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PBS produces and sells more than 1500 PBS Home Video Products covering a dozen different subjects ranging from art, history and nature to news, religion, sports and travel. PBS Home Video Products are available for purchase on DVD and include PBS series’ such as: American Experience, Empire Series, NOVA and Nature, to name a few. American Experience covers people and events in American History and features some of the following themes: “War & Politics”, “Presidents”, “Technology” and “The American Landscape”. Empire Series is made up of a variety of miniseries/stories about “people and passions that changed the world”. Stories about Napoleon, Queen Victoria’s Empire and Egypt’s Golden Empire are just a few of the miniseries featured here. NOVA, a science documentary series, covers subjects ranging from disasters, health and exploration to technology, nature and space.

LearnoutLoud.com currently features several PBS Podcasts along with over 100 PBS documentaries that are free online. PBS videos may be purchased online or by calling 800-531-4727.

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by Cheryl Richardson
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In celebration of MASTERPIECE's airing of Sense and Sensibility, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Take Time for Your Life and life coach Cheryl Richardson looks at how modern-day challenges can be addressed with the wisdom of Jane Austen.

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