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Welcome to the LearnOutLoud.com FAQ. We hope this will answer any questions you have about our site and our services. If you have a question that isn't answered here please go to our Contact Us page and you can contact us in numerous ways with your question.
Q: Are your downloads compatible with my computer, my tablet device, my smartphone, or my portable audio player?
A: Yes! All of our audio downloads are MP3 files and can be played on your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, and on any portable audio devices, tablets, or computers. Your purchased products are stored in your Download Library so you can return to download them at any time. No software is required to download your purchased audio books.

Q: How do I play or download my purchase on my mobile smartphone (e.g. the Apple iPhone or Android-based phones) or tablet device (e.g. the Apple iPad)?
A: All downloaded MP3 audio files can be transferred via your computer to your mobile smartphone utilizing iTunes for the iPhone, or the Music folder of your Android operating-system on Android phones. Besides our MP3 format, we also have a Mobile format. Our Mobile format allows you to play all MP3 files in your download library as streaming audio through all smartphones and mobile tablet devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android-based phones, Android-based tablets, and BlackBerry phones. To play audio files on your mobile device you will need either a 3G or WiFi internet connection. We currently do not have an iPhone app or an Android app, but we do have some recommendations for apps you can use if you want to download your purchases directly to your smartphone or tablet. For the iPhone and iPad we recommend:

Downloads Free available on the iTunes App Store

This downloader app for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is a browser, download manager, and media player that allows you to download almost any file on the Internet. You can download your MP3 purchases from LearnOutLoud.com and play them in this app and you can also download our zip files of MP3s, extract them, and play them from a folder within this app. The free version allows you to store up to 8 files, and the $1.99 version allows unlimited downloads. Simply browse in the app to www.learnoutloud.com/downloadorder, sign in, and you'll be able to download all of your purchases. It's an excellent application.

If you have any further issues with playing or downloading files on your mobile smartphone or tablet device please Contact Us.

Q: I downloaded my audio files, but now I can't find them. Where are they?
A: If you can't find audio files that you have downloaded, you can always log in to your download library and attempt to download them again at this link:


In Internet Explorer when you click the DOWNLOAD button be sure to select Save and then you should be prompted to browse to a place on your computer where you will remember where you've saved the files.

If you are using Firefox you may need to set the download location by going into Firefox > Preferences > General (this may vary slightly according to which version of Firefox you have), and then select what folder you'd like to save all your files to by browsing there.

Once you know where the file is, then it should be a matter of dragging the file into your iTunes library or into your portable audio player software. If you're using iTunes along with an iPod or iPhone, you can import it into iTunes by selecting File > Add File to Library... From there you can add it onto your iPod or iPhone. If you are using another portable audio player, then you should be able to drag the files into the software for your player in order to add the files to the portable audio player.

Q: Can I burn my downloads onto CD?
A: Yes! Each of our MP3 files lasts less than 80 minutes in length, making it easy to burn MP3 audio downloads onto a CD. If you have CD burning software, then you should be able to bring the MP3 files into your burning application, and if you burn it as an Audio CD, then the files will be converted so that they can be burned and played on a normal CD player. Once you've opened your CD burning software, then insert a blank CD into your CD drive and select that you want to burn an Audio CD (not a data CD). From there you can drag the MP3 files that you've downloaded through our site onto what you want to burn and you should be able to burn the Audio CD. Generally our files are 60-80 minutes long making them ideal for burning to CD with one file per Audio CD.

Q: I'm having difficulty downloading my files. How can I remedy this?
A: There may have been some congestion in the net connection from our servers to you. Please try restarting your browser. And if that doesn't work please try restarting your computer and modem, and then attempt to download the files again. You might also want to try a different web browser. Let us know if you still have issues with the download.

Q: I tried to add an audio download to my cart but it says "Sorry, but due to your location, we do not have the digital rights to sell you this title on audio download." Why?
A: Sorry, but for a few of our titles we do not have the digital rights to sell them outside of the United States or Canada on download. It is very few, so almost all of our other downloadable titles on our site can be purchased worldwide. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are in the United States or Canada and get this error, please email us at service@learnoutloud.com regarding this error.
Q: How do I download one of your free titles?
A: Many of our free titles are offered through other sites so you might need to click the link over to their site to download the audio files. For free titles of ours that have an "Add to Cart" button you can use this process:

1. Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

2. Click on "Proceed to Checkout." If you don't have an account you can now create one or if you aren't logged in it will prompt you to do so.

3. Click on "Place Order."

4. Click on "Go To My Downloads."

5. Click on "Go To Files" which will give you the option to download a zip file containing all of the MP3 files or the ability to download the MP3 files individually. Alternatively you can click the MPEG-4 button at the top of the page which will allow you to download an MPEG-4 file which can be played and bookmarked on Apple iPods and iPhones, so that you can easily return to where you last left off listening.

The reason that we have you go through this process is so we can make different file formats available to you and also save the title in your download library for easy access in the future.

Q: How do I download a free title on a site that you link to?
A: Here are the steps to download a free title on a site that we link to:

1. First, click on the link from LearnOutLoud that takes you to the site we link to. You can either click on the appropriate icon in the "Get this free title from:" box or click on the text link of the name of the site (e.g., LibriVox).

