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Effective Learning Systems

Effective Learning Systems publishes and sells 150 programs on audio cassette and CD which cover a wide range of topics in the self-help field. These programs feature meditations, affirmations, relaxations, visualizations, and self-hypnosis techniques that explore over 50 aspects of self development, dealing with the mind & body and various emotions. They have series which are designed to help you in your busy life including Music Affirmations For Busy People, the While-U-Drive series, and the Walking & Active Life series designed for excercising. Their titles are designed to be listened to mulitple times and many of their titles, including their Love Tapes series, have a subliminal version of the title as well as the normal audible version to help you achieve the most out of your untapped potential. You can order their titles online or by calling 1-800-966-5683.