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Jim Donovan, a native New Yorker, has implemented the timeless principles in his books to first, turn his own life around, and then to devote his life to helping others do the same. Jim practices these principles every day and is living proof that they work.

A bestselling author, whose books are published in 22 countries, and a highly sought after motivational speaker, he has touched the lives of thousands of people who want a better life.

Crossing all ethnic, age, and gender barriers, his simple message has been embraced by teenagers and seniors alike. From business leaders to single parents, people throughout the world are improving the quality of their lives by following the simple techniques in his books and programs.

Jim has been helping individuals and organizations implement strategies for success for more than 20 years. His business experience began at a young age, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door and, years later, inspired him to start his own business, providing businesses with sales support and marketing services.

After a personal meltdown, Jim became a student of self-help literature in 1986. Seeing the results in his own life, he began writing his newsletter and delivering seminars to help others. This led to his first book and a life dedicated to helping people tap into the power within them and create the life they were born to live.

Jim’s practical techniques and powerful stories have made him a sought after speaker for businesses, trade groups and associations. His seminars have benefited audiences nationwide, including banks, medical practices, accounting firms, small business groups, chambers of commerce, women-owned businesses, associations, government employees, network marketing companies, school faculty, students. He delivers seminars as a volunteer in adult and youth correctional facilities.

Jim’s seminars inspire audiences to take responsibility for their lives, provide them with transformational ideas and strategies for their success, and motivate them to take charge of their destiny and create the life they were born to live.

His programs employ proven techniques that synthesize the most effective information from the forefront of human behavior research. His focus is on helping people produce extraordinary results and make quantum leaps.

Visit www.jimdonovan.com to sign up for a free subscription to Jim’s Jems e-zine for personal and professional growth. Published since 1991, it is read by individuals and business people throughout the world.

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by Jim Donovan
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Yes, You Can! Recorded live this brief audio program takes you step-by-step, through the simple process of creating the life you were born to live.

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