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Transparent Language

Transparent Language is a language learning software publisher with programs for learning over 100 different languages on CD-ROM and as Online Software you can download. They also sell some audio CDs published by Linguaphone including their PDQ and All Talk series. Products can be ordered online and there are no additional charges for downloadable software.

Transparent Language has several product lines including Before You Know It, where you can “see and hear” the words of a language as a native speaker pronounces them and tests you. Learn Language Now!, which combines text, images, sounds, and videos for an interactive mulitmedia immersion into a language. Through hundreds of activities you'll learn to comprehend, converse, pronounce, read, and write a foreign language. The Say It In series features dialogues, vocab learning, and pronunciation practices in 15 step by step lessons for six major foreign languages.

Other product lines include: Complete Suites, KidSpeak, LinguaMatch and Languages of the World. Languages of the World features listening activities, pronunciation analysis, and interactive conversation with natives. With this series you can learn to speak many lesser known languages such as Esperanto, Finnish, Greek, Hawaiian, Hindi, Norwegian, Swahili, Tagalog, and Thai. With KidSpeak, children can learn more than 700 words and phrases in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Their LinguaMatch program is what they call a "talking picture phrasebook" covering 30 topic areas in panoramic 3D scenes that you click on to see and hear objects' names with drills and games to help you learn. Complete Suites is Transparent's complete language package combining the Before You Know It, Learn Language Now!, and LinguaMatch programs along with Linguaphone's PDQ Audio program and a translation dictionary. Transparent Language offers free language software of what they call "Before You Know It Lite" so that users may sample their programs for the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Irish, Latin, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Swedish. You can order their products online or by calling 1-888-245-1829.