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EnlightenNext (formerly What is Enlightenment?) is a spiritual magazine and online media broadcasting service offering MP3 downloads as well as streaming online audio and video of leading speakers that talk about the evolving world of spirituality, psychology, religion, politics, science, and other topics. EnlightenNext's broadcast directory includes more than 100 downloadable media files searchable by subject, date, or speaker. EnlightenNext also produces the EnlightenNext magazine which comes out 4 times a year, and they orchestrate a live international speaker’s forum called “Voices from the Edge”, featuring interviews and discussions with a variety of leaders and visionaries.

EnlightenNext offers unlimited access to all their audio and video for a $10 monthly membership fee. If you want to test out their programs you can listen to free audio samples of all their multimedia titles. EnlightenNext is currently offering a one month free trial which provides instant access to all their audio, video, and downloadable MP3s. You must sign up for their service online, and they allow you to cancel your membership online at any time.