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Travel Wisdom Podcast by Ladan Jiracek

Travel Wisdom Podcast

by Ladan Jiracek

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Can travel be more than just a fun thing to do? Could it also provide some benefit and learning experiences later in life? I have always thought this and this is why I have relentlessly travelled the world and now have been to over 80 countries. I have always thought that I was planting the seeds of wisdom while in faraway lands. Through experiences with foreign people, cultures, concepts, and ways of doing things I learned much more than anything I could've done while at home. I interview amazing guests, bestselling authors, scientists, successful business people, dating experts, travel junkies, polyglots (people who speak more than 3 languages), and anybody who I think is interesting for the growth of our listeners and I as people. I think by doing this we can plant the seeds of wisdom which will ultimately lead to our success in career, business, money, relationships, self-worth, and generally being a more well-rounded person. But it requires you to be active making this happen. What do you think?

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Idahosa Ness on how to use the Mimic method to be understood in any language

Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Idahosa Ness has an amazing video where he raps in 8 different languages in 4 different cameras. He had to time each part of the song perfectly all in different languages. Really cool stuff! We talk about how he uses his Mimic method to be able to get the right accent and be understood right away. He says that with a better accent people are happier to talk to you and your interactions can be much more pleasant. Also, you are perceived as more fluent and smarter. The way to do it is to think of the language as music and to learn the muscle movements behind the way that they sing it.

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Bonus! Promo for Neural Implant podcast, the other show I just launched

Mon, Apr 24, 2017

After talking with one of my listeners, Carolien Caspers, I realized that some of you may be interested in the other podcast I've launched, the Neural Implant podcast. Although it is more science and technology related, a good portion of you might be interested!

I talk to the leaders and innovators in the field of Neural Implants and break everything down in an understandable way.

So check it out! Either search for it in your favorite podcast app (I recommend Podcast Addict for Android) or listen on the website

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My experience doing Work Away and why you should try it too

Wed, Apr 19, 2017

I share my experience over the last month doing Work Away in Southern France. I talk about how it was a great experience to work hard for 3 hours per day and then to have time for my own projects. I highly recommend this for those people on a tighter budget but still want to experience a place for a longer period of time.

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Richard Simcott on how to talk to a gazillion + 1 languages

Wed, Apr 12, 2017

Richard is amazing! He is definitely in the top 10% of episodes and guests. He is back on the show after a few years and many times that we had met in person. He runs the Polyglot conferences where language nerds can get together and speak the languages they have learned. The last one was in Greece in October 2016 and the next one will be in Iceland in 2017.

In this episode, we talk less about learning the languages and talk more about the philosophy behind it. We also discuss why it is that we learn languages and useful versus ornamental skills. We then talk about travel and what we can learn from it. 

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Patrick McGinnis on how to travel to 79 countries as a 10% entrepreneur

Wed, Apr 05, 2017

This was one of my favorite interviews because Patrick is a mix of traveller, financial consultant, author and entrepreneur. Unlike other guests I have talked to on the show he does consulting but not in diet, life coaching, or anything else you don't need much experience in. He does financial consulting because he used to work for AIG! He then slowly transitioned out of that and was able to start his own consulting business just like he suggests we should. See, we sometimes hear about how we need to "burn the ships" and there's no turning back when you decide to 

See, we sometimes hear about how we need to "burn the ships" and there's no turning back when you decide to start a new business. He says that we should actually do as much as we can while we are still in relative safety. Only when you have done as much as you can do should you jump into the business fully. 

I think this resonates with me so much because I think that we should never do anything permanent. Always try to make your decisions and actions temporary unless you are absolutely convinced that it is the right thing to do. Only then should you do it, otherwise you might end up with debt, lost time, or stuck with someone you don't like!

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AJ Dunn from Abroaders on how to spend 100x less on plane tickets

Wed, Mar 29, 2017

AJ has figured out how to travel for nothing! He found the code on how to get around the world to different locations for up to 100x less than what the airlines are asking! The secret is frequent flyer miles and finding the 'sweet spot' as well as some good deals to pay much less! He had one customer who would have paid $20k for a group of flights but they were able to get it down to under $200!!!


AJ helps run Abroaders podcast and a company which shows people how to save lots of money on flights. They help you get the right signup bonuses to get you on 4 free flights per year! If you can spend $1000 per month on the right credit card you can be on a flight in 3 months!


We also talk a bit about the future as well as the incentives of the credit card companies. I have heard frequent flyer miles stuff before but this part was absolutely new to me!


The song at the end is a Ukrainian folk band I encountered in the underground Metro in Paris. You can hear me finding out they are Ukrainian and yelling over the music in a bit of Russian....but they didn't want to talk much

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Lydia Machova on how to learn a language by yourself

Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Lydia says that learning with a teacher is not the only way to learn a language! She actually says that learning yourself is the best way and then the teacher or tutor can be used as a guide. You have the power to learn what you want! That's why I love Lydia so much! You don't have to wait for the right class to come along, you can do what you want right away!

In her Language Mentoring site (as well as her Slovak version of this site) she teaches how to go through and learn a language to a high level by yourself. That's how she learned 7 additional languages, no teacher required!


She is also the head organizer of the upcoming Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava May 31st to June 4th. I will also be volunteering so can't wait to see you there!


The music at the end of the show was from Fastnacht in the village of Elzach outside of Freiburg, Germany. People dress up in scary costumes and hit the ground (and people) with sheep bladders filled with air. It's lots of fun with marching bands and kids running away from these 'monsters.'

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Derek Loudermilk on how parenting is not as hard as it seems

Wed, Feb 01, 2017

In this interview, Derek first talks about his 7-week old child and how it is actually easier than people say in order to raise it. If you have your own business and can change yours sleep schedule as well. With the help of grandparents and a support group, it makes things even easier.

He then talks about how he has leveraged his successful Art of Adventure podcast in order to get free hotel accommodation in exchange for marketing. He gives some tips on this as I would be interested in this as well. He also talked about his experience making charity birthday parties and raising a few hundred euros for charity while having a party at the same time! If you can convince them to bring an awesome friend you can also use it to meet very interesting people.

Finally, he says that travel allows you to get more confidence in a more general way rather than a domain specific way.

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Kallen Diggs on alternatives to going to University to get a career

Wed, Jan 25, 2017

In this episode, Kallen Diggs talks about how he started out helping people in his community get back to work. He has written a book Reaching the Finish Line for those that are looking for jobs or are not too enthusiastic about the traditional model of going to University before getting a job. He says that you do not need a college degree to have a good life. You can still earn $50k a year being an electrician or a carpenter and not be in debt or losing a few years of wages.

Life is significantly better abroad and if you can combine your studies, work, and fun. You can end up learning better if you simply do the thing you want to learn instead of going to school for it. All his success as well has nothing to do with his college degree. Everything he has done was self-taught and he simply jumped into it to get started.

We were only able to cover a fraction of what's in the book. This is a topic I am very passionate about and am glad that I had such an authority to talk about it as well. 

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Jonny and Elsie on how to have the best destination wedding possible!

Wed, Jan 11, 2017

Jonny and Elsie got married a few years ago and instead of having a normal wedding they decided to use their experience with events in Belize to put together an amazing wedding! Their wedding ended up being a week with their 75 guests with many cool activities such as cooking classes, chocolate making, and of course trips to a private island.

They asked their guests to pay the costs and in this way they were able to have amazing offers for the wedding which lasted a whole week! They also talk about how some of the guests had to get passports for their first trip out of the US. However, in the end, they absolutely loved the time in a foreign country.

They are putting together a course and a book about this topic so be sure to check it out at No More Boring Weddings if you are interested!

I then talk about my idea for a wedding: a kind of music festival in Prague where it is all you can eat and all you can drink with many cool bands for 100 euros for the weekend. You're invited! 

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Hayden Lee on getting the most out of 'Travel Stories' on his podcast

Wed, Dec 14, 2016

Hayden Lee is the creator of the popular Travel Stories Podcast which takes some of the best stories from popular travellers and sets these short stories to an orchestral score and sound effects. The concept is really cool and it must be incredibly time-consuming!

We also find out that we are pretty much the same person: looking very similar, born in the same month of the same year, language lovers, and of course hosts of travel podcasts!

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Jellis Vaes on gaining more wisdom through travels in his own project

Wed, Dec 07, 2016

Jellis reached out to me some time back but only now were able to talk. After a bit of research, I realized we were completely kindred spirits! He also thinks that a formal education is not nearly as useful as life experiences. Because of this he has started Inner Picture Stories which talks about how to gain wisdom through travel...sound familiar?

We also talk about his experience with his travel photography and the crazy stuff that it got him into.

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Guram Sherozia on being a minor celebrity in Georgia

Wed, Nov 30, 2016

On my second trip to Georgia I met with what ended up being an incredibly interesting couchsurfer, Guram! He turned out to be a kind of minor celebrity in Georgia with a very popular blog and he used to be on many morning TV programs. During an interesting night I decided to interview him and learn more about him and how he got to the place where he is. 

He talks about how he juggles and prioritizes all of his projects. He has his work, his university teaching, TV interviews, and his blogging. To be able to handle of this at once is quite interesting!

We also talk about how someone else could become famous like him, not for taking your clothes off, but for your ideas and contribution.

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Georgia country report, return to my favorite country!

Wed, Nov 23, 2016

In this episode I talk about how I went to the country of Georgia to kill some time before a conference I was going to. Georgia is my favorite country out of the 90+ that I have travelled to! The combination of alcohol that flows like water, beautiful scenery, great food, great people, cheap prices, great hospitality, unique language, unique culture and many more things make it amazing!

I was a bit nervous to go back and possibly to discover it wasn't so great but that wasn't the case! I checked out other areas and it was even more spectacular than I remember!

In the end I also had a reunion with a random guy I met 7 years ago! I found him in a city of about 100k residence and we were able to eat, drink and reminisce about that time and the 7 years since then. 

I highly recommend travelling to Georgia!

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Sue Bedford on her spot-on travel writing in "Its Only the Himalayas"

Wed, Oct 19, 2016

In this episode I talk to Sue Bedford who is the author of Its Only the Himalayas: And Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker. This is the book that I should have written or, more correctly, that I no longer have to write since this exists! In this interview, we talk about Sue's year-long adventure around the world. She talks about the less glamorous side of backpacking that all those Instagram photos don't show! She also mentioned a few other stories that have happened since she wrote the book, obviously the travel hasn't ended!

Filled with personal stories of triumph, sickness, sex and disappointment, this is the travel book which I think best represents the reality of long-term travel (granted, I don't read many travel books). Presented in a hilarious way that actually makes you laugh out loud, this is the book I will recommend to anyone thinking about making that first trips around the world.

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Russia country report part 2, the second half of my Siberian adventure

Wed, Oct 12, 2016

In this episode, I talk about my final leg of my 3 month trip after being deported from Germany.


After finishing my meeting with my mom in Mongolia I went back to finish off the rest of Russia. Through Chita where I was on a TV news program, to the frozen swampland of Yakutsk, to the Alaskan-sister region of Kamchatka, and finally to Vladivostok. I also talk about my epic 164 hour (7 day) Trans-Siberian train ride all the way across Russia.


It has been a good trip and although it might be too long for others to manage, I highly recommend it.

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Mongolia country report, what I experienced during my travels

Wed, Sep 07, 2016

In this episode I am joined by my mom who I met in Mongolia and travelled together for 3 weeks. We talk about our experiences, our likes, our dislikes, and some of our takeaways from this trip.

We talk about the Xhovsgul lake stay in the north, our trip to the Gobi desert, and of course our 3 day horse trip.

We had a great time and it can easily rank as one of the most interesting and adventurous trips we have been on.

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Russia country report, the first half of my Siberian travels

Wed, Aug 31, 2016

This is my report about my first half of my Russian travels. Coming into Sochi and working my way through Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Lake Baikal and finally off to Mongolia. This was an interesting trip full of 36 hour train rides, hiking, and almost watching somebody die.


I finally put together my itinerary and was able to sacrifice spontaneity for a well organized plan. I saw some of the most interesting places including the paradise of Sochi, the incredible architecture of Kazan, the outdoor activities of Krasnoyarsk, and of course the spiritual Lake Baikal.

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Prinestrovia / Transnistra country report, what I experienced during my travels

Wed, Jul 27, 2016

Prinestrovia / Transnistra is a weird little country that is unrecognized. Since it is officially part of Moldova but doesn't like Moldova's western attitudes, it has been its own Soviet-leaning country for over 20 years now. More or less it consists of the main city of Tiraspol and that's about it. 

It has issued its own money (some of which is plastic) and has its own border even though only 2 other countries in the world recognize it as autonomous. It was exactly my kind of place to celebrate my birthday!

It is a very cool place although you can imagine it has some headaches associated with this status

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Moldova country report, what I experienced during my travels

Wed, Jul 20, 2016

This is a country that I didn't know existed a few years ago. Although I consider myself good at geography I could not have told you where it was!

One of the coolest things in this country is that it is functionally bilingual. Both Russian and Moldovan / Romanian are languages you can converse in within the country. I had never really seen a place like this especially with such different languages. 

Otherwise I didn't really venture too much outside of the main city of Chisnau and didn't spend too much time in the country. But the impressions of the place are still interesting!

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Ukraine country report, what I experienced during my travels

Wed, Jul 13, 2016

In this first country report I talk about the first country that I went to after being deported from Germany. I came into Ukraine about 2 years after the revolution that brought the country to its knees. However, you can hardly tell and it is very beautiful in many parts. Of course there are many areas that are still unsafe but generally these are hard to get to.


This country is very nice and very cheap. Bad news for the country means good news for you and the result is one of the cheapest countries in the world! Also some of the stories of the war from some of the locals are some of the most interesting thing you will ever hear!


I recommend checking out Ukraine!

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Special thanks to Socrates club who are improving their lives every week

Wed, Jun 22, 2016

I had the privilege of talking with the Socrates Philosophy club a few weeks ago. They are a group based in India who want to see personal growth among their members. They share inspirational stories, watch talks, play music and generally try to make their lives better.


I play some of the amazing music they recorded for me and have been humming it all day!


I also talk about the aspects of social life you need to be healthy: family, neighbors, friends for hobbies, friends for fitness, and friends for charity. Once you have friends in all of these areas you can be much more happy!


Have you been inspired to do something to improve your life because of this podcast? Or was this podcast inspiring? Write to me at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com

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Back after this pause from being deported!!

Wed, Jun 15, 2016

After being deported from Germany and then having computer issues I have finally resolved everything and can start recording again!


I will be recording episodes weekly now about the countries I have been going through on my way to Siberia!

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I'm getting deported from Germany, now what?!?

Wed, Apr 27, 2016

After coming back from India and successfully finishing my Masters degree, I found out that I had overstayed my visa. So I am being deported from the whole Schengen region of Europe for the next 3 months before I am able to come back. 


I was going to go travel in Russia and Siberia anyways so this may not be the worst thing. I guess it just forces me to do it a month earlier than I had expected.


I will be talking more about an idea to make money while on the road...selling tacos in Siberia!! I will be talking a bit more about this later on.


Lots of plans and lots of crazy things going on this month. How about you? Have you ever experienced anything like this?

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Jan van der Aa on the quickest method to learn a language at an intermediate level

Wed, Apr 13, 2016

Jan van der Aa is originally from the Netherlands and has been working location independently since his graduation from college in 2012. His work has allowed him to live on 4 different continents and to visit over 85 countries. Besides his native Dutch, Jan also speaks English, Mandarin, German, French, Portuguese, Cantonese and Spanish. This allowed him to help found Language Boost, a language learning method which helps learners get to an intermediate quickly.
In this episode we talk about how he started his language translation company and how simply being bold allowed him to get together this group of people to translate documents. He then talks about what he learned by learning his own languages and finally realizing that he himself is a good language learner. From this he explains how he put together his startup as well as the struggles behind it.

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Troy Erstling on having a career-building internship in the developing world

Wed, Apr 06, 2016

Troy Erstling is the founder of Brain Gain which helps young professionals find employment and internships with startups in emerging economies. What started as a simple Facebook group led to questions flying in from all over the world. Questions like “How did you find a job in India?”, “How are you working for a start-up?”, “I hate my job and I want to travel, what should I do?!”. Seeing that there was a significant demand of people just like himself who want to travel and work abroad, he was inspired to start this service.
In this episode we first talk about how amazing and serendipitous travel and living abroad can be. While talking to a friend at a cafe in Bangalore India, another local friend overhears them and hires them for sound recordings for cartoons in India. Then we talk about how he made his way from the US to teaching English in Korea when he noticed it was difficult to transition into a new career. He then applied for an internship in India and saw the value in this. So he has put together a company which helps young talented professionals get internships in the developing world. Although the pay may look lower, based on the local costs, it could actually give a better quality of life. Also, the responsibilities given can be much higher, essentially giving you the experience of someone 10 years your senior. I wish this had existed when I was young and I would highly recommend anyone looking to start their career to look into this.

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CJ Hunt on Finding the Perfect Diet and putting your money where your mouth is

Wed, Mar 09, 2016

CJ Hunt is an independent filmmaker who created his 2012 film entitled “In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet” that takes a look at what nutritional approach our bodies were made to run most efficiently on. He travels through time and around the world on an unprecedented global exploration to find a solution to the exploding epidemic of overweight, obesity and diet related disease. The Perfect Human Diet takes us on a 2-million year evolutionary journey to discover breakthrough scientific facts that could change the way we all think about food in the first ever 'Paleo Diet' documentary.
In this episode we talk about what Paleo actually means and what the research from around the world shows. Scientists have shown that hunter-gatherer societies which were successful and survived subsisted mostly on animal foods and very little starches. He started out as a raw food vegan and eventually found that he wouldn't have the energy to manage the stresses that life requires. He then talks about how the foods we grew up with may not be the best foods for our bodies. They could be normal and good but they may not be optimal. Then we talk about how he made the movie and how he spent 10 years and $250k to create it. Finally we talk about how travelling allows you to have a deeper respect for lives around the world and their ways of life. 

