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Paul Gilmartin
Website: mentalpod.com

Paul Gilmartin Audio

Since 1995 Paul Gilmartin has been a co-host on TBS’ Dinner and a Movie, and a stand-up comedian since 1987.   His credits include Comedy Central Presents: Paul Gilmartin, numerous Bob and Tom albums, comedy festivals and the Late Show with Craig Ferguson.   He is also a frequent guest on the Adam Carolla podcast, performing political satire as right-wing Congressman Richard Martin.

Paul was thrilled to be diagnosed with clinical depression in 1999 because it meant he wasn’t just another jerk.   By 2003, he realized he was still a jerk and an alcoholic.   Since 2003 he has been sober, mostly happy and a tiny bit less of an jerk.   He leads a happy life in Los Angeles with a patient, loving wife and two spoiled dogs.

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The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly conversation between a guest and comedian/host Paul Gilmartin, focusing on the battles we have in our heads and the damage we feel.

1 - 1 of 1 Titles