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Leslie Moore Audio

✿Label: LDM Recording Studio, Mia Jonita Resorts

✿Manager: LDM-SR CEO and CEO II/Sr Tech/Music Coach 

(*listed also in Crunchbase For Gaming/Entertainment)

✿Members: Yogi Goddess, (DJ C.T) China Moore/Chinastar 

✿HQ 8-9yrs. ✿ Grad/Prof. college-Fall. ♬Beatz Producer. Luv Short Films/Animator.

✿Career History and Development: The Headquarters,Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); {Founder Leslie 'Michelle' Moore} became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle.

✿Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG are listed in several social networks and blogging news.

✿LDM Film Productions;

Is a Division of LDM Digital Studios. Hosted by Love and Divinity In Motion Inc, HQ. LDM Digital Studios; hosts all of our Digital Art Projects over the last couple of years.

✿Insatiable Film Studio; A New Division of LDM Inc, LDM Film Productions. Founded by Love and Divinity In Motion Inc. Insatiable; Created week of Jan 23th, 2014 As a New Machinima Short Film Animation Division. Any films featuring, animation clips; are apart of the Insatiable Resume. Insatiable is the first dept of LDM Film Productions. Admin: Yogi Goddess, Chinastar


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