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Dave Watson
Website: www.reiki0.com
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Hi.....My name is Dave Watson.

I have been a Reiki Master for almost 10 years.

In that time I have attuned many people to the level of Reiki-Two and Reiki Master, I have given countless Reiki treatments, carried out deep periods of Reiki Self-Healing and studied the Reiki symbols and their meaning in an intellectual and intuitive sense.

I have also had the great fortune of being able to study many spiritual philosophies and I have came to see, for myself, a “golden thread” running throughout many of them, which actually brings unity and finds common ground in philosophies and doctrine which at first glance can seem fragmented and distanced from one another.

But in that study, I have not yet found a clearer and more concise representation of the essence of our own spirituality then that represented in Reiki and encapsulated in the Reiki Symbols, and for that work I will be forever grateful to Maiko Usui.

I have found Reiki to be clear representation of the spiritual force which we all have within us, I believe that it is part of our very essence and once we tap into that with the Reiki Attunements many new avenues open up to us. One of which is the ability to heal ourselves, others and any other living thing.

Many people who use Reiki find that new avenues and areas of life open up to them and I found a great new phase of creativity opened up in my life. Since then I have composed and recorded 2 Reiki Music CDs, numerous guided meditations, the Reiki Audio Home Study Courses and also an advanced Course which concentrates on the use of Reiki as a tool for Personal empowerment which I call Usui-Do, as the work is based upon Maiko Usui’s life’s work.

Since discovering Reiki, I also applied it to many different areas of life. I have recently started experiments with Reiki and Plants, I have always been a keen gardener and I am in the fortunate position of having a small plot of land where I grow most of my own food. My recent experiments include channelling Reiki into the water which I use to water my plants, and also to the plants directly. I will publish my research once it is concluded in a book which I will probably call “The Natural Gardener”.

Reiki Opened up many new aspects of life to me and also, through continued work, gave me a clear view of my own spiritual nature.

When that happens, it is not unusual to want more people to have that same thing. And if the courses I have made make it easier for more people to experience and use Reiki, then I am a happier man.

Dave Watson.

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