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Audio Bookshelf is a publisher and retailer of 50 unabridged audiobooks with all items available on tape and most of them available on CD. Many of their audiobooks have Curricular Connections which can be viewed for free online and used to assist teaching in the classroom while using their audiobooks for class curriculum. Their products are divided by age group with most books aimed towards high schoolers or adults. Product pages have summaries and quotes from reviews. Their items can be purchased by downloading the order form that is at the bottom of the left menu bar and sending the completed form in or by calling 1-800-234-1713.

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by Jim Murphy
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On March 12, 1888, hurricane-force winds and unrelenting snow began to bring the East Coast...

by Ginger Wadsworth
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In 1962 Rachel Carson published her profound book Silent Spring, forever changing the way we look...

1 - 2 of 2 Titles


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