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Connor Grooms on how to learn Spanish in a month while being location independent

Wed, Mar 02, 2016

Connor Grooms is  is location independent at only 20 years old, traveling and living around the world as he runs his business online, from Saigon to Barcelona to his new homebase in Medell?n. In November 2014, he gained 26 pounds of muscle in a month after a lifetime of being skinny. This past June, he achieved conversational level of Spanish in a single month and self-produced the film, "Spanish in a Month: A Language Learning Documentary" about the experience, which has been featured in outlets like Forbes. Following the success of his Spanish in a Month documentary, Grooms founded BaseLang.com - unlimited Spanish tutoring for $99 a month, which follows the same principles he used to learn so quickly.
In this episode we talk about how much easier it is to learn things when it is done all at once. Instead of doing a little bit of studying or work over a long period of time, we both find it is more efficient to learn it all at once. When you have this level of focus, it is possible to do things like learn Spanish in a month. He also talks about how much he learned through his experience of learning Spanish in a month and what he has applied to his new company to help new learners. Then we talk about how many things that are taught in school or are generally thought of as common knowledge is either wrong or not completely true. He suggests learning things yourself and to get many sources of information. The next thing he talks about is maybe one of the best tips for becoming location independent. His advice is to find a skill people will pay for whether it be design, writing, writing code and to become "really really really really good at that." So simple yet so profound.

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Karen French on how to start a business as a 'Trailing Spouse'

Wed, Feb 24, 2016

Karen French is the founder of Karen French Floral Designs which provides floral arrangements and designs to boutique hotels and private homes. She makes weekly individual arrangements which she matches according to the environment and desires of the customers. 

In this episode we talk about how Karen was born abroad and lived in some places like Dubai, Bahrain, and Singapore many decades before they became big and popular. Then we talk about what her job as a floral designer means in relation to what a florist does. We talk about her designing process and what it means to work with a customer. We then talk about the 'Trailing Spouse' which often comes along when one person in a couple gets a job abroad. These people often are not allowed to work and can be bored staying at home all day. We talk about how this business has given her meaning in life while she had financial security. We then talk about the power of social media and how she was able to get to 30k follower within a year. She then talks about how travelling can be great and how languages can help you get into the local population better

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Me not adapting as much as I should have to India

Wed, Feb 17, 2016

Adaptation and adjusting to an environment are some of the most important things in my mind. I see that a person able to adjust to a situation is the one that will be the most successful.

I talk about how I am am not happy with my ability to adjust during my Masters thesis in India. I talk about how I could have done a better job with blending in. I think it was because I had a reasons for it, that the way I was doing things previously was more correct. That was my big dilemma, do I do things the local way or my 'best' way?

Since I believe that those people who are most able to adjust and integrate will be the most successful I think that I could have done a better job

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Learning about what can be changed and what cannot

Wed, Feb 10, 2016

There are very few things that are set in stone. Travel helps you see that things are done differently in different places by different people. By seeing that cultures and ways of doing things are different you become aware of the fact that some things are variables. When something is a variable it means that you can change those things in life. Maybe it was all based on a false belief and that the only thing holding yourself back is yourself. Blaming other forces such as a boss, the economy, or god could actually be in your hands.


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Is Travel more useful than going to University or College?

Wed, Feb 03, 2016

In this episode I ask if travelling can be more valuable than a College degree. In the US a bachelors degree can cost $30k and this doesn't even guarantee you a job. I have found that travel costs about $15k per year, so would this money be better used in travel? Can you learn more in travel than you could in the classroom?

To find the value of College or University ask yourself: 

  • are you learning a trade that can make you money such as engineering, science, or trades such as welding or automotive work?
  • are you getting a network which can help you later in life, especially if you are going into a field?
  • are you diving deep into the subject and learning all that you can learn so that you actually come away with useful knowledge?

To find the the value of travel ask yourself:

  • are you diving into the culture and are you only talking to hotel staff or are you learning the language in a local village?
  • are you staying a week, 3 months, or are you living abroad to understand more of the location?
  • are you going somewhere interesting with many learning experiences?

So of course it depends on what your answers to all of these criteria are but in many cases travel can be better than a University degree

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How expanding your limits sets a new normal and stretches your limits

Wed, Jan 27, 2016

In this episode I talk about how expanding your limits allows you to do more revolutionary things in the future. Because stretching your limits allows you to see what is possible and your reality has then changed. It can only be beneficial.

I talk about how I did this when I wrote most of my 70 page Masters thesis in one 20 hour chunk. By doing this I was able to break any previous ideas what is possible for me. I learned a bit about myself and found that actually it was probably the best way to write something. From now on, I can't complain about doing lots of work at one time now that I see I am capable of more. It is also possible to do this using uncomfortable or generally growth-inducing experiences. 

The limitations you have are only in your head, this is the best way to discover that you are capable of whatever you want.

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Things have been good in the past, so why wouldn't it be in the future?

Wed, Jan 20, 2016

In this episode I talk about a prompt that a previous guests had mentioned of "if things have been good in the past, why not the future?" 

This was a profound thought because things for me have always seemed to work out fortuitously so I should expect that it may continue. This thought can give you confidence that you are capable in what you plan to do. I talk about how you can use confidence from other parts of your life such as sports, hobbies, or other things that you are good at and transfer that to whatever you are having troubles with.

You are going to get the same results from your actions in the past, is that good or is it time to change?

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Marcus Stein on how to combine charity and travel to make a difference

Wed, Jan 13, 2016

My former Couchsurfing host, Marcus Stein, came to visit me in Bangalore, India after doing a charity trip in nearby Nepal. He shared his story of how he was able to raise 4000 euros back in Germany which he had promised to donate in Nepal after their terrible earthquake in April 2015. He used his own money to get there and to do fun things so this money was only to be used for charity. He and his friend originally were going to buy school materials for children such as notebooks and pens but later also bought water filters and solar lamps. 

In this episode we talk about how he got this idea as well as some of the challenges in doing this. Since the money goes about 5x further in a place like Nepal, it is almost like trying to use 20,000 euro in a few weeks. He also talks about how he found a great guide and helper to buy all of these supplies. Then he talks about how he had made this change from a set career to something more flexible where he is happier.

Finally he asks, what does magic mean to you?

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Happy 2016! Here are my plans for the future, what are yours?

Wed, Jan 06, 2016

First of all, apologies for the delay in the episode. I had finished my work in India and my family came right after to travel India and didn't have time to uploaded the episodes I had finished.


In this episode I talk about what I am planning to after my stay in India. I have been trying to figure out what to do after and I am ready to share my plans. I talk about how I am excited to go look at Switzerland and potentially go move there. It is a great place for my field in nanorobotics and looks like one of the best places in the world for this. It is also very comfortable for me being in Europe, travelling is very quick and easy, and it is a multilingual country, and a good business environment for startups.


I talk about the 3-6 things that were most important for me to decide on this location. I also go through how you can decide on where to go if you want to make a change in your life

Let me know if you are planning a change and want to figure out where to go next at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com

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James Abbott on sailing around the world in a coworking space

Wed, Nov 18, 2015

James Abbott is a cofounder of Coboat which is a coworking space which is on the sea. The boat goes to different paradise locations as it circumnavigates the world. Entrepreneurs and people who can work online can then join and take part in activities like snorkeling and swimming while getting fast 3G-4G Wifi connections. Everything (except alcohol) is included in the 980 euro per week price in places like Greece, Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and other beautiful places.

In this episode we had technical issues in the beginning and I was unable to record the first 15 minutes of the show. However, before the show he talked about how he moved to Thailand and set up a coworking space. On this island, he has about 30 people 

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Vinh Ly on persuading people to buy $100 million jets

Wed, Nov 11, 2015

Vinh Ly used to be a private jet salesman traveling around the world and was a contestant on the French version of the Apprentice. Now he a digital nomad and author of Billion Dollar Influence: A Persuasion Skills Masterclass from Someone Who Sells Private Jets for a Living. He also started a Conversion Optimization business and and has had many global experience - and leaving a prestigious corporate job to become an entrepreneur nomad.

In this episode we talk about how he got into the private jet business and some funny things he did in order to get more sales. Since we started the podcast before an official introduction he didn't realize we were recording and therefore had to remove some sensitive parts. But he talks about what he did within this company to make sure these $100 million machines were sold well. Then we talk about his leaving the company to teach people about persuasion which he learned selling jets. He goes over his MITT method of Meditation, Improvisation, Technique and Training. These are good ways to learn almost any skill. He talks about how this method can help especially in job interviews and sales. His tip is to make sure you know what your 3 main strengths are and to make sure they shine through in the interview. Finally we talk about his experience with travel and how he has been used to it his whole life. We also talk about the ways that French people travel and how they only go to places that also speak French.

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Learn about my observations with the Indian work culture vs. Germany and US

Fri, Nov 06, 2015

I have now been working in India for over 6 months and have noticed many differences between the work culture in India, the US, and Germany. I talk about a few including the differences in power dynamics and how everyone spends their time.


Do you have experiences working abroad? Tweet to me at @ladanwisdom

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Kara Ronin on the mysterious Indian head bobble and what it means

Wed, Nov 04, 2015

Kara Ronin is the founder of Executive Impressions which provides international business etiquette training and consulting to companies, universities and individuals to help them succeed in the international business arena.  Her services focus on business etiquette, leadership skills, and executive communication. 

In this episode we talk about how she got started in providing tips for international business people because of her having lived on 4 continents. She talks about her experiences speaking and seeming interested in her new home in France. We then talk about the mysterious Indian head wobble and she explains a bit about the differences between showing yes and no. She mentions a video which can be watched here. She then talks about how when you are in a new culture you have to respect their customs. Simply doing what you want to do may not be received too well and could hurt your relationships. Then we talk about my experiences with my boss at my work in India and the way things are different there. Finally she talks about how travel helps you learn about the world and learn about yourself.

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Guthrie Chamberlain on spending 2 hours a day to make the Wisdom Trek Podcast amazing

Fri, Oct 30, 2015

Guthrie Chamberlain is the host of the Wisdom Trek podcast where he teaches wisdom and discipline. He helps you understand the insights of the wise, to teach you to live disciplined and successful lives, to help you do what is right, just, and fair. By obtaining this wisdom then you will be able to create a living legacy for today that will live on and be multiplied through the lives of others.

In this episode we talk about how Guthrie grew up in a family of 10 children which has shaped how he looks at the world. We talk about the analogy of life with hiking through the mountains. If you take things slow and know where you are going you will get there before you know it. He then talks about how you can't expect to plant a seed and expect a plant tomorrow. You need to work and harvest fruit in different seasons. It seems he is full of analogies to life and I absolutely love it because it helps clear things up and make it more understandable. He then talks about his grueling schedule making the podcast, spending about 2 hours each day to put the 7 minute podcast together. He then talks about the benefits of taking your children with you while going to conferences or generally travelling for your career.

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Dorie Clark on how to do 160 podcast interviews to promote your idea

Wed, Oct 28, 2015

Dorie Clark is the author of  Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future and her most recent book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It. She talks about how in order to succeed in today's world you need to have some sort of brand or things you are good at in order to get above the noise. She also consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Yale University, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the National Park Service.

In this episode we talk about her crazy podcast interview schedule having been on about 160 podcasts in the last 9 months. She talks about how she got into this field through the field of politics and a nonprofit. We then talk about a story from Reinventing You who was let go from his passion job as a Rail trail advocate (bike and hiking trails on old railroad tracks). After being laid off he was able to use his creative side by opening a bed and breakfast next to a rail trail and becoming the place to stay for those loving rail trails. Then he got his real estate license and became the rail trail real estate agent. She then talks about how interests and other elements in your background can be brought together in order to make wonderful new things which have never been done before. Finally she talks about how travel can help you 'speak different languages' as well manage different social settings.

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Emilie Wapnick on the importance of having multiple talents and interests

Fri, Oct 23, 2015

Emilie Wapnick runs puttylike which is the home of multipotentialites online. She says that most people have multiple potentials and should not be led to do only one thing in life. In her TED talk she mentions her start as a lawyer and how that has changed to blogging as well as many other passions over the years. She embraces the changes in direction of her life and thinks it is beneficial.

In this episode we talk about her coming trip in a trailer and my experience with ladybugs in camping trailers. She then talks about how she has gone through many careers and how it is ok to explore and jump around. Then she talks about how having these many kinds of backgrounds can be beneficial and can make unexpected combinations that could be very popular. We throw around ideas like scuba diving for historians, laundromats with ice cream, bike shops that are also coffee shops, and other non intuitive businesses that can be surprisingly successful. She has helped people find their passions for the last few years and hopes to do this for the future. We then talk about how being flexible and puttylike is the way to thrive in the new economy. Most jobs existing today did not exist 10 years ago and our current jobs will not exist in 10 years.

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Grant Baldwin on how he got paid $1k to speak for one hour

Wed, Oct 21, 2015

Grant Baldwin is a professional public speaker and host of the How Did You Get Into That podcast. He talks about living your life's passion and doing what you were put on this earth to do. He especially likes to give students the confidence to face the real world.

In this episode we talk about why he started his podcast after being asked so many times how he became a professional speaker. He has earned $1k for his first one hour keynote speech and he also teaches how you can do something you love and make a good living at it. He knew that he was always good at it and passionate so he just jumped in and did it as well as made sure to get better at his skill. He also gives some tips on how to book speaking events whether you are experienced or not. He talks about the non-glamorous side of speaking and compares it to his friends who do over 100 events per year. Finally he talks about how travel gets you out of the bubble that you are comfortable with and being able to experience other cultures.

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I talk about how travel and living somewhere are different and teach different things

Fri, Oct 16, 2015

I have now lived in India for over 6 months and even now things seem to shift every week. The travel mindset and sense of wonder goes away a bit and now it is more like I am living here. Travel and living somewhere are different but I think that both are recommended in order to expand your wisdom


Let me know about your experiences living somewhere versus simply travelling there


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Scott Beebe on being inspired to start a for profit company in Nigeria

Wed, Oct 14, 2015

Scott Beebe is the proprietor of My Business On Purpose; a multi-broadcast platform that equips, inspires, and mobilizes business professionals to live out their skill set to society. He helps small business owners and organizational decision makers uncover things that they cannot see, and create game-changing strategies so they can take immediate action and live out their life and business with purpose and intentionality.

In this episode we talk about his trips to Nigeria to help businesses there get help. He does coaching and has fallen in love with Nigeria over the last decade because it has so much potential. He does lots of face to face interaction as well as online interviews and helps people find where the business is going. He also hosts Masterminds where people get together to help each other with their problems in business and in life. He talks about how he got connected to the work in Nigeria and why it is so special. We then talk about the benefits of doing a for profit company even if it is in the developing world.

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I talk about not knowing what or where I will be in the next few months

Fri, Oct 09, 2015

I talk about how when I finish my work here in India I am not really sure what we will do next. Travel has unfortunately opened the door to many options and now it seems we must slowly choose what career path and part of the world to live in. I feel I have left behind good recommendations and know that there is lots of places I could make a good living. However, now it is just a question of where I want to stay and what I want to do.

Have you had any life questions like this? I want to hear about your struggles and how you got through them. Email me at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com

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Jonathon O'Byrne on coworking spaces and their importance in the future

Wed, Oct 07, 2015

Jonathon OByrne is the founder of Collective Works, the largest coworking space in Singapore. Looking over 90 businesses there, his business has quadrupled in size since he opened it two years ago. This allows small companies or startups to rent office space and have access to people one otherwise wouldn't have access to. It is what hostels are to the business office rental. 

He opened this coworking space in isolation and when he opened his he thought he had opened the first one in the world. Seeing a need in Singapore to make it easy for someone to easily rent office space, especially for high performing spouses. Since Singapore attracts a host of high performance people, their high performance spouse usually comes along with nothing to do. This means that they now have something to apply themselves towards. Since the minimum and maximum stays are not really set, a company could stay as long as needed. Many times even corporations and for their regional branches to be held in a coworking space.

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I talk about our recent trip to Sri Lanka and what we learned from it

Fri, Oct 02, 2015

We went to Sri Lanka to extend my visa in India. Although we only stayed for 9 days it was a really fun time. Our visa processes took even longer and we were forced to stay in the capitol city of Colombo longer than we would have liked. In the end we only spent one day on the beach but this was enough for me to get an epic sunburn.

I talk about making sure that you have enough time to get administrative stuff done when you travel. We had to jump through many hoops to speed up the visa process by even one day which could have cost us a hundred dollars extra. Luckily I got the visa just an hour before closing and was successful!

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Ryan Williams on the changing Influencer Economy and what it will mean to be a leader

Wed, Sep 30, 2015

Ryan Williams is the host of the Influencer Economy which is about the changing world of media. Where before, it would take a media company to give the green light to something, now this is done by the audience instead. What this means is that some things end up being wildly successful yet is very strange.  A good example of this is something called machinima which uses existing video games in order to act out a story. What he shows is that the future is changing and that we need to be successful. Ryan talks about what happens when the niches become mainstream

In this episode we talk about the the power of this new community and their relationship with their audience. People who supply content or somehow are an influencer online are following a whole new set of rules than before. Collaboration is the new name of the game with the bigger person giving social proof and credibility to the little person. This is the new way the games are being played which will influence the way media will be done. These people are able to crowdfund over $2 million from fans by allowing access in a way not possible before. Although it looks like an overnight success, all of the people he profiled had done their craft for many years before being 'discovered.'

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Drugs and how they can be good for you and increase wisdom

Fri, Sep 25, 2015

I believe that it is important to become a wiser person. I think that experiences are important in life and that to experience more is to live a fuller life. That is why I thought that trying different types of drugs was important for my quest for wisdom.

