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Strephon Kaplan-Williams Audio


- Born to Oscar Williams, America's leading poetry anthologist in the Fifties and Sixties, and Gene Derwood, poet and painter.

- Sent to boarding school at the tender age of six for years of trauma, needing years of therapy to overcome as an adult living in California

- Several boarding schools, eight undergraduate schools and four graduate schools, leading to a Masters in English Literature, and ten years later a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the university in California, 1966, 1976.

- Ten years training and leadership with the Guild for Psychological Studies, San Francisco with studies in Jungian psychology and the historical Jesus to be a psychotherapist in the Jungian tradition.

- Marriage, Family and Child counselors license in the state of California, 1976 to 1990.

- Founded the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Institute in Berkeley, California, 1977-1988, then moved to Europe and taught professional dreamwork training based on my published books to professionals in four year programs.

- Originating founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams in 1984, the first association whose focus was on the study of dreams and dreamwork from many points of view. Joined with other founders, Patricia Garfield, Jeremey Taylor and Gayle Delaney as the "Four Founders."

- Lived and taught in England, Norway and the Netherlands from 1988 to present time. Writing books on the side, none of which the New York agent could get published.

- Published the first comprehensive dreamwork manual, the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual, 1978, 1980. Published other books, Transforming Childhood, The Elements of Dreamwork, Dreamworking, The Dream Cards, etc., in several languages.

- The Dream Cards, published 1991, Simon and Schuster, becomes a "best seller" with 110,000 copies sold in eight languages.

- Student of Aikido since 1980 and an originator of Spiritual Aikido, the practice of simple movements with emphasis on energy principles fundamental to life, for practice in the everyday outside the training hall of athletic Aikido.

 Mostly, I write. I live permanently in the Netherlands with occasional visits to America.


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