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Terri Hase is a woman with many facets – Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Radio Personality, Author, Teacher and Friend. She is passionate about people and lives life in wonder and gratitude. She is funny and fierce, with a flair for the ‘fabulous’! Terri is known to be direct, interesting, witty, and dedicated to your success! She’s been speaking, training and presenting for nearly 20 years.

In 2002 she added professional coaching to her resume and it’s been the perfect addition to round out her talents and passions. She is the driving force and visionary behind the Better YOUradio show, and the entire Better YOUniverse family of brands.

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Better YOU radio is your dedicated source for words that lift and inspire! Let our words reach you, teach you, and support you. Stop waiting for things to get better, be the better now!

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