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The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Martin Luther King, Jr.
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He was a husband, a father, a preacher - and the preeminent leader of a movement that continues to transform?

Martin Luther King Jr.: We Shall Overcome
by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Available on:
Online Audio (Free)

Encompasses the most moving moments in American social history with the extraordinary civil rights leader.

Hell's Angel: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
by Christopher Hitchens
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Christopher Hitchens investigates whether Mother Teresa of Calcutta deserves her saintly image. Probes her campaigns against contraception and abortion and her relationships with right-wing political leaders.

Zen: The Best of Alan Watts
by Alan Watts
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Alan Watts is widely considered the West's foremost interpreter of Eastern thought. Distills a great teacher's insight on: The Mood of Zen, Zen and Now, Buddhism, Man and Nature, and the Art of Meditation.

Gandhi the Man
by Eknath Easwaran
Available on:
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This biography is Easwaran’s compelling account of Gandhi’s life and spiritual path, his personal transformation and teachings.

Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time
by Karen Armstrong
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

In Karen Armstrong's biography of the Prophet of Islam she describes Muhammad as a respectful man who lived a decent life.

Peace Child
by Don Richardson
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio CD

Headhunting cannibals who used their victims' skulls as pillows, the Sawi people of New Guinea seemed to still be living in the Stone Age. It was to these people that Don and Carol Richardson went in 1962, risking their lives to share the gospel and tell of the true Peace Child.

How Jesus Became God
by Bart D. Ehrman
Available on:
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Written for secular historians of religion and believers alike, How Jesus Became God will engage anyone interested in the historical developments that led to the affirmation at the heart of Christianity: Jesus was, and is, God.

Saint Francis of Assisi
by G.K. Chesterton
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio Cassette

This biography of St. Francis examines the life of a pure artist, a man whose whole life was a poem...

Billy Graham: Technology, Faith and Human Shortcomings
by Billy Graham
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Speaking at TED in 1998, Rev. Billy Graham marvels at technology's power to improve lives and change the world -- but says the end of evil, suffering and death will come only after the world accepts Christ. A legendary talk from TED's archives.

1 - 10 of 280 Titles
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