Meditainment Ltd, is a leading developer and publisher of self-help audio products, which are produced in-house by a team of professional artists, performers, writers and composers.

As well as being available for download, Meditainment is played on the in-flight entertainment systems of many major airlines, including Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, China Airlines and US Airways. It is also used as a therapy in over 100 hospitals and clinics around the world.

Meditainment is a unique blend of meditation techniques, stories, natural sound effects and music that helps anybody to relax, meditate and manage their thoughts.

Each program lasts 21 minutes

0 - 5 mins Simple relaxation exercise that relaxes the body and calms thoughts

6 - 11 mins Story-line that captivates attention and encourages feelings of contentment and deep relaxation

12 - 15 mins Narrative about wellbeing topic for reflection in the meditative state

16 - 21 mins Story-line leads out of meditative state and a return to awakened state

Meditainment strives to provide the easiest and most effective service, for anyone wishing to experience meditation and enjoy the benefits of this natural state of mind.

For more information please visit www.meditainment.com.

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