  • It started picking the brain of a colleague working at UPS who, although young, had tried many things

  • Then when I was living on my own I made friends that could give access to the things I wanted to try

  • I was told that there were a few drugs you should never try because the risk was too high, heroin, crack, and meth.

  • I think drugs can be an eye opening experience, it can completely reset your way of thinking

  • I eventually found that most drugs were kind of useless and a waste of time but that psychadelics had a use

  • You should be mature enough to understand and interpret what you are seeing and what it means

  • I then moved to the opinion that especially psychadelics could have beneficial effects just like a spirit quest

  • You can ask a question or somehow focus on a problem to get it resolved. For example, on a mushroom trip I realized that I already had all the power within me to do the things that I wanted. Only I was holding myself back and that I needed to stop stopping the things I knew would lead to success

  • I think that psychadelics should be done in a good environment. Going to the amusement park is dangerous but being with trusted friends can be beneficial

  • Once or twice per year is probably the upper limit because more than that might be damaging

  • Psychadelics are like heat applied to plastic. It can help soften it to mold it easier. The plastic is like your psyche and ways of thinking. Over time it can become deformed or rough and has to be smoothened

  • Trying to shape plastic without heat can work but it can take time or break it. Also, applying too much heat can cause a mess

  • The plastic can be smoothened if done correctly but if done incorrectly it can make it even more deformed or rough. The plastic would then cool and it would be stuck like that for a very long time

  • One needs to be extremely careful and be mindful with any drug. Know why you are taking it and what outcome you are trying to achieve by doing it

  • Dislcaimer: Of course don't do illegal things and make sure that you are in a place that these things are allowed

  • With great power comes great responsibility


Special thanks to Diana Dell for getting in contact with your unique story. She is finishing up her Masters degree in environmental science and is moving to Armenia. Its a crazy idea but as far as I know she has never done drugs :P Good luck! :P

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The Hicks family on their amazing adventure around the world together

Wed, Sep 23, 2015

The Hicks family of Grady, Mason and Brianna have all gone through a pretty amazing trip. Starting out as a fun graduation present for the oldest, now the father Grady has taken all his children on a month-long trip around the world. During this time they decided to make things more fun and they gave themselves a checklist of things they had to do and see everyday. They have since turned it into a series of books for the adventure with each child. Grady's hard work pays off with his planning of hundreds of things to see and why to see them for each trip.

In this four way episode we talk about how the idea for a Amazing Race themed trip around the world.  We talk about how he was able to plan the trips and the amount of time it took for each trip to be planned. We discuss the ability for the children to remember the places versus the father and how things were forgotten. We also talk about the power of travel to make the world smaller. Finally, the show turns into a bit of a therapy session on how this travel experience can be used to enhance the rest of life. By not only keeping some experiences segmented in one part of your life but allowing it to become who you are, you can take in even more of the experiences.

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Exercise and the importance of staying strong to stay fit especially during travel

Fri, Sep 18, 2015

Exercise has been an interest of mine for over a decade and I have always wanted to be fit and have a sexy body. Over that decade I have learned more about the body and experimented with many things myself. Now I feel that my exercises are much more effective than they used to be

  • I was interested in working out and exercise ever since hitting puberty. It was my surefire way of getting laid! Unfortunately I found it is just a multiplier and that if you are starting from zero, anything times zero is still zero

  • As I mentioned in the previous episode, exercise is not the best way to lose weight but nutrition is. Exercise can activate some things in your body to make weight loss even faster and not to mention you look more sexy when fit no matter if you are a man or a woman

  • I was always pretty fit but never a meat head and even if I had muscles it could be hidden by the right shirt. But I was never able to keep it due to my travels since I was 18. I would go on a multi month trip at least once per year and it would screw up my workout plans

  • Many times I would lose lots of weight on a trip and it would take many months to get it back to how it was. This would mean with the length of the trip and the recovery I would lose about 6 months. Any gains during the rest of the year were then later wiped out by lack of good nutrition while travelling

  • I have never really maintained an exercise regimen while travelling although I know theoretically what should be done. Some elastic bands are often useful which allow you to train almost anything with about 10-45 pounds (5-20kg) resistance. Also bodyweight exercises are useful like pushups, pull ups, squats, or even running up and down stairs

  • I have never wanted to do these exercises so much because it always got in the way with activities that I was doing throughout the day. I think I also really liked the weights at the gym and jumping up and down didn't feel like a good substitute

  • Anyways, what I have found out is that shorter and more intense workouts are more effective. I used to do jogging for an hour or be on a cycle for that long but then some people I follow and personal experience showed that doing 4 minutes of intense exercise and 1 minute of rest was much better. Repeating this a few times would give much better results than an hour long run ever could

  • This is something I recommend (although I will only start doing it again this week) is to do sprints and to run about 5 times longer or further than your walks in between these runs. If you repeat it 2 to 5 times this is about the best workout you can do

  • I believe that lifting weights is also essential, even for girls. Girls look sexy when they are strong and don't worry, your hormones will not allow you to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those women you see in the muscle magazines have loaded themselves with Testosterone and have devoted many years of their lives to this, so its not just going to sneak up on you!

  • Woman who are surprisingly strong yet sexy are pole dancers / strippers. They have to hold themselves up using only their grip and move their legs and body around. It is very hard and it requires lots of strength (try it!). So if you are a girl worried about gaining to much muscle, just remember if you try hard then you will probably end up just as muscly as a stripper. Said another way, you will have a strippers body

  • Men, of course, do not need much convincing to go lift weight because it is what makes us look good. But it is also important to not get lost in numbers competitions trying to outdo the next person which could lead to bad form while lifting or focusing on it too much at the expense of your other muscle groups. This can lead to an imbalanced body which is also not sexy, the opposite of what you were going for!

  • Besides simply looking sexy, exercise gives you energy in the long run because your body learns to handle using so much energy. That means that you then have more energy for the other things in your life like career, family or other projects. It gives you strength for those times or tasks where you need it. I find it can also triple your sex drive, perfect if you have a partner. It improves your posture. Also it can become addictive and refreshing. After about two months of exercise your body starts to get used to it and craves some sort of physical activity. How is that for a healthy addiction?!

  • So what kind of weightlifting regimen is the best? I find that the most essential movements are squats, deadlift, pull ups, incline bench press, clean and press and the row. If you don't understand what all those mean, just click through to the links here or google it yourself.

  • If these 6 exercises formed 70% of your exercises you would be quite successful in becoming much stronger. These 6 will hit every part muscle in your body and you will end up looking great. Doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman.

  • Another key thing to remember is how much to lift. Some have said that you need to do each movement 20-50 times but I disagree. I have seen that when you use the maximum amount of weight, so that you can only do the movement 2-5 times it is the most effective. This means you do 2-5 repetitions, rest some time, and do it again. This is generally enough, more is not always better.

  • This also goes for women. Although it might not seem like a feminine or girly thing to do, you want results, not to look girly at the gym. Also, the men are naturally going to be stronger so even your heavy weights will be small by comparison, so still girly

  • An important thing to do is to cycle through those 6 exercises. Otherwise you could get what I had for a long time, muscular imbalance. It can come from many things but it can be quite damaging to your health. It can change your posture for the worse, cause some muscles to be strangely larger than others, or even put stress on your body in ways it was not designed to handle. Watch out for this and this should be your highest goal, balance

  • It is also important not to overtrain. For me, I find going to the gym or generally exercising 2 or 3 times per week for about 45 minutes each time is perfect. Do you have an hour and a half each week to spare in order to look great? This is less than 2% of your waking hours of the week. Seems like such a small thing to ask huh?

  • Finally, the most important thing to do for exercise is to find a sport or activity which you love. This should be a physical activity where you lose track of time. For my gf this is salsa dancing, and for me it would be surfing or snorkeling. When you have something like this then the exercise is automatic and integrated into your life, just the way you want it.

  • Travel can be great as you can find new activities that attract you more. I didn't really have any activities where I would lose track of time except snorkeling and surfing where you couldn't get me out of the water (no, I was not drowning). Although I have only done it a handful of times I recently realized this was my favorite activity and will make sure to do it as often as possible. But my activities depend on travel


Let me know what you thought of this. It is a bit difficult to put everything I have experienced in this field into a short bite sized clip which can be useful as well. I have tried to only put in the essential things and I hope that it is helpful for you

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Tijana Momirov on how to travel the world on 20 hours of work per week

Wed, Sep 16, 2015

Tijana Momirov of Follow the Elements has been an independent Software Engineer since 2010. Before being a digital Nomad was a thing, she was earning money while travelling. She especially loves Kitesurfing, letting it take her take her all over the world. Now she teaches how it is possible to 

In this episode we talk about how she has been able to be a freelance software engineer for the last 5 years. She has not been in a set location since then and has been living from her suitcase ever since. It all started during a job in Greece where she realized that being in the office was not necessary and the clients did not even know where she was. She now is a freelancer and generally works about 20 hours per week in order to make more money. We then talks about the first steps in setting up a freelancing job. She recommends going through some of the largest freelancer sites in order to gain more visibility. Then we talk about the benefits of living on the beach and how to get into Kitesurfing. I love the water so I am sure that I would love it, if it only wasn't so expensive that would be great!

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The importance of diet when trying to lose weight and how I lost 45lbs / 20kgs

Fri, Sep 11, 2015

Losing weight and staying fit seems like an impossible thing to many people. It can feel like you are desperately flipping switches and pulling levers on the inputs of your body with no response. Of course it is no surprise that many have given up on staying fit because what we know we should do is not as powerful as they say. I will talk about my struggle with weight and how I now have been able to keep off 45lbs (20kg)

  • I was raised in a health conscious family so health and weight were always at the forefront of my mind

  • I was chubby between the ages of about 12-15 and being made fun of for it. In our group of friends I was the fat one. Then when puberty hit, the weight came off very quickly

  • I was a normal weight for a long time until I started dating my first gf which caused me to become lazy and I ended up gaining about 40 pounds (~20kg) in 8 months. At first I was hopeful that it was muscle because it was being put on in the right places, but then I realized it was actually just fat.

  • Then after doing my study abroad a year later in Germany and again being separated from that gf I was able to first lose 20 pounds (~10kg) in 3 months and later the final 20 pounds (~10kg) over about 6 months.

  • I have been able to keep it at that level now for 2 years with some more minor 10 pound fluctuations but when I notice that happening I take care of it and can have it fixed within a month.

  • I am a big guy at 6'3” (193cm) and my 'thin weight' is about 175 pounds (80kg) so for some of you smaller people it would be like a 5 pound (~2kg) fluctuation

  • In the end, all that I had learned during my minor in Nutrition during my Bachelors degree proved to be useless or completely wrong. The US government's recommendations was actually part of what kept me fat and when I broke from that I was able to control my weight the way I wanted

  • I realized that nutrition was the most important factor in weight management and health. Exercise is important also but it is almost impossible to make up for bad eating decisions by exercising more (you would need to chop wood for 2 hours a day). I find the impact on weight is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I will talk about exercise in the next episode

  • So, now for the most important part. I found through my experience that sugars (also carbohydrates) are pretty much to blame for gaining weight. This is of course found in anything sweet or starchy: bread, rice, potatoes, many sauces, sweets, sugar, soft drinks, and anything along these lines was the biggest contributor to fat creation.

  • This means eating fried chicken with extra oil is nowhere near as fat generating as eating a bowl of pasta. Crazy, isn't it?

  • Actually, it could be healthier as well. Science is finding out that the rate you create insulin, or the hormone that is secreted when you eat sugars, is the rate that you age. Creating insulin along with the spikes in blood sugar are very stressful for your cells and contribute to aging. Cutting down on sugar or at least eating more slowly digestible sugars could help you live longer

  • If you are able to minimize carbs, then you can pretty much eat as much of the other stuff as you like. It is just not possible to eat enough of the other stuff to gain weight and you will be full and not be able to eat anymore first

  • It is impossible and unwise to completely eliminate carbs as they are everywhere and some baseline is essential for human function. But for me, I went from carbs being about 75% of my diet to about 25% of my diet and now I can eat what I want

  • Generally, you want to eat lots of veggies which is good for your digestion. Fruits however, are not very good because they contain so much sugar and all of the vitamins can also be found in veggies. That is why you should limit fruits or fruit smoothies.

  • High quality fats are also very essential. Because your entire brain is pretty much made of fat, you need to keep it healthy. Coconut butter, quality milk butter or ghee are very good sources of oil. Since you have also cut down on your carbs you can add more butter so your food tastes even more amazing!

  • Good protein is also very important. This is the type of food that will keep you full the longest. I have sometimes eaten a whole chicken and then not been hungry for about 36 hours following that. If you eat more protein like meat, fish, eggs, or beans, you won't be like a yoyo to the refrigerator every two hours.

  • You should be able to easily manage going 5 hours between meals and if you are getting hungry after less than 2 hours your body is telling you that your last meal was not very nutritious

  • This now becomes a more expensive way of eating, because you are trading cheap food for expensive ones. You trade rice for beans, vegetable oil for ghee, and a plate full of pasta to one full of meat. Since there are no more 'filler' foods, you need to eat more of the expensive 'good stuff'

  • Finally, an advanced thing I follow is something called 'Intermittent fasting.' This basically says you eat for 8 hours during the day and fast, or eat nothing, for the remaining 16 hours. This is supposedly good for cellular repair but I do it because I feel great

  • Instead of eating throughout the day, I have one mega size meal and one small meal. This is enough for me to last through the day and I am full for the whole day. I love that I don't think about food, I can eat like a king, I spend less, and I lose weight. It may take a while to get used to it but I recommend it. But it is not necessary and girls may not need it at all

  • The key is to try everything yourself out. It is not good to blindly follow diets, food research, or the latest fad in cutting weight. It is important to try it out for a few weeks and watch what your results are. The good diet you follow is better than the perfect diet you don't follow

  • I have started with a few diets ideas and then tweaked some small things as I learned what my body did and did not like. Some good places to start are the Slow Carb Diet, the Bulletproof Diet, the Paleo Diet, and even the Atkin's Diet. Check out each one, which one sounds most appealing, and try it out

  • My personal guideline is also not to be 'that guy.' Some diets advocate eating every 2 hours which can ruin going to the movie theater if the guy next to you starts eating chicken and broccoli and stinking up the place halfway through your chickflick. I try to remain flexible and especially when you are a guest it is good not to reject their food but to eat it, even if it doesn't follow your diet

  • Now travelling has played a role in all this diet as it has been a great way to wipe the slate clean. Whenever I travel I usually eat less and generally lose fat and muscle. This can be good depending on what I am doing.

  • Travelling for a few months many times cut my weight. Ethiopia is the most drastic example as I lost 15 pounds (7kg) and my travel companion Conner lost 25 pounds (12kg) all in 2 weeks!! It was because eating the local food 3 meals a day was very unpalatable to us so we would rather not eat. After we realized this we started to also eat Western food to stop the unhealthy weight loss

  • Japan was also quite difficult for me as they have small portion sizes and they are expensive. I lost about 10 pounds (4kg) in 2 weeks. I felt that most of that weight was muscle and it took me almost 6 months to get it back to something I liked

  • So travelling can be good for resetting your system or your habits. Because it forces you to change your habits and your favorite restaurant may not be available, you have to adapt and your body will also. This is of course when you eat like locals and you need to go for enough time, usually at least 10 days

  • Finally it can give you perspective on if your daily eating habits are normal or even healthy. It can again give you perspective on the things you want to find out about

What do you think about all this? I want to hear your opinion! Send mail at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com



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Aprille Janes on how run a Bolder Business, all from a trip in the Yukon

Wed, Sep 09, 2015

Aprille Janes of the Bolder Biz Community and Podcast talks about how to make a difference in your business. Aprille is a former corporate business consultant formerly working for companies like Coca-Cola and Minute Maid, something most other business coaches cannot claim. Because of this she is able to better give the outcome of everything that is possible. That is why she focuses on entrepreneurial soloprenenuers who want to better manage their work rather than those trying to double their business every month.

In this episode we talk about a trip to the Yukon in Alaska which changed her life. She was originally in corporate business consulting and after a long overnight drive she realized that she wanted to help people on a personal level. Since she believes that business is personal and it is impossible separate those, she has tried to give people the ability to create that for themselves. From this she has also created a meeting for women that were interested in business networking. She has been quite successful in this and has had many sold out events. We then talk about how to maintain these kinds of events and prevent them from being filled with bad people.

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Episode 101 celebration and one year anniversary!

Fri, Sep 04, 2015

It feels great to have 100 episodes and 1 year of podcasting behind me. Things have gotten even better now that I am hearing more from you. It is finally starting to pay off! :)


Thanks so much for listening and here's to another 400 episodes!

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Callum Laing on networking in emerging markets and how to make money in this space

Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Callum Laing has been called the most networked man in Asia. He is a New Zealander that has started built, bought and sold half a dozen businesses in a range of industries across two continents. He is the owner of Fitness-Buffet a company delivering employee wellness solutions in 11 countries and he is also the CEO of Entrevo Asia, a company that runs 40 week Growth Accelerator programs allowing executives and business owners to become a ‘Key Person of Influence’ in their industry.

In this episode we talk about Callum's move from working in technology in Netherlands during the tech bubble to Asia. He talks about how markets do not like profits and that only during times of large change is it possible to take advantage of massive opportunities. We talk about how when he moved he had to create a new network that was no longer based on convenience and location. He ended up starting some networking events which brought people together. During his meetings he might be personally connected to about 1000 people and tens of thousands went through his networking groups in Asia. He also shares the story of how he was able to make $50k by putting a group together within a few months.

