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Born in 1915, Alan Watts is known all over the world as a philosopher, writer, speaker, and authority on comparative religion. During his teen years he was faced with the decision of accepting his parent's Anglican faith or Buddhism, which he had been learning about in various libraries for many years. He ended up choosing Buddhism, and immediately sought membership in a local Buddhist Lodge.

Before long, Watts found work in a printing house and spent his spare time involved in Buddhist study. During his late teens he came into the contact of eminent spiritual authors and met esteemed scholar D.T. Suzuki. It was also at this point that Watts became steeped in the fundamental concepts and main terminologies of India and East Asia. By 21 he had already written his first book and was off to America with his new bride.

In America, a succession of life changes, including the dissolution of his marriage and his leaving the ministry led Watts to the West Coast. Here he began a life in academia and started writting the books on eastern religion that would make him famous. Watts never affiliated himself with one Academic Organization in particular, but was sought after as a lecturer at many universities.

His main philosophy was informed by the spiritual paths of Asia, and over time his stated goal was to bridge the gap between eastern and western religious philosophies. Watts is now considered one of the most popular modern philosophers and his bibliography is considered by many to be some of the most important texts on the Tao, Zen and Eastern Religion in general.

We Recommend
To begin with Alan Watts we suggest listening to one of the most renowned Zen Audio Books, "The Way of Zen" which offers an accessible and spiritually rewarding exploration of Zen Buddhism to the novice. Next we think you'll enjoy "Still the Mind". Watts instills in listeners not only an understanding of meditation, but an experience of it as well. His speaking shows a maturity and wisdom that can only come after years of meditation, and his words are still as visionary today as when they were first spoken. Finally there's "Learning the Human Game", in which Watts lectures on Taoist insight; then takes his audience into a mind-expanding inquiry into the human condition. Here, Watts offers clear delineations of Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu teachings on what it means to be human, and much more.

Whether you want to learn meditation, understand eastern religions, or are interested in comparing eastern and western ideas, Alan Watts is one authority you can turn to. LearnOutLoud.com has dozens of recorded lectures, audio books, and special seminar sets for you to begin on your spiritual path towards enlightenment.

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This set features six CDs of live lecture recordings by Alan Watts.

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