Ronin Audiobooks

Distributor of full cast audio-books with movie stars.

'McKnight's Memory' - Narrated by Frank Sinatra Jr. Performed by Robert Culp, Nancy Kwan, David Hedison, Henry Silva, Edd Byrnes, Gary Lockwood, Don Stroud, & Alan Young.

'Rock Star Rising' - Narrated by Rod Taylor. Performed by Russ Tamblyn, George Chakiris, Robert Culp, James Darren, & Kevin McCarthy.

'My Casino Caper' - Performed by Edd Byrnes, Alan Young, Henry Silva, Michael Callan, & David Hedison.

'The King, McQueen, and the Love Machine' - Narrated by Barbara Leigh. Performed by Joe Esposito, David Hedison, & Paul Casey.

'How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle' - Written & read by Paul Kyriazi with David 'Felix Lieter' Hediso 12 min. Lifestyle Advice

'Attract Your Ideal Bond Girl' - the Bond Girl chapter of the 8 hour version. Plus the David Hedison 12 minutes.

Coming soon: 'I Justice' - Performed by Frank Sinatra Jr. & cast.

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