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BooksFree.com is an internet book retailer that allows subscribers to borrow an unlimited amount of audio books for a monthly fee with free shipping and the ability to cancel anytime. For audio books they have programs for two different audio formats: CD with 5,000 titles to choose from or MP3-CD with 1,400 titles offered. All MP3-CD titles are unabridged, while CD titles are an even mixture of abridged and unabridged. Their bronze subscription level offers 2 audio books at a time on CD for $24.99/month or 2 audio books on MP3-CD for $15.99/month. Their silver and gold plans offer more audio books out at once for a higher price per month.

Members choose from a variety of categories and set up an unlimited queue of audio books they would like to borrow. After you've finished with the audio book you've borrowed, you can send them it back and receive the next audio book in your queue. There are no due dates or late fees placed on the audio books you borrow. BooksFree.com also offers a section for paperback books, but the account a member creates for paperback books is separate from audiobooks. And finally BooksFree.com does offer their audio books for rental on an a la carte basis which typically cost $13.99 per audio book that you rent. You can browse audio books to rent or sign up for their audio book borrowing programs online.