2. Look for a link for the MP3 file of the audio.

3. Right-click this link and choose "Save Target As...", "Save Link As...", etc. (this will depend on the browser that you are using)

Note: Not all of the sites that we link to offer the ability to download all of their titles. They may offer only a streaming option due to copyright issues, bandwidth issues, or other reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience you experience because of this.

Q: I'm having a problem with a download that I purchased. Can you help?
A: Sure! The first thing that we need to determine is whether the download was purchased from us or from a third party (such as Audible.com). If the download was from a third party, then you'll need to contact their customer service directly. If the download was purchased directly from us, then there are a number of things you can do to get support. One of the easiest is to click the "Live Help" button that you can see on most pages of our site. Another option is to send us an e-mail. Additional contact info can be found on our Contact Us page .
  SECTION II: BUYING ON LearnOutLoud.com

Q: Can I buy items from LearnOutLoud.com?
A: Yes! We have over 10,000 audio books for sale on audio download. We no longer sell audio books on CD and cassette, but we often link through to our affiliate Amazon.com which most likely has this title available new or used. Our goal is to be the central spot where you come for audio and video learning and if we don't have the product you need we'll do our best to connect you with the company that does.

Q: Do I need to create an account to place an order?
A: Yes. By creating an account we'll have your information on file for future orders and you will also have a download library where you can download all past audio download orders. (Please Note: We do not store credit card information and your personal information is encrypted and protected by our Privacy Policy.)

Q: What credit cards do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept Paypal.

Q: I'm having a problem placing an order. What can I do?
A: If you have any problems during your order please Contact Us. The most immediate way to do this is to click on the "Live Help" button on most pages on our site. If we're unavailable please send an e-mail to orders@learnoutloud.com and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Q: Do you accept orders over the phone? Can I order with a check or money order?
A: At this time we can only accept orders via our website. Since all of our orders are now on audio download, you'll need to order them and download them on the web.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
A: No. No sales tax is charged on our downloadable digital audio products.

Q: Do you sell audio books on CD or cassette?
A: No, we no longer sell audio books on CD or cassette. We decided instead to focus on audio downloads, as CD and cassette sales continue to dwindle. We now link to Amazon.com for audio books on CDs and cassette and we still list them in our available formats, so it's one click away to the audio book on their site. And Amazon.com always had better prices than us anyway.

Q: Some of your titles don't have prices. Why is this?
A: In the interest of providing you with widest selection of audio and video learning material we've partnered with a number of companies such as Amazon.com, Audible.com, and others to offer links to products available for sale on their site. Because prices on these sites change frequently we've elected not to list their prices on our site. To determine the price of a product available through a third-party site simply click on the link and the price should be displayed. If it is not, we encourage you to contact the site to determine pricing.

Q: Can I order multiple licenses of an audio book for multiple people to download (e.g. for a group of people at my company)?
A: Yes. We do have that capability. Please contact us at business@learnoutloud.com for further information about this.

Q: Can I order an audio book on audio download as a gift? Do you sell gift certificates?
A: If you'd like to purchase an audio book on download as a gift you can create a new account for the recipient, purchase the audio book, and then send them the log in info. Currently that's the best way we have for audio book download gifts.

You can also purchase gift certificates for any amount and they'll go towards any Audio Downloads sold through LearnOutLoud.com.

Buy a LearnOutLoud.com Gift Certificate

With gift certificates you can also choose the date you want the Gift Certificate to be sent out to your recipient. All LearnOutLoud.com Gift Certificates are sent to recipients through E-Mail. So if you want your recipient to receive their Gift Certificate on 12/25/2015, you can choose that date and your Gift Certificate will be emailed to the customer that morning.

Q: Where can I find out more about LearnOutLoud.com?
A: The About Us section of this site will give you an overview of what we are about.

Q: What does it mean to Learn Out Loud?
A: On the upper-left corner of any page on our site you'll see a blue button labeled "Sign In". Just click that and enter your username and password. You can also sign into your account by going to our Log In To My Account Page. If you happen to have forgotten your username or password you can go to our Forgot Password Page and enter your e-mail address to have a new password sent to you.

Q: How do I update my account?
A: Once you are logged in look for the "My Account" button in the upper-left corner of the site. You can also sign into your account by going to our Log In To My Account Page. From the My Account section you'll be able to view previous orders and update your account information including changing your name, email, password, address book, etc.

Q: I'm trying to listen to or view audio & video programs through your site but the sound and video keep getting interrupted. What can I do?
A: If you're listening to programs via streaming (especially) on a slower connection you might notice this behavior. You have two options to prevent this:

1. As soon as the program launches press pause on the player and wait for a few minutes to allow a portion of the program to download. Then you can click play and you should be fine if there is enough of a buffer there.

2. Instead of listening to the program via streaming you can download the program instead. This will allow you to play the program directly off of your computer and will be able to avoid the problem this way.

