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Dr. Charles Margerison Audio

Dr. Charles Margerison is Chairman of Viewpoint Resources Ltd. He was previously Professor of Management at the Universities of Cranfield, UK, and Queensland, Australia and is the author of more than 10 books on management issues and a major continuing professional development system called The Communication and Problem Solving Resource which used in business organizations globally. 

He has been the CEO of a publishing organization, and is the co-founder of Team Management Systems. He is Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group, and lives in Queensland, Australia, when not travelling on business in Europe and North America.

Dr Margerison is the founder and author of the Amazing People books. This is a series of books based on ‘BioViews’, a new word that combines biography and interview. BioViews are based on the facts related to people’s lives, but integrated by the author. He therefore writes the life story of each person as if they were still alive, and each one of them tells their own story through his ‘virtual interview’ with them. The book brings a new perspective to what amazing people have done for each and everyone of us.

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