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Homosexuality and why we have it all wrong, what to improve in society

Fri, Aug 28, 2015

I think that Western society's way of looking at sexuality is wrong. I think it can be extremely damaging and I believe that other parts of the world may have solutions. By suggesting that only gay or not gay exist, it pidgeonholes people into only these two possibilities and limits what might actually be happening in development. I also think that gender reassignment surgery is not a good idea

  • First of all I recognize that it is a privilege brought by wealth that you could choose anything except a heterosexual marriage

  • Money and technology have made the unimaginable a reality. Transgender people are extremely common in Thailand which would not have been possible a few decades ago

  • I am a bit worried about these kinds of surgeries especially the fact that they are irreversible

  • Since people don't know what they want even 10 years from now it should not be allowed or at least heavily regulated to allow something that is not reversible

  • Being done at a young age is even worse. Imagine a child who is in love with Tennis and wants to get a tennis racket implanted in their hand to improve their game. Should this be allowed? What if the child REALLY loves tennis and has so since they were young?

  • I am a scientist and understand the arguments that being gay or wanting to be transgender is genetic and rooted in biology. I don't buy it. I think that the same forces that make somebody love tennis and think about it all the time are the same ones involved in homosexuality

  • Just because sex, and sexual organs are involved does not make it any different. It is only our sex averse culture that doesn't want to touch or discuss it because it involves stuff 'down there'

  • So if we would not allow that tennis surgery because the possibility of changing your mind is too high, why allow it with something else? We live in an age now where our careers are expected to change every 10 years and we will completely have to reinvent ourselves. The world will change so much so why do we think that we will love the same thing 60 years from now? I think this is a ridiculous idea no matter what the subject is, tennis, becoming a woman, or knowing what you want to do with your life

  • I am friends with some transgender people but I still question their motivations. Maybe it is just too different from my reality and I won't be able to understand it.

  • My opinion is that homosexuality is too common and that it is an excuse for merely being different, more effeminate, or scared to do anything with women

  • The irreversibly of coming out of the closet is also apparent to me. Many voices on the media promote being gay but I have not heard much about the trouble of being stuck one way.

  • If you did a big show to 'come out of the closet' is it possible to change your mind a few years later or is it irreversible?

  • I have had these questions based on my travels especially in Thailand. I saw this place as one of the most interesting places I had been especially in terms of sexuality. I definitely think that a documentary should be done especially of the ladyboys in Pattaya just because it is so different than anything else. I think there is much to learn there. But the question of permanence of your choice is still troubling to me

  • I also have struggled with these questions at a personal level. Although I am in a happy relationship with an awesome girl, I remember a time many years ago when I was struggling to get laid. I had made a semi serious commitment that I would turn to men if that drought would go on longer

  • This is why I see the possibility that announcing that you are gay is a way to get rid of responsibility. It prevents you from doing the hard thing of getting with a girl and instead going the easy route. Its like trying to feed a baby versus trying to feed a hungry dog. One takes much less effort to get them fed

  • I also think that entering the gay scene could also be a blunt way of saying you reject traditional masculine roles. Being ostracized from a young age could leave you with resentments which could manifest them as joining this community. It may not be completely correct that is why I think there should be more emphasis on the fluidity of sexuality

  • Sexuality should be taken as a fluid thing and that it can change over time. Depending on your environment or your social group it can be different.

  • I can't think of any other decision that has such a permanent impact. Whether it be a choice in a career, to have children, or to devote your life to a sport, none have such long lasting impacts as declaring your sexuality. This is expected at a time when you are too uncertain to make the small decisions let alone the permanent ones

  • Although I like to try new things, and have done some things with guys I have done enough to know I don't want to do everything. I'll let you decide what that means

  • So many of the opinions I've shared are either based on myself, people I met, or things I had observed. They are just opinions and theories that can be changed in light of new evidence. My aim is not to judge or criticize, but rather offer an opinion for something I have not heard much about.

  • Here is a thought experiment: in a hypothetical world which is completely made up, what if there was some chemical in certain plastics which would change the hormones in a human body and increase their chances of being gay? Would we want to ban this chemical from our plastic supply or would we keep it? Would it be homophobic to neutralize this compound within the body to bring people back to normal or would we keep it the way it is? I am very curious to hear your responses as I don't think it has a correct answer. Please send me your ideas! :)



Special thanks to Heavy Driver for leaving a review on iTunes “if you are a regular traveller or about to take that long awaited trip, this podcast is for you”. Thanks so much Heavy Driver and I hope that there were some takeaways from some of my shows that helped you. If you want a shoutout on the podcast, leave a review on iTunes. This helps more people discover the show and also you will become famous! :P

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Melanie Curtis on life coaching and her switch from professional skydiving

Wed, Aug 26, 2015

Melanie Curtis is a life coach, author, and location independent entrepreneur. She started as a corporate American, turned professional skydiver, turned life coach, fear consultant, and mobile-entrepreneur expert. Her 10,000 jumps out of a plane were not interesting enough so she decided to stop that and start her own consulting business while doing a world tour.

In this episode we talk about her transfer from being a famous professional skydiver into a life coaching business. After having started this for some years she decided to quit the skydiving and then do a many month world tour. During this time she was able to run her business as well as gain the wisdom from being abroad. We also talk about what it means to be a life coach as well as what they do. We discuss her qualifications and how she got accredited in this field. We then do a bit of a life coaching session to discuss my issues with my fear of speaking German.

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How to get Wisdom by doing everyday things, even at home

Fri, Aug 21, 2015

I believe that it is important to become a wiser person. I think that experiences are important in life and that to experience more is to live a fuller life. That is why I have always tried to say yes to any experience that has come my way. I am not one to say no to something like skydiving, river rafting, trying new foods, going to strange lands, or trying out new business ventures. I have a heard a good quote that stuck with me recently “Good judgment comes from experience, which often comes from bad judgment.” So in order to have more good judgment, my opinion is that you need to have as many experiences as possible and from that you can gain good judgment.

What I try to show is that travel can open your life to experiences which is absolutely essential to gain wisdom. I have also tried to show that travel is not the only way to obtain wisdom. Since experiences can really be anything, and generally are simply reacting to new things, attaining wisdom can be all around you. All you have to do is put yourself in a new situation like talking to people you wouldn't otherwise talk to, doing things you wouldn't normally do, or going places to places you have never been. You can do all of these things without ever leaving your hometown, all it takes is the adventurer's mindset. By putting yourself in this mindset you can put yourself in learning mode which will allow you to continually get better in what you do.

Doing new things will give you perspective on your life and will help you realize that the way you have been doing things is not necessarily the right way. You can start to see that there are many ways to be successful and even if you continue doing what you were doing before, you become richer through this knowledge. Who would you rather listen to for advice and guidance, someone who had never left their hometown? Or someone who had travelled around the world and had experienced much more. I think the latter is one who could have a more balanced perspective on things and might be able to offer solutions that others implemented in faraway lands.

Of course one of my heroes, Immanuel Kant, never left his home town. He was still able to become a world renowned philosopher who's ideas are respected to this day, especially my favorite idea of the categorical imperative. This basically asks the question that if everybody on earth was doing what you were doing, would it be a good place? This is something I ask myself often whenever I embark on something new. Is it good, is it sustainable, and what will be the benefits of it? Finally, is this something only I can do or would it work if a large amount of people were doing it?

The way that Kant was able to do this is by immersing himself in books. So although he did not travel, he was able to effectively have a one way conversation with someone who may have been alive or dead. This follows the first rule of talking to people you wouldn't otherwise talk to. By having these 'conversations' one can learn more about the world around them and possibly solutions to everyday questions. Remember, a book holds the same information you could get as talking to someone, just more condensed and better organized.

However, just like while travelling, it is important not to listen to only one person. Otherwise you could be led astray by the fallacies of one source. It is when you talk to more people that you get a sense of the options available and what everyone is leaning towards. Especially here in India, I make sure to ask a few people when asking for directions. Everybody tries to be so helpful even if they end up leading you the wrong way.

This leads to the next method of gaining more wisdom, talking to new people. By going out and seeking those people that you normally do not talk to, you can get a different perspective on life, lifestyle, beliefs and more. So if you are a student, or working in a corporate job, get out of your usual circle of friends and explore a bit. Go to the poor part of town and strike up a conversation with someone. It will surely be interesting and even if they don't convince you of another way of looking at things, it will be enlightening. A common community that people ignore is those of immigrants. No matter where you live, there is most likely a neighborhood of a particular group of people from a different region of the world. In this way you do not need to walk more than an hour in order to get the same insights you could get by going across the world. Listening to them and hearing how your town is different from where they are from can be very interesting. Additionally, these people are often very grateful for outside social contact as they can often seclude themselves because of not knowing the language well enough. But if you have patience, and wear a smile, you will make friends and become beloved in that community.

My friends Liz and Veit have started an community in Dresden, Germany where they help out the refuges ending up there. These people often don't speak very good German or English and so are ostracized from the community. Additionally, they have culture shock by moving to a wildly new country. That soft serve ice cream you just bought them might be the first one they have had in their life! A little goes a long way.

Now, you don't necessarily need to dedicate your life to service nor may you have a large refugee population like Dresden. However, people from another country exist in every city larger than maybe 10,000 people. By finding them, and learning from them, you can experience their country by proxy. It can also be a good push to visit their country and learn even more. Who know? You could fall in love with an aspect of their culture and it could change your life for the better! But my opinion is that actually visiting the country is better, but this is very similar.

Next is to do things that you normally wouldn't do. This could include simply going to events or activities that you have never tried and keeping an open mind. My gf recently took me to a salsa dancing club and although we practiced, I wasn't very good and didn't find it as fun as she did. However, I am grateful for the experience because it made my life richer and now I know a bit more about myself. I would recommend trying out any type of event such as a music festival, convention, meetup, house party, celebration, or anything else. You could end up liking it and become a regular, or realize that you don't like it and not do it regularly. Either way, you learned something and became a fuller human.

It can also be as adrenaline filled as skydiving or paragliding. I have tried both and absolutely recommend them to anyone! I actually hope to work on a paragliding license so I can fly on my own someday. It was such a fun experience, well worth the $60 for the 5 hour session. When you spend your money on experiences instead of things, you learn a bit about yourself and know what your limits and capabilities are. I now feel more confident in things that I do because I was able to fly a parachute on my own after only a few hours of training.

Of course when you are travelling there are more options for these kinds of activities. Your town may not have opportunities to do scuba diving, hiking, or river rafting but it usually has at least something. That is why it is easy to opportunistically take part in many new things while travelling. Especially to do the things that are not an option where you're from. That is why I always try to do new and exotic activities or events while I am travelling even if they may be expensive.

The final way to gain more wisdom even while at home is to go to new places. Even if you have lived in a town for many years, there are likely many roads and parts of town that you do not normally visit. This partially goes back to meeting people you wouldn't talk to because doing that may lead you somewhere you have never been. This can be really good for freshening up the weekly routine and can put you in an adventurer's mindset. I'm not sure that you will necessarily learn anything new by walking down a street you have never seen, but I think it will set you up for enjoying new experiences. This tip I guess is more of a building block kind of thing in order to get used to novelty.

So, gaining new experiences and wisdom is not only limited to travel but it certainly helps speed things up. If you are in the right mindset, and talk to new people / read new books, do novel activities, and go new places, you can speed up the wisdom that you accumulate.

Remember, wisdom is just the accumulation of experiences so that you can have better judgment. So what are you doing this week to have more new experiences?


Special thanks to Edward Meyer who left an iTunes review saying “One of my favorite podcasts, thanks so much for the information presented in a pleasant and easy listening style. Always love it.” Thank so much Edward and I hope that I can continue to exceed your expectations until I am your favorite podcast! :P

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Andrew Henderson on how to be a Nomad Capitalist and how to get the best of every country

Wed, Aug 19, 2015

Andrew Henderson is host of the Nomad Capitalist where he helps people discover the offshore secrets "they" don't want you to know about. He share 100% legal strategies for wealth creation, asset protection, and doing business overseas. He talks about how you can shop around to go where you are treated best in terms of a passport, bank account, business accounts and even simply talking to people. He teaches that the US might not be the best place for any of these things.

In this episode we talk about how 'flag theory' is something that can allow you to shop around for the best deals in terms of all aspects of your life. Since travel is so easy and cheap now, it is easy to have a second residency somewhere and banking somewhere else. He says that it is always best to be treated as a tourist wherever you are. Many of these things affect mostly those who have their own companies or those making more than $100k a year. Although this probably does not affect you now, it is always a good thing to know and to know that options exist. Finally we talk about the possibility of me giving up my US passport to get something else, although I am not sure about this at the moment.

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I talk about addiction and how travel has been the cause and the cure

Fri, Aug 14, 2015

Addiction. Now, I can get in lots of trouble for talking about this but this has been a part of my journey and I think it has helped me on my road to wisdom. This is a very dangerous thing to say especially in my home country of the US where drugs are demonized and even soft drugs like marijuana are seen as the devil incarnate. However, through my travels around the world I have made it a point to not say no to anything and to experience all that I can.

I think that drugs can be used as a tool for gaining wisdom or perspective, the same way travel can. By using some drugs you are removed from your present state of thinking which allows you to see that there is more than what you perceive. Just like travel, it can also be done in such a way that no beneficial thing comes out of it. It can be abused and the learning opportunities ignored.

I had remained extremely clean for the first 18 years of my life. Possibly living with my family deep in the suburbs prevented me from making any contacts with people who could tarnish me. But as soon as I moved out on my own I felt independent to make my own friends and to live my own life. Part of this was experimenting all sorts of things that I wanted to try so that then I could judge for myself if it was good or not. An old friend used to say “you cant knock it until you try it.” The same way you couldn't talk about how horrible it is to live in Australia for example, if you've never even been there, you can't speak of the horrors of a drug and shun the people who use it if you've never tried it. That is why I went on a journey of exploration to see all that I could see and to try as much as I could. Partway down the path I got hooked on some but now I feel I am back to where I should be.

Let me explain what I define as a drug. Anything that changes your body or brain chemistry to me is a drug. Even food and especially sugar does this. I have had some bites of sweets when I was hungry and my first reaction was to grab all of it and stuff it in my mouth. That is why I was always a bit surprised when the Mormons in my home city of Salt Lake City had very strict rules on what a drug was. They said they didn't want to alter the mind not knowing that Indonesian sailors who don't drink regularly get 'high' on sugary drinks. In Europe many centuries ago, sugar offered another way to get high. So chances are if you have had some sweet coffee, you have already had at least two drugs, caffeine and sugar.

The reason I am talking about this is because my travels directly led to my drug use. Whether it be getting drunk for the first time in Russia, or smoking weed for the first time in Netherlands, it was the place that opened the door for me. However, I was actually seeking out that this door would be opened and I was happy that it was. Experiencing all that there is and knowing more about life was something going back early in my life. I remember as a 16 year old talking to the druggy work colleagues on the pros and cons of each drug and the route one should go on in trying them. This was research for my later years. Looking back on it now, it feels like a research project that I had intentionally set out on in order to learn more about the world.

Essentially, what I learned is that any drug can be useful, beneficial, or harmful depending on the mode of use and the frequency. Even though I have never tried it, I think even a drug like Heroin might not be so bad if done in a safe setting maybe once a year. I think the addiction is the most damaging part and it can sneak up on your. Even I thought I wasn't addicted even though hardly a week would go by if I didn't smoke weed or drink.

The main question I learned from overcoming addiction, or at least getting it under control, is to ask why are you doing this. What is the purpose of doing what you are doing and what do you hope to accomplish. Who do you want to be like, and if you continue down this road where are you likely going to end up? Is this a place you want to be? This is what I asked myself and my answers weren't shocking like I'll end up dead on the streets but it was actually much worse. I will end up in the same place as I am now in the next 5 years and nothing will have changed. This is what I noticed when a friend would always come over with some nice weed to smoke, nothing ever got done even though there was much to be done. I would complain about all the homework I would have to do for school even though I would waste 30 hours a week getting high.

Even realizing this, its hard to stop the cycle unless you change your environment. In my case I got a girlfriend and as things tend to happen, I did not meet as often with my friends. This definitely helped but probably the biggest thing was my allergic reaction to weed that developed. Possibly after getting into some really bad stuff, I became extremely paranoid and couldn't function after smoking. It was so bad that I had to stop. A few times I forgot the power of this and how bad it feels and smoke again but then realize that I cannot ever do it again.

I have realized this with drinking as well. I realized that the combination of drinking, smoking, and staying up late absolutely killed my body during any weekend I did this. Those weekends I didn't, I realized there was so much time in the day that could be better spent by going on a hike, learning something new, or exploring your city. I realized that it was a time suck without any real benefits being built up.

This is a key with all addiction. Actually this morning I decided to kick the habit of going on a website called 9gag which was also introduced to me while travelling. It has user generated content where people post cartoons and funny stuff and I would spend about an hour a day on this. After coming back from a week long trip without it and feeling fine, I came home and got sucked back into it. I realized it doesn't lead anywhere and the possibly 10 hours per week could be better used either reading or learning Hindi as I should be doing. I believe that by kicking this habit I can also be more productive in the mornings when I can be very lazy. I already had the urges to just go on it for a few minutes but I had to fight it and give myself something else to do. By changing your environment you can change your outcomes.

I have found that there can be certain tricks to make your mind think differently. Instead of doing something that you would usually do, you can instead do a much healthier option. Earlier I talked about how sugar is a drug and actually it is extremely unhealthy as well. Some new science is emerging showing that sugar and carbohydrates is one of the main things that ages you and damages your body. That is why possibly skipping desert could be extremely healthy for your life and your physique.

But what do you do if you still crave something? I have learned that one piece of very dark chocolate of over 70% cacao usually does the trick. My mind is satisfied with it and I know that I hadn't eaten much sugar at all. There are many tricks that you can do that are similar to this in order to change your environment to change your outcomes. Instead of drinking on the weekend, simply get out of the city during the weekend to completely avoid any temptations. I would do this in Germany to get myself to study instead of lounging around in my apartment all day. I would go to the library with all the hardworking people instead of watching YouTube, taking a nap, and cooking food. This was a huge improvement and I was able to get about 3x more work done.

