, the distinguished science writer, turns detective as he uncovers the fascinating story...

1 - 10 of 27 Titles
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