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Maria Fernandez Audio

Teaching and learning languages is my passion, business and hobby. I strongly believe that anyone can learn a foreign language, at any age, if they set their minds to it. That is what I have experienced with my students in my over fifteen years of teaching Spanish, my mother tongue.
My passion for languages started when I was a child in Madrid (Spain), more than twenty-five years ago. Before I started teaching others, I taught myself several languages. At first, I learned quite inefficiently, but I eventually developed a learning technique which I have been perfecting ever since. Teaching myself has given me first hand experience of the difficulties every learner encounters, the ups and downs, and the frustrations.
Drawing from my teaching and learning experience, I am now the author of several popular Spanish courses and study guides: Learn Spanish At Your Own Pace, Spanish Online Course, Spanish for Beginners CD-ROM, Spanish Audio Course, Spanish Course for Kids, Learn Spanish with Maria Fernandez (free podcast) and How To Learn Spanish.
My current projects are: a Spanish video course, and a long series of Spanish learning books.

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