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by Colin Renfrew
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A giant of archaeology, Colin Renfrew has immeasurably improved our understanding of human history. In this passionately argued work, he offers a concise summary of prehistory—human existence that predates the development of written records—while challenging the very definition of prehistory itself.

by Josh Bernstein
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Josh Bernstein takes readers through some of the most remote, intriguing and physically challenging locations on the planet as he uncovers the world's greatest ancient mysteries.

by iMinds JNR
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Learn about the science and history of Dinosaurs with iMindsJNR audio learning series for younger minds.

by Russell Freedman
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Historians still agree about the date of Columbus' voyage. But did this European adventurer discover America?

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Songs that teach about paleontology, archaeology, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, prehistoric reptiles, and more!

by Christopher McGowan
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An entrancing read about a critical period in the development of scientific thought, The Dragon Seekers shows how the early fossilists, eccentric characters in their own right, forever changed our interpretation of the world and its inhabitants.

by Ann Gibbons
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This dynamic chronicle of the race to find the "missing links" between humans and apes transports listeners into the highly competitive world of fossil hunting and into the lives of the ambitious scientists intent on pinpointing the dawn of humankind.

1 - 7 of 7 Titles