I started out wanting to write about drugs and their benefits but ended up writing about the downsides of drugs and what they do to your time. I guess this was more on my mind and I want to tell people about what I learned. What I learned is that travel introduced me to many of my addictions and I am grateful for that. I had seeked out many of these experiences in the past but then got sucked into some of them. But I am grateful for this because it gave me perspective on addiction and I can better understand those dealing with it. I also believe it has made me stronger, so when the next addictive thing comes around I can stop it or at least recognize what is happening.

What I also learned was that travel can be the solution to many of your addictions. By changing your environment so drastically, sometimes you can't have the thing you once used every day. This can be good in realizing how you can live without it and can be much easier than trying to simply not use it while you can still see it. Whether it be not being able to drink in the Middle East, not smoking weed in former Soviet Georgia, or not having internet to go on 9gag, it can force you to quit. When you get back you can judge whether or not it was beneficial and what you got out of it. Your circle of friends will also heavily determine what you do. Being around alcoholic students who party all the time will probably cause you to become one just by hanging around them. Sometimes it is easier to see if reversed. If I told you someone was best friends 5 partyers what would you think that person was? What if I told you someone was best friends with 5 bodybuilders, what kind of person do you think they are?

So in the end, addiction is bad but mostly because it is a time suck. Whether having a hangover the whole weekend, spending your evening being high, getting sucked into the uselessness of the internet, or even getting fat one sugar, it causes you to have to undo the wrong direction you went in. But maybe if you can catch yourself early enough it can still be a learning experience and you can teach others how to get out of it.


Special thanks to Stan Warner for leaving an iTunes review saying “Great podcast with wonderful guests and fantastic interviews. Highly recommended!” Thanks for leaving a review and increasing the visibility for the podcast. Now if you have been listening for at least a few episodes and like what you hear, please also leave a review so more likeminded people can find it on the interwebs, thanks!

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Cheval John on how a study abroad changed his perspective on life

Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Cheval John is the host of the What's the Word podcast, a show about finding out what motivates people to be successful in their respective careers. Cheval is an Amazon Best-Selling authorblogger and social media consultant. Every week, he asks guests how they chose their career paths and how they overcame the odds to be successful. 

In this episode we talk about how his study abroad in Mexico and Chile affected his life. While his classmates were complaining about the conditions there he was offended by their perspectives. Instead, he decided to embrace the people and the culture. There he learned about what to do and what not to do, especially sensitive things to talk about like someone's favorite sports team. Then the show devolved into a therapy session to get Cheval to go back to Chile and live there. Since he seemed very happy over there I think it could be good for him to go back to the place that he loved so much.

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M.K. Sharma of the Desert Cultural Center in Rajasthan on keeping culture alive

Fri, Aug 07, 2015

MK Sharma has been trying to preserve the history of the desert state of Rajasthan India in his Desert Cultural Center for almost 20 years. He has collected many rare historical artifacts into one museum which is mostly self funded. When we went to his museum we started talking to him and it was so interesting that I knew I had to come back to get an interview. He had seen so many changes in his state and was a wealth of information about the history and culture of his state.

In this interview we talk about the importance of keeping your culture. He talks about how the young people are chasing money and fancy things that the West has to offer instead of how to live a balanced and tradtional life. We talk about his efforts to maintain history and how we should do this as well. Finally we talk about how things will change over the next 50 years and if there is hope in even maintaining this. 

This is an interesting episode because with Westernization and modernization many cultures are sure to be lost. How do we preserve our culture and who we are for the future? 

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Ani Alexander on how to Write to be Read, making sure you authorship is successful

Wed, Aug 05, 2015

Ani Alexander is the host of the Write to be Read podcast where she talks about being a writer and making sure you sell books. She has written a few books like Highfall that have been quite successful and now is sharing what she did in order to make sure it went well.

We talk about the travel and moving around that Ani did for much of her life. She has lived in many countries and she shares how she started getting into writing. It is a strange story that shows how your mind knows what you want to do before you know yourself. We talk about her success getting successful people on her podcast as well as creating relationships with some of the most successful people in the industry. She does this by first creating a relationship and providing value in order to get names like this on her show. She then talks about her company which helps people publish and become successful. Finally we talk about how her travel has affected her writing. 

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How to use your money, what I learned after travelling and living in many countries

Fri, Jul 31, 2015

I have felt insanely rich during my stay here in India. Because the cost of living here is so low, I am able to live on less than $300 a month for all my expenses. During the travels for 6 weeks in Northern India and Nepal, I think I only spent around $600. This has ended up being one of the cheapest places that I have ever travelled to and needless to say I love it!

I am not one to hold back on money on certain things. For some things like fashion, hotels and other luxuries I find relatively pointless, I am incredibly cheap. However, in terms of food, travel, education, electronics and the things that I find useful I am not afraid to spend money. Sometimes I even spend more than I have. Then I have to look at it as an investment rather than just a fun thing to do. If I can't justify the expenditure as something that can benefit my future, I won't buy it.

From some investments and other things back in the States I have about $1000 a month that comes in passively. This means that whenever I can live for less than that, I can choose to work for fun instead of working in order to live. Honestly, when I was in the US and then later in Germany, it was a bit difficult to live on this amount and I sometimes had to supplement my income doing odd jobs or little side projects to make me money.

Not having enough money was not fun as I could not focus on things that could help me grow as a person but instead had to potentially work in a soul crushing job which would not get me anywhere. Whenever I didn't need the money as much, I was free to do unpaid or lowly paid internships which would allow me to progress in my career and teach valuable skills. This is one of the main things that I attribute to being able to get to where I have. I feel very privileged to have gotten to do the things I have because it was a luxury to be able to pick and choose the path that I wanted. Before this, I had experienced a very turbulent environment which would force me down a certain path only for money. It was only after a certain distance down this path that I would discover that it was not where I wanted to go. By then it would feel like I wasted time and I felt a certain 'sunk cost.' It would be tempting to just stay on the path because I had gone so far already and it would take my friends and family to convince me to take the path to be happy, but more on that in another episode.

Maybe that is why I never really went all in on any certain path. I have always been one to try many things before making a decision and always enjoyed being sent on other jobs at some of my previous employers. I wanted to see how everything was done and I wanted to make sure that I was doing the thing that would be the most interesting. Maybe this is the reason I have gone to 80 countries, to see them all and eventually to pick a few I liked. I finally feel like going all in, now that I feel like I know what I am choosing from, but more on that in another episode.

So back to this situation in India. Even when I was travelling here I was spending less than the money than comes in passively. I realized I was eating well, doing the things I wanted to do, seeing the things I wanted to see and I still had money left over. But I really didn't see a point in spending more. I had my needs met and was living a comfortable life. Anything more would be just an invented or fabricated way to spend money. I did not need fancy suits, fancy cars, or somehow showoff my status. But it wasn't always this way, I used to be the opposite.

I attribute everything to outside influences. I feel that the way I acted before was not really the way I actually am. The BMW, 1000W stereo, and other flashy ways to get attention were probably encouraged by the things I surrounded myself with. The pop radio playing songs about showing off money, the TV shows about fancy things, and finally surrounding myself with people who would blow a paycheck in a weekend on a good time. Being surrounded by these sorts of things makes it really hard to then do the opposite. But I wasn't happy.

It really wasn't until I went to Germany that I was able to experience the things that I really needed. There they have a culture against spending money and everyone is a hipster, rolling their own cigarettes and wearing old clothes. I ended up liking this much more as the culture focused on having and spending time with friends. It felt like there I was able to get better at these skills as well. Needless to say, I loved it and when I came back to the US to finish my bachelors I couldn't wait to come back. There, a crazy night out would cost maybe $10 but back in the States it could cost $50.

I've gotten a bit off topic, but what I meant to say was that moving to Europe made me see that the way I was living before was a bit strange. There were other ways of spending money and more importantly not wasting money. After living there for some time I started to focus only on the essentials: food, drinks, a few electronics and of course travel. Everything I spent money on had a purpose and I could clearly say that it would help me in the future.

That is why when I went to India recently it really struck me as strange that people would spend so much money on silly things. This was of course after visiting all the temples and palaces built centuries ago. It seemed strange to me and frankly a waste of money to be spending so much money on such opulent things like baths and even larger palaces. It wasn't until we went to the desert city of Jaipur where I saw something I could get excited about, an astronomy exhibit! Finally there was somebody that used their money to advance science instead of merely trying to look more impressive than the next ruler in the next city. One could hardly call this as an investment and the energy and time far outweighed the $3 entry fee for foreigners a century later.

That is why I think that the best things to spend money on are investments. First you need to invest in yourself to make sure that you are the best that you can be. Then you can invest in the things around you to make life better not only for you but also for those in your environment. You can also invest in learning more about the world either in terms of culture, geography, or science. But ultimately this is also an investment into yourself and your surroundings.

After feeling extraordinarily rich here in India, I realized that I am not spending all the money I could be. This is because my needs have been met and I don't need to spend more. Paying for the expensive drink or expensive clothes will not make my life better and so I use less than I could. However, I see many business opportunities that require a small investment and I am happy to give it. I see it as a way to plant a seed for success and further income in the future. By doing this you also help people with jobs as well as cool products that you are providing.

I look forward to starting businesses that make lots of money. But not necessarily to have more money. I guess I could use more money for plane tickets but that is still a relatively small expense. Actually, what I am most excited about is using that money to spin off other businesses and ideas to make more things a reality. I look forward to the day that I can bring a new product or service somewhere which will improve people's lives and provide money for employees as well.


I feel blessed because I am rich. But by being rich I have realized that it doesn't bring happiness. Of course you can buy certain things that guarantee happiness, like a Jet Ski, but even this will not last. What I now see is that the thing that will create happiness the most sustainably is to make sure that others experience the wealth as well. This doesn't mean that you directly give a beggar money, but by creating a job or a fair source of income for someone you can make the world a better place. By sharing the wealth evenly, everyone is able to spend money on the things that they want and need. Hopefully, they also spend it on investments.  

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Matt McLeod on his Austrailian Backpacking podcast and seeing people change while travelling

Wed, Jul 29, 2015

Matt McLeod is the host of the Austrailian Backpacking podcast. He has worked in the hostel industry for over 6 years and has seen the change of many people who go through the doors. The podcast talks about what to see while in Austrailia from an expert in the industry.

In this episode we talk about his life journey which eventually led him to work in a hostel in Australia. We talk about the trip that made him change his mind about what is important to see while in Australia. We talk about the work opportunities doing farmwork and other ways to make money while travelling. They have many people coming through who spend many months and can do it without much in terms of savings. Finally we talk about how he has personally seen travel around Australia change people's lives. He talks about how after 3 months the same people come through his hostel and he can see a change in their behavior and speech. How mothers call him and thank him for the changes done to their child during their stay abroad. This has been the episode that has proven the idea of the show the most, Travel is a learning experience which can lead to success.

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How to never charge your phone again and never run out of batteries!!

Fri, Jul 24, 2015

First of all I want to hear what you guys think about my new microphone. Although I had bought it about 9 months ago, I was too cheap to pay for the faster shipping and therefore it was sitting in my mom's house until now. I hope you guys like it as well as my ever increasing commitment to quality. I hope I can have a super sexy voice that you guys will fall even more in love with!

Now this episode might be a bit strange but in my mind it is incredibly important! What would it be worth to you if you never had to charge your phone again? Our phones are becoming the centers of our world as they have replaced a dozen devices from a decade ago. I myself have seen this shift in my travels and what I needed to carry with me while backpacking. Earlier, I had to carry my camera, laptop, books, microphone, ipod, and of course my cell phone. Now this is all in one convenient device which has dropped my packing weight in half!

The problem with this is, before you had many batteries to handle all these things, but now you only have one device. I can sometimes drain my smartphone battery in only a few hours. These are usually the times that I need it most! When I need to check my bookings, find my accommodation, or take that once in a lifetime picture. The stress that comes with a low battery is real and I can start to act differently depending on the numbers at the top of my phone screen.

So what would you do or pay in order to never have to charge your phone again? What would you do in order to have unlimited phone charge? I have tried many devices and methods in order to make this happen. I have used battery banks, battery cases, charging it wherever I go, and even turning it on airplane mode for most of the day. However, no method works nearly as well as simply having extra batteries.

With extra batteries, as soon as your phone is dead, you can simply pop out the old ones and put in new ones. There is no time to wait for charging and you can get on with your work within 30 seconds. You might also carry an extra one in addition to that which means your battery life could extend for days. I did this as I was looking for a location in London. I was actually given the wrong address and therefore was using Google Maps for about 4 hours. But I was not worried even as my battery bar kept going down, I knew I had a few backups. That day I actually went through 3 batteries, and I could not have imagined finding the place without it.

Since I hosted many events in Germany I would always laugh when there was a get together and inevitably there was someone with a dead phone. Sometimes they would try to revive it and frantically ask around for a charger. It was like a drug addict running around wanting more 'juice.' It actually ended up being somewhat of a constant and I now estimate that one out of every 20 people at an event would want to charge their phones.

I actually have gone many months without charging my phone. What I would do is simply pop out my dead batteries and then put in the new ones. I would then put the old battery on a charger. This would mean that when it was charging, I would not have to be tied to an outlet to do whatever work I needed on the phone. I was free to move around or even leave the battery there while it did its work. Since the chargers also have an external USB, it is also possible to charge both at the same time. This means that overnight in your hotel or hostel, you can charge twice as much.

Some people use power banks and I used to also. However, it doesn't make sense to need to hold two devices for a few hours in order to get it to work. They are big and clunky and I have actually messed up my charging port by putting both of them in my pocket at the same time. But mostly, the biggest inconvenience is the time it takes to charge it.

Finally there is a great problem to be solved in terms of emergencies. Even if you charge your phone as you normally have, it is always wise to keep a spare in case of an emergency. I tried to tell my friend, that even if you only use the spare battery once per month it is still worth it. That one time in that month would likely save your ass and you would be very grateful that you had it.

Now, some phones with sealed in batteries don't have this option. This is a huge problem as phones like the iPhone think that their product looks better when you can't look inside. And if you have this phone, all I can say is I'm sorry, nobody is perfect. You will be stuck with a powerbank or tied to an outlet. That's what you get for getting the wrong type of phone :P

I have a recommendation for this. This is the charger and batteries that I used for over 6 months before my phone was stolen in Northern India. I absolutely loved it and it was very useful. It came with 3 batteries which were only about 80% the strength of original ones but that didn't matter much with 3 extras. It is only $20 with shipping and this is the cost to never need to charge your phone again. You will always be secure and always be able to use your phone when you need it. It is a small price to pay.

Sorry for this very strange topic but it is something I have become strangely argumentative of. I see that the way I have done things is far superior to the silly things that my friends do and I try to convince them. Hopefully I convinced you a bit about why it is better to have extra batteries rather than any other way of charging your phone.


Special thanks to Juliano Jos? Louren?o for writing in!

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Jasper Ribbers on how to make a great income using AirBnB and travelling the world

Wed, Jul 22, 2015

Jasper Ribbers is the author of Get Paid for Your Pad which is all about how to make money by renting your place on AirBnBIn March 2010 Jasper gave up his finance career to pursue a lifelong dream: to travel the world full time. To support himself, he runs several online businesses. He shares his adventures with the world through his blog, The Traveling Dutchman, which he also wants to use to inspire others to live their dream.

In this episode we talk about his journey to start listing his apartment in Amsterdam on AirBnB. By doing this he was able to earn over $200 a day all while travelling the world. This money was more than enough to cover his expenses while travelling, especially in cheaper countries. We talk about the importance of having good trustable staff to take care of the place while you are away. Keyless entry, talking to the landlord, telling your neighbors, and listening to your guests.

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I talk about our experiences moving and getting settled to India, the ups and the downs

Fri, Jul 17, 2015

It has been an absolute headache getting settled in India! I hope that the things I share here will be the worst of anything you will ever experience when moving to a new country or city, it certainly has been for me.

Anytime I move, I always try to remember that things are not the way as I am used to and that I cannot expect immediate results. When I moved to Germany I was frustrated at finding a place for so long and some other differences in the ways of doing things. However, it seems like now in India the struggles are much higher. Although I was warned about this and had done a bit of mental preparation, actually being inside of it has proven to be frustrating and kind of makes me never want to move again.

When we first came to Bangalore we stayed with some friends of my gf from a few years ago. They were very nice in letting us stay at their apartment and we had a nice bed under the foosball table. It was honestly quite comfortable but I wanted to get out because I felt I needed my own place to start getting settled in. I was anxious to move out also because the place I was going to work was a 2 hour bus ride from where we were located. But looking back, it was still a good location and we could be happy to be living there.

After many days of deciding where we wanted to live, either close to work or close to the nightlife, we decided to stay at the Guest House on campus. This was a price friendly option and the living there was quite nice. It also satisfied my curiosity about having a maid clean the house and change the sheets, a potentially expensive option if we did this ourselves. We were sold on the idea the second that we saw it. It being only a few minutes walk from where we were going to do our work was also a big plus. However, it seemed to take a long time to get all the paperwork done for this. Perhaps I was just anxious to get out on my own, but every extra day felt like an eternity.

Finally, after a week we were able to move in. This was about two weeks after we had come to India, honestly we thought this would be much worse! The place was furnished but we still had to get the small things that make it comfortable for living: refrigerator, stove, dishes, utensils, and other small stuff like this. This honestly added up and took considerable time to track down. Since we are students and are both cheap at heart, we wanted second hand items which was a bit hard in our neck of the woods. After about 3 weeks of living in the apartment we had collected everything that we needed.

Another issue was internet. Did I mention I am a podcast host and I need Skype quality internet to work? Our internet was based on a wireless one for the whole Guest House and was only available in certain positions through the window. It was extremely difficult to get things done and Skype was out of the question. We eventually tracked down a wireless router after two weeks and set it all up. But it still didn't work! We had to do some fancy configuration and the guys from IT department came to our apartment to set it up. This was a frustrating extra week while we tried to make it work. I was fine without steady internet for the 3 months prior, but now that I was expecting to have good internet, not having it was really aggravating!! Finally it was fixed about 3 weeks after we came and has been good ever since.