Q: What's a LearnOutLoud.com Subscription?
A: The LearnOutLoud.com Subscription Member Plans let you save 15-40% on all audio book downloads by supplying you with credits each month that you can use. Subscribers also get access to our Free Audio Book Library with over 50 free audio books that we publish. All your credits rollover as long as you are subscribed and you can cancel at anytime, hassle-free.

Q: What is TeachOutLoud? How can I find out more information about it?
A: TeachOutLoud is the self-publishing service we offer to all of our users to publish their own audio titles and podcasts. To find out more about TeachOutLoud please go to our Learn More About TeachOutLoud Page.

Q: I have a podcast. Can I add it to your site?
A: You can add your podcast into our catalog through our TeachOutLoud self-publishing service. Just add your title info and select Podcast for format. Enter in your podcast feed and upload your podcast image, and then publish the title. To find out more about TeachOutLoud please go to our Learn More About TeachOutLoud Page.

Q: I wrote a book. Can you publish it on audio?
A: We're primarily an audio book retailer, and we don't record a lot of audio books. Our TeachOutLoud service is a great way for self-publishing your book once you already have it on audio. We know many of the audio book publishers, but it might be difficult to get your audio book published with them as they get a lot of submissions. One thing you could do is go to a site like voice123.com and hire a narrator to narrate and edit your audio book. Then you could sell it through our site on audio download using our TeachOutLoud service, and you can sell it through other digital audio vendors.

Q: I'm an audio book narrator, or would like to be an audio book narrator. Can I narrate audio books for LearnOutLoud.com?
A: We're primarily an audio book retailer, and we don't record a lot of audio books. But please feel free to send your audio book narration demo to us at business@learnoutloud.com, as we may be recording more audio books in the future. We'll keep your demo on file for future opportunities. If you would like to record audio books for us for free, then definitely contact us. We've got plenty of public domain works that we'd love for you to record.

Q: I'm looking for a certain title on audio book. Can you help me find it?
A: We'll do our best. We would highly recommend that you take the following steps:

1. Use the search box on top of our page to search for the title on LearnOutLoud.com. Our site employs Google search to give you the best results. If we have the title, you should be able to find it through the search process.

2. If you can't find it that way, then we encourage you to contact the author or publisher directly. Author and publisher information is available on our product pages. A standard web search will often lead you to the author or publisher website.

3. If you cannot locate the title through any of these methods we encourage you to Contact Us. We'll do our best to help you out to the extent that we can.

Q: I've lost a CD/cassette from a product I've purchased. Can you replace it?
A: Unfortunately we cannot replace individual CDs or cassettes. We recommend that you contact either the retailer you bought it from or the publisher of the title as they may be able to offer a replacement. Publisher information is linked to from the product pages here on LearnOutLoud.com.

Q: I'm trying to order a product through a link to Audible.com but it says that I am unable to order the title in this region. Why is this?
A: Some of our affiliates have restrictions over which content can be ordered in which region. The only thing that we can offer here is to encourage you to contact the company (e.g., Audible.com directly).

Q: Why don't you carry fiction bestsellers?
A: That's a good question and hopefully we'll provide an adequate answer. First, we feel that there are a number of sites out there that are already catering to that market. It's not too tough to find the latest John Grisham audio book on Amazon or Audible. Second, we feel very strongly in the benefits of audio learning. Our goal is to enable that and to show people the wide array of choices available to them. Finally, audio learning is the area in which we know the most about. We're not the people to ask about Danielle Steele novels. We'll leave that to someone else. That being said we do put up some of the very bestselling fiction because it would be dumb not to, and we do have a Contemporary Literature category that features audio downloads of the latest literary fiction (i.e. books that might possibly show up on a college syllabus).

Q: What is the difference between Abridged and Unabridged Editions?
A: An Unabridged Edition of a title is a full length rendition of the original publication. An Abridged Edition is a shortened version of an original publication. Abridged Editions have an average running time of about 3 to 6 hours, whereas Unabridged Editions can be much longer. Now that audio books have moved mostly to audio downloads, the trend is definitely towards Unabridged Editions since there are no giant CD cases to deal with and customers generally want Unabridged Editions. For some titles, LearnOutLoud.com has both Abridged and Unabridged versions available so keep an eye out for the "Abridged Available" or "Unabridged Available" links on our product pages.

Q: What's an MP3-CD?
A: A CD plays in a normal CD Player. An MP3-CD is a data CD that has MP3 files on it that can be played on your computer or transferred to a portable audio player like an iPod or iPhone.

Q: Can I advertise on LearnOutLoud.com?
A: Yes! If you'd like to place text ads or banner ads on our website, you can target our site through Google Adwords. LearnOutLoud.com is also offering advertising opportunities through our LearnOutLoud.com Newsletters. You can read more about it here: LearnOutLoud.com Advertising Options.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program or can I be an affiliate? Can I be an affiliate overseas?
A: Yes! LearnOutLoud.com does have an affiliate program. You can learn more and sign up here: LearnOutLoud.com Affiliate Program. For people outside of the United States we only pay by PayPal so you will need to have a PayPal account. If you don't have one, you can get one here: PayPal.com. When you are on our affiliate sign up page simply enter in your PayPal email address. You do not need to enter in your mailing address.