Sights by Ear AB

Sights by Ear has produced the audio guide: 

Talk of the town™ in Stockholm

Choose from six languages: Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.  

If you want to learn more about our audio guide and see a map where  all sigths are maked please visit our website www.talkofthetown.se

It can be bought and downloaded from almost all internet book stores in Sweden and at some international audio book stores.

New from summer 2009!

micro SD memory card for Nokia and other Rent a bike and a memory card to your mobile 

Talk of the town in Stockholm is first  to offer the audio guide preloaded on a memory card for mobile phones. 

By our partnering with some of the bike rentals in Stockholm you now can rent a Talk of the town memory card for your mobile phone when you rent your bike. The memory card is loaded with stories for all sights in all languages. Just insert the card, start your music player and listen. You also get a printed Talk of the town Stockholm map where all sights is marked. Both the bike and the memory card can be rented by hour or day.

Visit our website www.talkofthetown.se for contact information to these bike rentals. 

Welcome to Stockholm!     The capital of Scandinavia!


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