The hardest thing we had to deal with so far was getting SIM cards and replacing my stolen smartphone. This is also something that is incredibly important especially when you have gotten settled in a place and want to do more than just wander around. When you want to be in contact with people it becomes much more necessary. Since a residence permit is required to get anything done, it was absolutely horrible that the Guest House didn't provide ours. We honestly spent maybe 20 hours walking around and asking places if we could get it there. We tried all sorts of documentation that could be accepted, followed people's advice which led to a dead end on more than one occasion. Finally, I bought the used phone I wanted and got the SIM card a full month after arriving in India. Since in Germany a SIM card is something you can buy as an afterthought in a supermarket, I never thought it would've taken 20 hours and one month to get this done.

Finally the traffic here is horrible! This is literally the worst traffic I have ever experienced or even heard about! Since we live in the Northwest side of the city and all the cool events happen in the Southeast side of the city, we have to travel across the city to do anything fun. Since rush hour is all day, we have to spend two hours in a bus to go each way. Four hours of transportation really puts a damper on anything you really want to see. This means that our nights out end up being mostly being in a bus and hanging out with friends for a short time before heading back. We want to buy a motorbike which could speed things up but the current monsoon season is slowing that idea down.

Other than that we have mostly gotten settled into our new home until the end of November. It is starting to be more comfortable with all the luxuries of a real home. Now that all of the hassle is behind us we can focus on our work, meeting with friends, exploring southern India and learning Hindi. This feels nice :)

So after all this complaining about the negatives of Bangalore, I have to say that it really is a very nice city. I honestly want to live here for a good part of the year. I recently heard about the 7, 3, 2 way of living where you spend 7 months in one place, 3 months in another, and 2 months in the last. I really like this idea and am currently thinking about doing 7 months of every year in India, 3 months in Germany, and 2 months in the US.

The biggest plus on the side of Bangalore is the price. As a Westerner coming in the cost of living is really nice. Although there are many places where you can still end up paying western prices for a plate of food or beer, most places are very reasonably priced and you can get a plate of food for $1-2 and a beer for $1.50. With rent for the both of us being less than $150 per month and food being our main expense, it is easy to imagine that each of our monthly expenditures for EVERYTHING being less than $300. I had never been in a place that was so cheap and we can live quite well on $300 a month. If we wanted to really pinch pennies (or paisals here in India) we could probably even get that down to $100 a month and still live quite well with restaurants every day.

Another great advantage here is the entrepreneurial spirit. This city is often called the Silicon Valley of India as it is home to many tech companies such as HP, Microsoft, Oracle, various biotech companies, and aeronautical companies. It really seemed that every Indian I had talked to either in the US or Germany had lived in Bangalore for some time. This is because it is so attractive to young educated people as the place to get your foot in the door on a successful career. The environment here certainly reflects that! I attended many MeetUps and it no longer came as a surprise when people said they had lived in the US or that they worked with companies there. Everybody has dreams of going abroad to make 5x more money.

The startup scene is also quite alive. When you get young, intelligent, scrappy people together ideas start to form and dreams of making big businesses bloom. There are dozens of startup events to teach people how to do the founding process and get people thinking. This is a great interest of mine and am excited to be among the next Indian Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. It really was a welcome relief after being in Germany where the startup scene was not nearly as lively, with only about 20 people in my city interested in this sort of thing. Here, there were about 10 events per week, each with at least 30 people attending each of them!

Finally the weather is quite sublime. It is a constant 60-90F (15-30C) throughout the year and is mostly sunny. We did come at a bad time, during the monsoon season where it rains the most but even this is not bad. The rain, although strong enough to need an umbrella, never lasts more than an hour and you can soon get along with your day if you happen to be stuck out at that time.

So in the end, although it was quite a pain in the ass to get setup, it has been starting to pay off. I hope that being around this entrepreneurial spirit will infect me with some good business ideas. I like to say that Bangalore is a combination of the three main Californian cities: San Francisco for the tech startup spirit, Los Angeles for the infrastructure and traffic, and San Diego for the weather.


Hope to see you here soon!

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Chris Christenson on building an amazing travel podcast over the last 10 years

Wed, Jul 15, 2015

Chris Christenson is the host of the Amateur Travel Podcast which talks about different locations around the world and what to do and see there. It is essentially an audio travel guide to help plan your trip. This gives the best long term value and is evergreen content.

In this show we talk about Chris's travel experience and experience working in Silicon Valley. He started doing a show just on his own travels and then to get more material by interviewing people about different cities and countries. He also talks about how he makes his work coincide with his travels. He also talks about how even when he is offered free trips he sometimes rejects them because it is not a good fit. Then he talks about his motivation of doing the podcast and the great stories about different cultures especially in places that you have never gone to before.


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Learn a bit about Indian poverty and my takeaways regarding begging

Sat, Jul 11, 2015

One of the first things that one notices when coming to India is the extreme poverty. This is a deal killer for many people and that is why they say that India is too extreme for them. However, for me it was not as bad as many people made it out to be and as I had already seen worse. I will share my thoughts on poverty, begging, and what it means to be poor in the world.

Actually, really the only place that I had seen which was in worse shape than India had been Ethiopia. I had visited in 2010 and spent about 5 weeks exploring the amazing country with tons of history. It was here that you would be mobbed by a group of children following you through the city saying quite impolitely to “give me money!” Although I had sympathy for the children in their dirty and tattered clothes, I quickly realized that even if I gave money I would not have enough for all of them. I also realized that giving one money would start a shitstorm of yelling and demands for more from the others. This eventually led to more problems for me than it solved so I ended up not giving any money to anyone.

The children might have been a sad thing to see, but what really got me was the old and the disabled. Since the social net in poorer countries relies on family and friends helping you instead of the government, many can slip through the cracks and eventually end up dead. First coming to Ethiopia and then later to India, it was heartbreaking to see old people who should be respected as bearers of wisdom within the community, cast out on the streets asking for pennies. Even worse were the deformed and disabled. Somehow, the poor communities had somehow made bodily deformations more severe. One man who was missing a bone in his arm turning half of their arm into a boneless jelly mass was among the most impactful. There was one man who had arms which could only be described as wings, the anatomy looking exactly like something you might get in a KFC bucket. Finally there were many with the same deformity shortening their legs to about 10 inches (25cm) long making them look like they were walking dogs.

But would giving these people a few cents help their problems? Would giving the man with the ongoing watermelon-sized infection on his leg lead him to buying antiseptic? Did he know what antiseptic was and how quickly his problem it could be solved? Or had he discovered a new source of income that could outcompete anything else he might earn in a day? Would he continue to keep this wound open to maintain his income? Sometimes it felt like my seconds-long interactions with some people was not nearly enough to answer the questions that needed to be asked to know if I could really help. My medical knowledge was also quite lacking in order to give anything close to useful help.

Am I cold? Am I heartless? Or would the amount of help and interaction needed be thousands of times higher than what I wanted to or could give? I became agnostic in this viewpoint and just tried to remember there were professionals devoted to this very task. Just like an inexperienced surgeon, I could cause more damage than benefit with my dull dagger of “help.” I knew that institutions would be better at solving this, but more than that later.

So when I came to India, the situation was something I had already seen. I had already had time to think about my actions five years before and I knew what to expect. Overall, the poverty seemed to be less. There seemed to be fewer people in abject poverty who looked like they were dying before your very eyes. The people laying on the streets covered in blankets now looked like they were just resting during the hot day instead of dead corpses lying everywhere. Was it the same situation and had my perspective changed so much in the last few years? Or was the actual poverty of the people not as bad as the ones in Africa those years before?

When you visit Yellowstone National Park, or any other wildlife park, they tell you not to feed the animals. The bears become dependent on the picnic baskets they steal and eventually end up starving during the winter. This is something that I noticed in some of the poorer countries as well. The more lucrative begging became, the more people saw it as a viable way to live leaving them up to the whims of those giving. It was really only in the cities where it was possible to lead a life of begging. In the rural towns it was much harder to see this way of life and therefore it seemed more peaceful for me as a traveller. Perhaps cities are an aberration and they cause some sort of weird behavior that you just don't see in villages. That is actually somewhat of a conclusion I have reached, but more on that in another episode.

And then you see other people who are also disfigured that seem to be leading normal lives. Dressed in business attire, they walk along with their crutch supporting their deformed leg. I was excited to see this, partially in a selfish way because it meant she wouldn't bother me for money! It also showed me that there was hope and there was a future for somebody like this. I appreciate this random lady in the bus for giving me hope.

I don't know how to handle poverty in developing countries but I have come to the realization that I am not very interested in donations to poor individuals. The stories of the European beggar on the street then going home to their middle-class home have made me sour to this whole concept. Personal stories from friends who performed on the street earning more than $20 an hour have also made me start to believe that those begging may be better off than we expect. What I can expect from this is that a dirty beggar on the street can earn twice as much as a laborer sweating to earn their bread. I don't think this is fair and it is not something I really want to support.

I see the act of giving somebody money as a value exchange. Buying something like a sandwich is also an exchange of value. I give you this valuable money and you give me this valuable sandwich. Begging is the same way. You make me feel bad about your condition and I either pay you money to make you go away or to make me feel better as a person. There is always some sort of value exchange at play here. However, in the case of feeling better as a person, part of this depends on the idea that you did a good thing and actually helped the person. In the case of the man with the leg infection, it would mean that this money went to treating his wound and nothing else. Since this is not assured, any donation to him could lead to a false sense of feeling better as a person. Since I don't like being conned I opt to not give to anyone.

The only time I give to people on the street is when the value they give me is something which I know is not fake. For example if there is an entertainer on the street either doing a show or playing music I usually give money. I see this both as an effort on their part to be creative as well as a better value exchange for me. This is something that I will remember fondly for some time and therefore it is worth my money. One could also think of it as changing the atmosphere of the location to something more pleasant rather than unpleasant. This is also a reason to be rewarded with my dollar.

I think that poverty as we see on the streets of poor countries (or as some only see on charity commercials) is an artificial construction. Although people in the past might have been poor, generally they had enough food to sustain themselves and be happy. True, the people in villages can often look poor due to their lack of material wealth, but this is not a good measure of poverty. If counting how many shirts you own is a measure then anyone living more than a hundred years ago should have been absolutely miserable. However, going through a village it does not seem that the people are very unhappy, but rather that it is a fact of life to live the way they do. They seem to be well fed and have decent food security. This is something we have all to understand, is that poverty is not an absolute measurement but rather a relative measurement of your wealth with someone elses.

I think the same way we have gotten used to our way of life and our standards, we need to respect that it can be different in other places. A farming village may not necessarily be backwards and out of touch with technology, it could be perhaps embracing the centuries of culture and tradition preceding it. This is necessary in any society, people who move forward, and people who stay back. If everybody were to go forward and it was unsuccessful or dangerous, then at least there are those that stayed back and stuck to traditions. I think it is important in this way not to force anything. People are reasonable and have a basis for their actions. That is why potentially forcing expensive, inefficient programs onto places that don't want it can only be described as meddling.

We can do more harm than good with donations. I read a book in Ethiopia which really opened the covers on many of the actions of aid spending and what it does to communities. To really imagine it think of a scenario where a group of Chinese businessmen come to your community. They decide that not nearly enough Mah-Jong is being played to develop strategic intelligence and that this will help the local population. They then build schools in the area to teach this exact thing, pat themselves on the back for doing a good thing, and leave. What is left is a confused public wondering where to get the coaches for this and whether it is even valuable. The buildings are abandoned and used for something else which has an immediate need.

This is quite common in the area of aid spending. People with dubious degrees come into a region, stay for a few months, and determine they know exactly how to boost the local society. Often the people come with only their own background and don't know how to deal with the local conditions. Meanwhile, the local population knows exactly what they need and often can be much more lean financially when building up the project. The same can be said of any tourist or visitor coming into a new place. How are you sure that the thing you are doing will lead to an improvement or will it lead to marginal benefit which is wildly to low in its benefit per dollar relation?

This is why I see any act of donation to prevent starvation or simple sicknesses as essential, and the rest is just optional. Next I see education as important, but due to technology it can be scaled much more cheaply than even a few decades ago. Open source platforms like Wikipedia make an hour of learning almost free and available to billions. Education no longer requires expensive school and teachers, rather mentors and internet coffee shops guiding the learning process. Everything else, in my opinion, is just a nice thing to have.

I think my travels have changed what I believe about poverty. I have gone from an idealistic kid most definitely influenced by charity commercials with their sad music and wanting to help everyone, to a more pragmatic version where I see that my help is often misguided and leads to an assumption that I am better than they are. I now see that people everywhere are very smart and can usually make the best decisions for themselves, by themselves. Donations to the right professionals making a difference can have an effect but giving to those on the street might not help much at all.


Special thanks to Gary Berrios for writing in, good luck with your languages.

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Lara Loest on using previous job experience to launch a creative business

Wed, Jul 08, 2015

Lara Loest is from Show Notes Made Easy which is a service to provide show notes which she now does for some of the biggest names in the industry. It has gotten so large she has had to hire people to keep up with demand.

In this episode we talk about what she does in her job. She says the biggest key is to know the audience as well as possibly knowing some keywords to help grow your audience. She talks about how she started about a year and a half ago for a friend which helped grow this business. Since then she has not done any advertising and has grown only through referrals. In this time she has been able to grow the business so much that she now has to hire help in order to keep up with the job demand.  She then gives some her experiences having lived in Ireland after being in a writing job. There she did some schooling and was able to travel a bit which really piqued her interest. She then talks about how much she loves travel and how it should be mandatory to live abroad for some time to challenge your assumptions.

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My latest travels in India and bouncing around for almost 3 months

Fri, Jul 03, 2015

These last few months have been crazy. If I had not already been to over 80 countries and considered myself a citizen of the world I think it would have been too intense for me.

It started 10 weeks ago when I was getting ready to leave my home in Germany where I had lived for a year and a half. Germany was amazing. With a great group of classmates and friends I had many events to choose from every night and life was great! Why would I ever want to leave? And it was especially crazy to leave after enduring the cold winter, right before the amazing summer full of festivals and lounging by the river.

This is a something I have been wondering ever since leaving the US and a future with a nice paying engineering career. The itch that I need to scratch, ADVENTURE!!! It is that same sense of adventure that has driven me to explore the world, go to countries I didn't know existed, and meet some of the most interesting people I had ever seen. It was always my plan that the last semester of my Masters degree would be abroad, but I had never thought of India would be a possibility.

It all started after becoming interested in the work of one of my favorite professors that the idea started to form. He was working on the propulsion for nano robots, how could I not be interested?!!? And better yet, much of his collaborative work was done in India! He said it was done in Bangalore...Bangladesh he surely meant.

Or was it the capitol of Bangladesh?

I wasn't really sure where it was but it sounded fun!

As my date began to come closer I was able to negotiate a pause from my studies. Three months would give me enough get my things in order in Germany, travel India, and get settled into my new home in this place called Bangalore. It was a brutal last few weeks because I wanted to make sure that my podcast would keep running at my twice per week rate. That meant I had to prepare 24 interviews for while I would be gone! This together with packing up my stuff, finishing up my schoolwork, saying goodbye to my friends proved to be quite time consuming.

Meanwhile the trip to India was all that I could talk about. After talking to my Indian friends and professors who had come from there, I was getting anxious. Everyone had horror stories of the big cities losing power, not having water for many hours per day, and the extremely slow internet. Did I mention I host a podcast? Skype-speed internet is something that I depend on in order to provide the value that I do. I was starting to question whether I had made the right choice, by my wanderlust was egging me on! I will talk more about doing what you love and not being afraid to be the person you want to be in a later episode.

As a spontaneous and carefree traveller I scoffed at my Indian-German travel companion as she carefully entered all the cities we would visit in her Excel spreadsheet. I laughed at how it was such a German stereotype to be planning so much and to be so efficient but am I glad she did it! The trains in India are overcrowded and tickets are almost impossible to get. Tickets sell out about a month in advance and if you want a same-day train ticket then you have to bribe someone and pay about three times as much. I was starting to eat my words and she told me the ever hated “I told you so.”

At last, my girlfriend and I were finally on a plane. Off to India we were going! We had planned 6 weeks of travel around India before finally getting settled into our home in Bangalore. We arrived in New Delhi at a friend's house. There we got adjusted to the food and prepared for the inevitable 'Delhi belly' which never came. At that point we headed overland to Nepal, a grueling 24 hours of busses away from Delhi. For whatever reason, we decided to do this instead of flying. I guess there was a bit of a masochist in us both!

We first went to Lucknow, the home of the most pure Hindi language and a city with very few tourists. Next we went on through many small cities and finally ending in Kathmandu, Nepal after many uncomfortable bus rides. Actually I was doing fine but Sonya was taking it a bit harder. I guess I am used to long bus rides after going across the African continent so 8 hours in a bus is not problem. Also I had podcasts downloaded to my phone so I had educational material to entertain me the entire way. This is something I highly recommend this because during these 8 hours it is as if I had read 2.5 books. This means that bus rides can become very educational!! Be sure to download 'Travel Wisdom' to learn even more! :P

Nepal was amazing. It was so cool to just be there and the prices were even better than India. Did I mention India was cheap? Food was about $1-4 per meal and the bus ticket all the way to Nepal was around $20. In Nepal the prices were even lower and it was possible to live quite well for almost nothing. I saw Nepal as a outdoor-lovers paradise! Mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, trekking, and anything else you could imagine was all being taken care of right there! I knew that the week our spreadsheet allowed us in Nepal would not be enough, that we would have to return. After Kathmandu we went to the beautiful city of Pokhara and vowed to never leave, 3 days later we crossed the border back into India again.

