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WIN Without Competing! is the life mantra of Arlene R. Barro, PhD, a UCLA-trained educator, educational psychologist and a nationally recognized search consultant and career coach who is the Founder & CEO of barro global search, inc. Dr. Arlene Barro's guiding beacon is to "set a standard against which no one can compete." This high standard underscores her success in each of her career challenges and has enabled her to effect important and lasting innovation in this country and globally. Dr. Arlene's Right Fit Method, the subject of her book WIN Without Competing! is the key to capturing employer attention and hearing "You're Hired."

I created a Career Podcast to illustrate my Right Fit Method so that you can listen to learn from my weekly guest interviews.

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Dr. Arlene is the author of WIN Without Competing! which explains step-by-step how to implement the Right Fit Method to achieve career success.

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