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Francesca Kimpton Audio

FRANCESCA KIMPTON is a highly respected English medium and healer whose reputation for accuracy has been demonstrated thousands of times to private clients and radio and television audiences around the world. She was the first medium to have her own successful live and unedited UK television series Revelations. She has been featured on a number of other television documentaries and radio shows such as Princess Diana and the Psychics, Carlton News, the Zoh Show, Talk America, and many others.

Francesca has been hailed as the best medium in the UK and has quickly developed her reputation for talent and integrity in the United States where she now spends most of her time - primarily in Los Angeles - when she is not on tour in New York, Florida, Kentucky, Northern California, the UK, and South Africa, sharing her gifts through teaching, lecturing, demonstrations and, of course, private sittings.

Francesca’s private sittings differ significantly from the work of other mediums, in that in addition to giving accurate evidence of spirit communication, she works in a practical way with spirit and clients, providing insight to help people in their present day lives. Her clients report that the contact not only gives them substantial spiritual peace, but also renewed energy to redirect their lives in the right direction.

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