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Come Hear Books

Come Hear Books is a rental and retail service that offers over 6,000 audio books on CD and Cassette. Members can browse their huge catalog of the hottest new releases, classics, children’s audio, spiritual titles, and more. The first tier of their membership program is $26.75 per month for 2 audio selections on CD at a time with a max of 8 CDs per selection, and for $29.75 you can receive 2 audio selections on CD or tape with a max of 8 CDs or 6 tapes per selection. For $10 more than the first tier you can check out 3 titles at a time and for $20 more you can check out 4 titles at a time. When renting, there are no late fees or due dates. New titles are sent out as soon as you return finished titles, and all the titles have free shipping both ways. In addition to monthly plans, members have the option of pre-paying bi-annual and annual membership fees at a discount. If you are interested in trying their services out, there is a 21 Day Free Trial period that you can cancel once the days are up if you aren't satisfied. Their retail section offers previously-played titles at up to 50% off their suggested retail price. You can buy from them or sign up for their rental service online or by calling 1-866-956-2665.