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by Neale Donald Walsch
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.56)

Best of the Best. At a low point in life, Walsch wrote God a letter venting his frustrations.

by Kaplan
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Audio Download ($7.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

You'll never be at a loss for words again...

by David Allen
Available on:
Audio Download ($13.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

In today's world of exponentially increased communication and responsibility, yesterday's methods for staying on top just don't work...

by Saint Augustine
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Audio Download ($4.95)

With this series we have carefully chosen excerpts from key religious thinkers, as well as extracts from sacred texts.

by John Selby
Available on:
Audio Download ($8.00)

John Selby's "Take Charge Of Your Mind" delivers a powerful yet easy-to-master cognitive method for shifting away from worries and stress at work, and becoming more creative, empathic and charismatic.

by EMSSuccess.com
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.95)

Study ONLY NREMT exam tested material. No “fluff” or other information you don’t need to know to pass.

by Paul Kyriazi
Available on:
Audio Download ($25.00)

8 hr. course taught at The Learning Annex. Studio recorded by the author, with effects, music,& actors. The largest production in self-help audio history.

by Effective Learning Systems
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Audio Download ($13.98) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

Parents say this program has produced amazing results for their children. College students have raved about how this program has helped them improve their academic performance.

by Mitch Albom
Available on:
Audio Download ($13.23) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

Maybe it was a grandparent, or a teacher, or a colleague. Someone older, patient and wise, who understood you when you were young and searching....

by Maya Angelou
Available on:
Audio Download ($15.27) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

An unforgettable memoir of growing up black in the 1930s and 1940s in a tiny Arkansas town where Angelou's grandmother's store was the heart of the community and white people seemed as strange as aliens from another planet.

by Anthony Robbins
Available on:
Audio Download ($10.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

The ultimate program for improving the quality of every aspect of your life -- personal or business, physical or emotional -- Awaken the Giant Within gives you the tools you need to immediately become master of your own fate.

by Sean Covey
Available on:
Audio Download ($9.95) | Audio CD

In "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens," author Sean Covey applies the timeless principles of the 7 Habits to the tough issues and life-changing decisions today's teens face.

by William Shakespeare
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

Infamously known as the cursed Scottish play, Macbeth is perhaps Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy. James Marsters and Joanne Whalley star in this newly produced full cast dramatization.

by Michael Blackburn
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.98)

Sailing Mind Skills features guided imagery on start preparation, mark rounding, perspective, sailing strategy, controlling anxiety, relaxation, distraction control and focusing skills.

by Amy Tan
Available on:
Audio Download ($15.37)

In 1949, four Chinese women begin meeting in San Francisco for fun. Nearly 40years later, their daughters continue to meet as the Joy Luck Club.

Available on:
Audio Download ($5.99)

Students can learn, drill and review the facts of 12 in only 8-minutes.

by Dr. Edward de Bono
Available on:
Audio Download ($17.47) | Audio Cassette

Suffering from writer's block? Wish you were more inventive? Perhaps, like most of us, you were...

by Daniel Goleman
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

Intelligence is more than IQ. Goleman demonstrates how our view of human intelligence is far too narrow--that it does not take into consideration what he calls "emotional intelligence."

by Guy Finley
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.99)

Now is the time to step out into the broader world you're meant to live in and claim the victory you were born to have. "Awaken the Power of Your Supernatural Self" gives you the knowledge, the encouragement, and the confidence you need to reclaim your rightful place in the universe.

by Gregg Braden
Available on:
Audio Download ($10.48) | Audio CD

Is there a forgotten spiritual tool that offers each one of us the ability to heal ourselves, our relationship with others, and even our endangered planet?

by Ted Andrews
Available on:
Audio Download ($13.10) | Audio CD

A hawk cicles over your head, effortlessly riding the wind. The eyes of a raccoon peer keenly out at you from the night.

by Peter Navarro
Available on:
Audio Download ($34.95)

Typically, advice on investing comes in the form of tips regarding a particular stock or portfolio, but the stock market-like everything in the global community-is profoundly affected by large-scale events.

by Amy Tan
Available on:
Audio Download ($24.47)

In 1949 four Chinese women-drawn Together by The Shadow of Their past begin meeting in San Francisco to Play Mah Jong, invest in stocks, eat dim sum, and "Say" stories.

by David Bach
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.95) | Audio CD

In The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach shares the secret to becoming a millionaire....

by David Sedaris
Available on:
Audio Download ($17.98) | Audio CD

If you were lucky enough to have caught a performance on David Sedaris's most recent sold-out, 34-city tour, you already know that David Sedaris Live For Your Listening Pleasure is a must-have album!

Titles 1 - 25 of 100
[1-25]  [26-50]  [51-75]  [76-100]