We then went to the holy city of Varanasi, where they burn the bodies in the holy Ganges river. Everyone had always said it was a disgusting river with intense people who would fervently practice their environmentally damaging beliefs...I liked it. I found it no different than any other Indian city and the water was pretty clean by Indian standards. I found it kind of a Venice meets Morocco, all set in India. No disembodied limbs floating in the water, tea stalls pulling from the same water they soaked the dead bodies, or hawkers selling anything more aggressively than anywhere else in India. Honestly, I could see myself living there!

And then we felt the earthquake. We were in a market stall and I felt some movement which everyone discounted as crazy. I then pointed to the dancing ceiling fans and we rushed out into places we wouldn't be crushed. Stories from the 2010 Haiti earthquake were bouncing in my head and I didn't want to be part of another story on the other side of the world. True, the shock was small but I was still scared. When we got back to our hostel we checked the news as to what happened and found out that Nepal had a huge earthquake. We had left only 2 days before and now it was destroyed! We thought about the people we had met and wondered if they were among the thousands dead.

What better than to contemplate your own mortality and the impact of a natural disaster on millions of lives than going to a freaky sex temple a few days later? Our next stop was Khajuraho where they have temples with intricately carved figures on the outside of their temples depicting various kinky sex positions. They have sex with horses, an 8 person orgy, and my favorite a headstand threeway. Its good to know that no matter how crazy your sexual fantasies are, there are some more perverted Indians that lived a long time ago. I will talk about sexuality a bit in later episodes as well.

Our next stop was Agra, home of the most famous symbol of India, the Taj Mahal. It was incredibly touristy but the prices still felt very reasonable. The building was nice I guess. Having taken decades to and thousands of people to complete I guess I was expecting something a bit better. This started my whole series of ideas about money and how to use it which I will mention in later podcasts.

Then we went to Rajasthan and saw all that there was to see in this desert state of India. This is the real location of the movie 'Aladdin!' I had always thought it was in the Middle East but it it would be firmly in India. I guess the name Arabian Nights always threw me off. This place was just as amazing as the children's show. Orange sand, towering forts and temples, camels roaming in the street, and sweet lassi offered everywhere. There is also a nice story about getting high on edible weed, Bhang, and going on a camel safari through the desert which I will talk about in a later episode. Although we had reached Rajasthan during the hot season it didn't feel that hot for me. I never was actually sweating, I would just come home with my neck being very sticky. Since it was so dry, the sweat would cool me down instantly.

After a quick stop off in Delhi, we boarded our 46 hour train ride down to Bangalore in southern India. We chose to do this instead of a flight because of all the trinkets and clothes we bought along the way costing us lots in baggage fees. The ride was actually quite comfortable and they served 3 meals per day which was included in the price. This was a great time to read lots of books and to catch up on my podcasts. As a person that doesn't much like flying, this might be a preferred way of travel in India.


We then arrived in Bangalore. It was a completely different feel than any other city in India, palm trees, comfortable weather, and a completely different alphabet. But more on this in a later episode...

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Kristina Crowley on the importance of being visible on Google using SEO

Wed, Jul 01, 2015

Kristina Crowley is an Search Engine Optimization master at Harlo SEO who helps get your website noticed by Google. This can improve the visibility of your website by increasing exposure which can increase revenues. She is also the host of the Inspiration Morning podcast which helps give you positive thinking linked with action.

In this episode we talk about how Kristina got into SEO and how she was able to grow her skills. She talks about how its important to maintain the basics when having a website so that the Google spiders can go in and rank you well based on having good content. There are many penalties but generally it is logical and you can get benefits by having good content which talks about what your site is about. The importance is to stay in it for the long game and not just try to cheat the system, although things can be done quickly. She also talks about the need to protect yourself from attacks from others who might want to knock you down. Finally we talk about how important it is to travel because you can start to see that we are all similar.


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Alex Rawlings on finding a community to help support his healthy addiction

Fri, Jun 26, 2015

Alex Rawlings was voted the most linguistic youth in England in 2012 having been tested in 11 languages being under 20 years old. Now he teaches Polyglot Workshops which helps people interested in learning lots of languages do this more effectively. 

In this episode we talk about the language learning process and how he got started with this addiction. After realizing that other languages existed when he was young, he saw how useful they were while growing up in London around many different languages. He thought he was strange until being showcased in a BBC video about his abilities and that is how he found the polyglot community. Now he no longer thinks he is strange. We then talk about what it actually means to speak a language and the differences between 'functional' and 'fluency.' We then talk about how travel makes you reexamine your cultural assumptions. 

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James Woosley on how everything you do involves partnership, even DIY projects

Wed, Jun 24, 2015

James Woosley is the writer of Conquer the Entrepreneur's Kryptonite and the host of the podcast of the same name. He coaches entrepreneurs and business starters through the difficult processes they might go through. He teaches about the 3 P's of Profit: Product, Process and People. He can take you through the sweet spot of planning, not too much and not too little. 

In this show he talks about the power of adaptability especially in this increasingly changing world. He talks about the importance of having a bedrock like family especially when you are moving around the country or generally travelling. He talks about his shift into the coaching field after some mentorships and a particularly impactful conversation with a person he respected. Then about a year ago, he decided to go coaching full time after being layed off from his job. After this we talk about the importance of different types of partners you do things with. Even if you things DIY (do it yourself), you still are essentially partnering with someone to get something done, even if you do most of the work. You can't be a hermit and be successful. You also need to have a purpose, know your limits, and keep reserves otherwise you will likely fail.

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Omar Zenhom on his business experience and his new project of passion

Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Omar Zenhom is the host of the $100 MBA podcast which was voted to be a best of 2014 podcast by iTunes. On this show Omar gives short 10 minute business guides to help people already in business or those wanting to start a business take the steps they need in order to get started. He is also the co-creater of the $100 MBA program which tries to teach all the essential things that are taught in a typical MBA program but without the $50k price tag.

In this episode we talk about Omar's path to starting the $100 MBA by first being an educator in Dubai and not liking it. He talks about his father's outlook of having a stable job and how it affected his goals for his career. He chose education but soon found that there was lots of bureaucracy and improvements in the education system are very slow coming. He ended up leaving that and doing a string of start ups from auto sales to clothing before finally getting started on his Business Republic project to teach business lessons for a fraction of the price. He also talks about the importance of writing in order to clarify your ideas and to become a better communicator. Finally he talks about how travel can make you question your beliefs which can give you opportunities to grow.

His joke "Why don't seagulls fly by the bay? Because then they would be bagels"

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Derek Loudermilk on career changes and how your past helps your future

Wed, Jun 17, 2015

Derek Loudermilk is the host of the Art of Adventure podcast where he talks about Strategies for Adventure, Learning, and Entrepreneurship. The main themes of the show are personal development and lifestyle design with the idea that you must have your own unique life adventure. He is a current road cycling coach who collects stories and teaches about transitioning from one phase of life to the next and how entrepreneurship can create meaningful expression through the work you do. As a former microbiologist having worked on extremophiles in Yellowstone he also talks about curiosity, exploration, and discovery from science to world travel

On this podcast episode we talk about Derek's progress and route to get to where is right now. I caught him in Bali where he had been living for some weeks. We talk about his change of career plan from being a microbiologist working in a lab to something where he is able to share ideas with people more. We talk about the perks of being a podcast host and how it has helped form business ideas in the form of business retreats he is planning which will teach what he has been learning for the last few years. We talk about what he has learned through travel especially in discovering the value of collaborations with people you work with.

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Ep 75 Sandra Tisiot on how to grow a conference to help change the world because of travel

Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Sandra Tisiot is the founder and president of the Women in Business Conference, an author, barre instructor, and for almost twenty years has helped clients secure the best mortgage for their needs. Additionally she developed a personal data management system called MyLifeLocker that helps everyone manage their important personal information all in one place. She has also appeared on shows like Conscious Millionaire and is a writer for the Huffington Post.

We talk about the genesis of her project, MyLifeLocker, and how the idea came about and what it would be good for. She then talks about the amazing benefit that her previous life as a dancer gave in terms of learning hard work and doing the same thing over and over to achieve a goal. She then talks about her experience with networking and meeting important people in your life which has led to her starting a conference which now has over three hundred people. Starting with a smaller group and growing it eventually by being a connector she was able to provide a great time for all. Finally she talks about how travel gives an appreciation for other people and how it can be the best education especially for young people. It can help you be able to talk about the other countries on a personal level rather than an academic level to learn that we're all one.

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Ep 74 Joshua Rivers on time management and still going on the journey to your dream

Wed, Jun 10, 2015

Joshua Rivers is the host of the Success Road podcast which talks about examining what it means to have a quality life and sharing simple things to help achieve such a life. It is mostly devoted to personal growth and achieving a quality life. Success is a journey, not a destination. If success were merely achieving an outcome - reaching a goal - there is only momentary satisfaction followed by emptiness. This is the point of this podcast. It's not about the destination, even though the destination is important. It's about the journey to that destination. He also helps with online content creation with his Creative Studio site.

In this show we talk about how Joshua started making websites with all the old themes from the 90's that we now love to hate. He learned to manage website alongside him starting school while having a job and a family. We then talk about the work vs. life balance and how he can manage having kids, being involved in his church, managing his business, and going to school. We talk about how important it is to have more than just goals in life. Goals will just give you a brief period of time where you are happy buy seeing success as a journey can make you much more happy over a longer term. Finally he talks about how an upcoming trip can show his children that the American way of life is not necessarily the best way, that other points of view are possible as well.

His joke: "knock knock, orange, orange who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

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Ep 73 Jeff McAllister on exploring amazing places while travelling through writing

Fri, Jun 05, 2015

Jeff McAllister is an independent travel writer who writes more impactful works that would appear in works like 'National Geographic' rather than '10 things to do in Chiang Mai''

In this episode we talk about how we caught Jeff at a crossroads in him starting a chemical engineering degree in Australia after doing travel writing all over the world, especially island countries. He finds that the places off the beaten path, a too-often used phrase, is the best place to meet people. We then talk about how to get into the travel writing occupation and how to start making money by submitting stories to magazines and other places that will pay for you stories. We talk about the story that he wrote which took about 5 weeks to research in which he got paid about $1500 in a very cool country like Bangladesh while travelling. He then talks about how great Madagascar is and how it is absolutely necessary to go there. Finally, he talks about how travel can be a shortcut to wisdom versus a traditional education. The same way that the hard way to getting in shape would be to not go to the gym ever, the shortcut and harder way also is the faster way to get into shape.

His joke: "One electron falls down and another says to the first, hey, are you ok? Yeah, sure, I'm positive"

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Ep 72 Mariza Taillefer on living the expat life in Brazil for the last 3 years

Wed, Jun 03, 2015

Mariza Taillefer is host of A Broad Abroad podcast which talks about the extraordinary and exciting lives of expats. She interviews people who packed up and left everything they knew to embark on the adventure of adapting to a new culture. She shows how to overcome language barriers and culture shock to experience new and exciting lives abroad. Listen to their inspirational stories to get insights on how to live in other countries and make the most out of life! Mariza has lived in Brazil for the last 3 years and has used her MBA experience to teach English in a business setting.

We talk about how she got out of the 9 to 5 life and the politics within it to follow a dream she saw in a movie. We then talk about her route from Bali, to India, to Italy and finally to Brazil where she has lived for the last 3 years. There she has had to learn to deal with the laid back culture and the new way of doing things. She talks about the great mindset of what you can learn from the setbacks instead of getting frustrated. She also talks about how she got her job doing something she knows very much about where she earns about $50/hr.

Her joke: "There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't"

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Ep 71 Thai Nguyen on bring together various skills and following your curiousity

Fri, May 29, 2015

Thai Nguyen is a freelance writer for the Utopian Life which talks about change, growth, & improvement. He has been a  5-Star Chef, International Kickboxer, now is a Writer & Teacher. His family fled Vietnam after the war, grew up in Australia, and completed his BA in Humanities/Theology in Texas. He writes about how to embrace growth, mastering your emotions, and overall becoming a better person on his Huffington Post blog.

We talk about his varied background and how it has all tied together to bring him to where he is now. We then talk about the value of being flexible and being able to have skills in many areas. We then move to talk about how he found value only through his accomplishments and how he has moved more towards simply pursuing his curiosity and passion. He talks about the benefit of immersion, whether it be in learning Thai kickboxing and competing in record time or learning Spanish while being immersed in Peru. Finally we talk about how travelling and living abroad is the equivalent of a University degree.

His joke: "How do you kill a vegetarian vampire? - With a stake to the heart"

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Ep 70 Jackie Laulainen on Budget Minded Travel and how a study abroad can change your life

Wed, May 27, 2015

Jackie Laulalein is a blogger at the Budget Minded Traveller, the host of the Budget Minded Traveller podcast. She is also the author of The Aspiring Traveler’s Handbook: A preparation guide to international travel which is a handbook for those wanting to get started with travel. She fell in love with being abroad ever since doing a study abroad in Costa Rica in 2003. She has been travelling ever 6 months or so since then by mastering the art of traveling and living on a budget, which is what allows her to continue on this path of consistent travel. Her work is to inspire and equip other Americans to get into the world of travel in a realistic, affordable, and most of all rewarding way.

In this episode we talk about how she got started in travel due to her love of Spanish and how when she got back from her study abroad in Costa Rica she was a different person. This was so influential to her that she would then earn money only to travel. Then with all this experience, people came to her for advice and she later started blogging to give advice to more people. She gives advice for the long term travellers, solo travellers, and women travellers as well. She teaches preparedness so therefore when she shares her worst experience while travelling it is extremely lame. Finally she says that travel can give you a life and help you get outside your comfort zone, in her case she found her calling. 

Her joke: "Why didn’t the seagull wanna fly over the bay? Because then it would be a bagel"

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Ep 69 Josh Elledge on how to save $5000 a year to be able to travel more

Fri, May 22, 2015

Josh Elledge is the Chief Angel at Savings Angel and the host of the 90 Days to Abundance podcast. There  they show how to spend less, instantly earning the equivalent of a $3000 – $4000 a year pay raise by saving on groceries! This system is streamlined so that you don't have to dig through coupons. The system has a coupon database that also links with the local sales at stores which can then notify you when you can get things for free.

In this episode we talk about his experience helping people save money on groceries. He says the lazy people simply go to the warehouse clubs to save money and that nobody has enough time to do coupons. He says it is worth it because it is worth $20-40 per hour of printing coupons. He mentions a deal where it was possible to get boxes of cereal for free and how it is even possible to get paid sometimes to buy things. He then talks about how the Savings Angel program does the savings for you to help you find the best deal. In this way you can save $50-100 per month which can add up to over $1000 per year extra money that you would have in your bank. He then talks about how to maximize the service at a hotel you may have booked and how to minimize the cost at the same time. In this way he was able to stay in a $400 room for $60. He teaches a bit about being nice, using properly phrased questions, and being pleasant in order to get things that may be beneficial for you. Finally he talks about how travelling helps you get out of your typical routine and do something new. In this way it can recharge your batteries to get you more energy for the other things in your life.

His joke "Knock knock, who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting co --Moo!!"

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Ep 68 Vladimir Skultety on the slow hard road to learning 11 languages to fluency

Wed, May 20, 2015

Vladimir Skultety is a blogger at Forever a Student where he talks about learning languages. He speaks 11 languages fluently and teaches how to do it, especially with the process of learning Chinese. He has lived in Taiwan for 5 years and has been making YouTube videos to help teach the language.

In this episode, after we talk in Slovak for a half hour, we talk about his experience living in Taiwan for many years in English. He talks about how drinking is bad and he is living proof of what can be accomplished when one doesn't wake up hungover ever morning. He talks about his Spartan regiment of many hours per day of learning a base vocabulary. He then talks about the great method of finding patterns and using your languages you already know to help learn faster. He also mentions the importance of culture within language learning and how important it is to know the place more than simply the words. But his biggest tip for learning languages is simply being interested in it. Once you find something you are passionate about, it becomes effortless to work. Finally we talk about how travel gets you to go outside of your friends and helps you meet people with other ways of thinking which can lead to success.

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Ep 67 Jason Hartman on building a passive income so you can travel forever using real estate

Fri, May 15, 2015

Jason Hartman is the host of the Jet Setter podcast where he talks about a permanent vacation fueled by automatic income and to learn to be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He teaches to forget conventional wisdom that tells you to keep your head down, work hard, and maybe stay above water. He is also the host of many other podcasts talking about automatic income from real estate such as in his Creating Wealth podcast.

In this show show we talk about how he has travelled to 74 countries due to his love of travel. He talks about his real estate business and the podcasts he has created in order to teach this. Now with his main show having 500 episodes and the entire media company having 2000 total episodes, he has reached his goal. He talks about how he has been able to hang out with people like Richard Branson of the Virgin group by using a Mastermind group to raise money for a charity. He talks about the benefit of investing in properties with the owner not needing to be in the area. He then talks about how the US is the best place to invest in property due to its unique history in the government supporting housing with various tax breaks. We then talk about the idea that these possessions can end up owning you if you are not careful. Finally we talk about how travel makes you learn passively which enrich you as a person.

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Ep 66 David Brodie on his amazing experience with the Japanese Ship for World Youth

Wed, May 13, 2015

David Brodie is host of the Travel in 10 podcast which is a ten minute window on the world. It talks about Hip Hotels, Cool Restaurants and more. Dave is also a political strategist with his own Wikipedia page although we don't talk about this much. He was also a participant in the Japanese Ship for World Youth which takes dozens of Japanese and under 30 youth from abroad on a ship around the world for over a month.

In this episode we talk about how Dave got started with the Travel in 10 podcast and why he likes the format. He talks about his favorite countries he has travelled to and why Fiji was great. We talk about his experience having travelled to about 40 countries and living in Japan. Now he has taken his interest in travel and been able to merge it with his work. Then we talk about how his mom bribed him to get good marks in school by getting him a flight wherever he wanted and how this was an incredibly educational experience. Then he talks about his experience on his Ship for World Youth program where he was able to spend a month on a ship learning about the Japanese culture. 

