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Raj Gavurla Audio

Raj Gavurla came to America when he was four and a half with his mom and sister on a flight from Hyderabad, India to New York City. The first words he heard in America were dad saying, “Raju I bought candy!” Dad had a Hershey’s bar. A Hershey’s bar is still his favorite; however, he likes it with almonds.

Always strong in family, friends, work, community, and faith he has had success and adversity and responded with self-empowerment and entrepreneurial vigor.

Whether it’s growing your business or winning a championship, Raj Gavurla improves your mood, mindset, and motivation. His expertise, experience, stories, (motivational, inspirational, humorous), and examples stimulate organizations to increase productivity and performance by consistently playing at the top of their game.

Go for it – raise the bar to another New Best Level

Trade, business, and healthcare associations, corporations, schools, sports teams, and government use his services and products. He applies his practical leading edge research and process, Winning Mental Pyramid, towards your organization’s success. In addition to speaking, he coaches and advises entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and is a volunteer mental health facilitator.

Raj is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship, is interviewed by the media, and has written expert articles. His entrepreneurial spirit guided him in forming his company, LiiiVEN™.

Raj is involved in leadership, education, and healthcare initiatives. He has worked as a business consultant, engineer, model, and is an electrical engineering graduate of Clemson University.

Raj brings life to business and shows that it’s a small world!

When working with clients and speaking with audiences, he always has a “we are going for the win attitude!”

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