His joke: "There are 2 fish in a tank, and one says to the other, How do you drive this thing?"

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Ep 65 Dave Cuda on how creativity can be boosted by going out and exploring more

Fri, May 08, 2015

Dave Cuda is the host of the Journey of Ambition podcast which brings you in-depth discussions with today’s “Culturally Creative”.  Taking you into their journey and lifestyle, you’ll hear from some of the best creative influencers working today.  From filmmakers, photographers, journalists, DJs, and much more.  These casual conversations contain valuable gems, as well as great stories that’ll leave you motivated, and bring you new ideas.

In this episode we talk about the ability for the creative juices to flow more when you change your environment. By going to other cities you can get inspired for your creative work which can help with your creative work. Cuda talks about how he can get inspired in his DJ work by seeing how things are done in other places and bringing similar things to his city. Finally we talk about the importance of being around the right kinds of people to get the kind of work you want done.

His joke: "People's #1 fear is public speaking and #2 is death, so when you are giving a speech in a funeral, you would rather be the one in the coffin"

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Ep 64 Dino Watt on how marriage can be run and improved like a business

Wed, May 06, 2015

Dino Watt is the host of the Business of Marriage podcast and the Relationship Expert. Dino and Shannon Watt cause high-level entrepreneurs and influencers to discover more passion, fun and excitement in their marriage. Discovering that no success, celebrity or accolades outside the home will ever be as powerful as the potential failure in the home. Both Dino and Shannon were raised in Southern California. It was there, at the age of 5, where they first met. They recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. Using an insightful, informal, and a highly entertaining approach, their clients are able to achieve the success in their marriage that matches the success in their business.

In this episode we talk about how having a business mindset with the right framework will guarantee success. We talk about the importance of "employee evaluations" within the marriage as well as the services you have to provide for "customers." We also talk about the need for a hierarchy within a marriage putting employees before customers. Finally we talk about how to travel while in a relationship. We talk about how when cabin fever can set in, you have to respect the strengths and weaknesses of your partner. In this way you can minimize stress and generally have a more pleasant time.

His joke: "ObamaCare"

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Ep 63 Nathaniel Boyle of the Daily Travel Podcast on finding the essence behind travel

Fri, May 01, 2015

Nathaniel Boyle is the host of the Daily Travel Podcast where he goes into the deeper reasons and the essence of why we travel. He is an explorer addicted to new things, travel optimist, and frequent flyer mile collector who’s circumnavigated the globe. He's been to thirty countries across five continents, lived and worked in New Zealand, rode the Transsiberian, stayed with nomads in Mongolia, jumped out of airplanes and swam with sharks. Even amidst all of the travel advice and guides out there already, he believes the authentic world is largely undiscovered. The only way to uncover the best experience is through chance discovery, by allowing yourself to get lost and let the stories happen to you.

He wants to inspire more people to step outside their comfort zone and become Explorers.

In this episode we talk about the genesis of the podcast and how he answered the call to adventure. We talk about his time working in New Zealand and how easy it was to get a work visa there. Then we talked about the beauty of bringing a guitar and how it helped him make friends and spontaneous things that can happen because of it. We talk about the beauty of Mongolia and how it is like the American West of the East. Finally we talk about the philosophical side of travel, how it can redefine your limits, and how it can make you a better person.

His joke: "How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice"

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Ep 63 Nate Clover on keeping your motivation up every day with tools

Wed, Apr 29, 2015

Nate Clover is the host of the motivation podcast, Propel Day and Mind Shot, which give a shot of motivation to your daily goals. In his motivation tool helper website, Self Coaching Tools, he brought a unique and powerful partnership to the world of personal development and coaching, creating a Self-Coaching system that takes you “beyond the feel good” of the self help industry to a place where accountable action, the thrill of competition and an empowered community come together to form an innovative life-changing experience.
In this energetic interview he talks about how this system helps you get more motivated and stay in the game long enough to win. We talk about how seemingly being rejected from another coaching program gave him the drive to start his own self-coaching program. We talk about the successes of the tool he co-developed which utilizes the power of friendly competition and accountability to stay on track with your goals.
His joke: "What does the fish say when it runs into a wall? Dam!"

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Ep 62 Reid Peterson on telling great stories to help uplift and inspire you

Fri, Apr 24, 2015

Reid Peterson has felt how stories can be powerful to uplift, teach, give you more meaning and depth- of what someone goes through, to provide more hope, inspiration, and support in your own life. He is the host of Life Changing Stories podcast and goes deep into the stories that changed people's lives and what they took from the experience. He was deeply inspired by the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books that were immensely popular in the late 90’s. The stories were very touching. Being a person who learns from experience and enjoying the art of storytelling, the idea for Life Changing Stories came to him when he was in a dark place in life.
We talk about the inception of the podcast as well as hearing many great stories and diving further into them. We talk about how stories can help bring you out of a dark place and bring meaning to things. He also shares his travel experiences across Australia and what he was expecting to get from that. Finally, he shares some good tips for making a good story.
His joke: "Imagine a 7 yr old asking you when is the best time to see  a dentisit? tooth 30"

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Ep 61 Joe Pardo teaches us why its important to be a dreamer and how to make it happen

Wed, Apr 22, 2015

Joe Pardo a New Jersey based dreamer, has always believed that society starts with you and that to change society you must first change how you think. His innate curiosity about people inspired him to start Dreamers Podcast. He jokingly now considers himself a recorder of dreams. An avid lover of all things Disney, he is also the creator of Adventurtorium: An Up Inspired Experience. A DJ mix which features Disney music mashed up with hip hop instrumentals to the story of Disney Pixar’s UpOther mixes he has created can also be had from his website. Currently working towards his Associate’s Business Administration degree, he is excited to see where this new dream will take him.
In this podcast we talk about how he started the podcast and got his start helping spread people's dreams. We talk about how to go through the process of making your dreams a reality by making a plan as well as assessing your expectations of the dream. We talk about the importance of networking and people able to share your dream in an effective way. Finally I ask the question on my mind of how not to ruin the thing you love by doing it for money.
His joke: "How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boggie in it"

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Ep 60 Gabriel Wyner on how to train the accent first when learning a language

Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Gabriel Wyner is an author, opera singer, and polyglot based in Los Angeles, CA. After not getting anywhere in 5 years of high school language classes, he reached fluency in German in 14 weeks with the help of the immersive Middlebury Language Schools. As a result, he fell in love with the process of language learning. Searching for ways to bring the immersion experience into the home, he began to develop a system that rapidly builds fluency in short, daily sessions. In 2010, his efforts paid off. He learned French to fluency in 5 months, and then Russian in 10 months. He recently funded a Kickstarter to develop a language learning app, about which Business Insider reported“This Could Be One Of The Best Language-Learning Apps We've Ever Seen.” His book on language learning – “Fluent Forever: How to learn a language fast and never forget it”
In this episode we talk about the process Gabriel went through before finally arriving at this method of learning languages. We talk about how he cheated his way into his current life and method learning languages. He recommends looking through the google images for the words that you are learning that way you learn the actual meaning instead of just a translation. This can have drastic effects sometimes as the associations can be vastly different. Finally he has very good advice for learning an accent such as I will need to do while learning Hindi in India.
His joke "There is a costume party at a college and there's two germans exchange  students and the host invites the students to dress as emotions, so one comes in blue as sadness and one comes in red as anger, and both germans come naked, the first one with his penis in a pudding jar and says I am fucking disgusted, and the other one with his penis in a bear says and I am deep in dis bear"

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Ep 59 Toby Salgado on how to earn passive income to be able to travel by doing real estate

Wed, Apr 15, 2015

Toby Salgado is an amazing entrepreneur having started 4 companies that have earned over a million dollars. Although the topics of the businesses have been different the overarching theme has generally been Real Estate. He has been interviewed on many podcasts including Eventual MillionaireEntrepreneur on Fire and many others. In his podcast, Super Agents Live, he teaches how to reach your potential in real estate. He asks guests what mistakes did they make along the way and how to reach your potential. He also talks about sales, marketing, lead generation, mindset and team building not only in real estate but in all aspects of life.
In this episode we talk about how to get over fearing risk. We talk about how everyone wants to be a millionaire but what you need to do it. He gives tips on how to get started making money with real estate to get your passive income stream started. There are many advantages to using real estate including easily being able to leverage the property, getting passive income, and finally appreciation of the property itself. He also refutes my views that working with your back against the wall can actually be an advantage rather than having options. Finally, he talks about another way of making income while travelling. He talks about being a virtual real estate agent and the flexibility this job can offer.

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Ep 58 Jason Webb on his Mormon mission that changed his life

Fri, Apr 10, 2015

Jason P. Webb is a patent attorney and focuses his practice on intellectual property, corporate, and securities law. His emphasis is on helping mid-sized companies capitalize on their resources and protect their assets and on helping small-cap companies form and grow into valuable enterprises.
In this episode we talk about how Jason's LDS Mormon mission to Italy changed his perspective on life and ways of thinking. Then once entering law school, it again forced him to change the way he thinks about words and language. We also get deep into patent law which I had experienced during my bachelor's thesis while working on the medical device. Finally we get into the basics of international patent law and what you need to do in order to get your idea patented abroad.

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Ep 57 Tayo Rockson on growing up in 7 countries and keeping your identity

Wed, Apr 08, 2015

Tayo Rockson is the publisher and CEO of UYD Magazine, a lifestyle magazine encouraging people all over the world to use their difference to make a difference while celebrating diversity and educating others. He is an avid writer whose work can be seen on the Huffington Post as well as Global Living magazine. He is an authority on Third Culture Kids (TCK) and assimilation into new cultures. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide To TCK Living and though his As Told By Nomads podcast and blog, he is heard and read by thousands of people in over 100 countries. He grew up in four different continents so he considers himself a citizen of the world. He has lived in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States and his goal is to ultimately leave the world a better place than it was before he came into it.
In this interview we talk about his experience with living all over the world and the effect it had on him. How these experiences have opened his mind, gave him an ability to think on his feet, and see things from another point of view. We also talk about how to keep your identity while but also make sure you are different. Finally, we talk about the beauty of building rapport and how this can help you be successful in whatever projects you are working on.

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Ep 56 Conner Gordon, the one who started it all, on our first trip through Russia and Europe

Fri, Apr 03, 2015

8 years ago I went up to somebody I knew for about 2 months and asked them to Russia with me. That is literally the beginning of a journey for Conner that has taken us to every corner of the world. Although we have now gone our own ways, we recount this first of 3 trips which got us hooked

In this episode, my old tarvel companion Conner recounts the first trip we went on, a nonsensical one which ended up taking us through Russia, Greece, and Western Europe. It was all that we needed to know that we wanted more. Learn about all the weird stuff that happened to us as well as our lessons along the way.

So if you are thinking about doing your first trip, listen to this to hear about our first trip. It probably can't get as bad as this!!!

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Ep 55 Richard Simcott on how to design your life around languages and speaking

Wed, Apr 01, 2015

Richard Simcott has studied languages for over 30 years and has a 16-language video on YouTube although he speaks over 30 languages. He has run the SpeakingFluently blog since 2011 back when the polyglot community was still new.  He has been consulted for articles in The Times and Forbes on language learning and was also described as one of the most multilingual people from The United Kingdom by HarperCollins. He is considered to be one of the biggest players in the polyglot community.
We talk about the upcoming Polyglot workshop which he will be hosting in Berlin at the end of March. There he helps facilitate language learning and give specific tips to individuals and their sticking points. Although he says most language learning questions are similar, he also says that it can still be reassuring to receive personal advice. Finally he talks about designing your life around language learning and how he speaks 5 languages during daily activities. 

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Ep 54 How I am finishing my German in Germany and moving to Hindi in India

Fri, Mar 27, 2015

I moved to the wonderful country of Germany over 18 months ago and have loved every moment of it. I somehow expected that I would be able to passively learn the language but of course that did not happen. Over the last few months I have really started working hard on it and in a few weeks I will be doing my C1 exam which would put me at an advanced level. It is a bit of a reach and I will have to study hard in order to attain it. But hopefully all that I have learned along the way will help me. 

The things that helped me get so far are finishing the Duolingo German course, learning the top 4000 most frequently used words on MemRise, listening to podcasts, speaking with people, and I will now read my first novel in German.

I also talk about my upcoming move from Germany and into India. I am nervous but excited about the whole thing...it's going to be great!

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Ep 53 David Nihill on being a better public speaker and world traveller

Wed, Mar 25, 2015

David Nihill is a world traveller as well as the teacher of how to do better public speaking though his course on Udemy with over 4000 learners. Also, he is the founder of FunnyBiz conferences which tries to teach people how to give more effective conference presentations. He learned this after having thrust upon him the hosting position of a charity drive to help out his friend. As a horrible public speaker, he knew he had to learn this quickly. He applied the 80/20 principle and improved his improv comedy and standup comedy skills. Through this he learned what was important in making a good presentation.
We talk about his experience with making good presentations along with all the experiences that got him there. As a world traveller who has been to numerous countries and speaks numerous languages, this gave him an advantage in being able to find what was necessary. Finally we talk about his low risk method to write and publish his book without it being a flop.

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Ep 52 JV Crum III talks about becoming conscious and making a difference in the world part 2

Fri, Mar 20, 2015

JV Crum III is the host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast as well as the author of the Conscious Millionaire: grow your business by making a difference. He is a top ranking podcast in 3 categories with his 5 times a week podcast with over 5000 downloads per day. There, he completely flips the idea of having money be a way of using people and a source of personal pleasure but instead argues that you should use money to help people. He has spent many months trying to gain consciousness and find meaning in his life after selling his profitable business. 
We talk about his travel experiences and the trip across Canada that changed his life. By embracing the moment and being spontaneous rather than having everything planned out he learned to live life in the moment.
This was such a good podcast and we went over time so I decided to split in two. Not really separated into themes but very interesting nonetheless.

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Ep 51 JV Crum III talks about becoming conscious and making a difference in the world part 1

Wed, Mar 18, 2015

JV Crum III is the host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast as well as the author of the Conscious Millionaire: grow your business by making a difference. He is a top ranking podcast in 3 categories with his 5 times a week podcast with over 5000 downloads per day. There, he completely flips the idea of having money be a way of using people and a source of personal pleasure but instead argues that you should use money to help people. He has spent many months trying to gain consciousness and find meaning in his life after selling his profitable business. 
We talk about his travel experiences and the trip across Canada that changed his life. By embracing the moment and being spontaneous rather than having everything planned out he learned to live life in the moment.
This was such a good podcast and we went over time so I decided to split in two. Not really separated into themes but very interesting nonetheless.

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Ep 50 I celebrate my 50th episode and promise even more great episodes

Fri, Mar 13, 2015

It has been an honor and a privelege to be able to interview so many people and to share it with the world. It has also been great to hear from you by email at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com where I answer every email at length.

This process has been so good that I want to continue for another 500 episodes!! Another 5 years of podcasting will make us all so much wiser!!! By then we will all be listening to these podcasts in our flying cars...until then, enjoy!!!

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Tribute to Julia Struck, crazy traveller, photographer, and listener who left the world too early

Wed, Mar 11, 2015

I was very sad to find out that my friend Julia Struck passed away some weeks ago. We were good friends ever since she hosted me for a week on the edge of Berlin 3 years ago. She loved showing me her photography and we had fun going to the flea market to sell some of the stuff laying around her house. Ever since moving to Germany we have kept in touch and written every so often. She unexpectedly passed away in February which came as a shock to many as she was under 40 years old.

Julia was an early supporter and fan of the podcast and I tried to help as best I could with travel and relationship advice. But what this taught me is that because life can be taken away from us at any moment, we have to live without regrets. Life is short and things can be over before you know it. Luckily, Julia seemed to have had interesting experiences as a German in the US, Ireland and finally Austrailia. I hope during her short life she was able to see many interesting things, interesting people, and some wisdom.

You will always be in our heart!

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Ep 49 Gary McCluskey talks abou the great money you can earn teaching English in Vietnam

Wed, Mar 11, 2015

Gary McCluskey and I met during the Toki Pona language hackathon in MemRise headquarters in December 2014. I knew that I would meet many crazy people there and Gary was among the quirky few that would attend something like this. He has worked in Vietnam teaching English for amazing wages. He got the equivalent of $70 an hour over there allowing him to work few hours as well as save money to travel and enjoy himself.
We talk about his experience in Vietnam as well as the experience of teaching English. Finally we ask if he would recommend teaching English to those interested in having a good life and travelling.

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Ep 48 DC Cordova on discovering your career path by meeting people along the way

Fri, Mar 06, 2015

DC Cordova is a pioneer of high-speed, experiential, entrepreneurial education. She is the CEO of the organization that presents the famous Money & You Program and Excellerated Business Schools for Entrepreneurs that has over 95,000 graduates from the Asia Pacific and North American regions delivered in English and Chinese. Her global organization has customers, partners, and graduates from over 65 countries. Considered the grandfather of many money success programs with alumni such as Jack Hanfield from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Ben Cohen the cofounder of Ben & Jerry's, and many more!
In this interview we talk about the benefit of travel to start your career. She shares a few stories on how she was able to discover the path for her career by moving to a new place, being inspired by a location, and serendipitously talking to interesting people she met along the way. She talks about the problematic mindset of most Americans not wanting to leave their country in this increasingly globalized world. Finally we talk about her recent travel experience to Antarctica which certainly left an impression.

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Ep 47 Justin Bachus shares his tips on travel hacking and the course on it

Wed, Mar 04, 2015

Justin Bachus and I have known each other for many years. I always marveled at how much he was able to travel and to how many places he went. He seemed to travel about 6 times per year! Now he has come out with his course on travel hacking and how he was able to go on 44 flights for only about $1200. Learn how to use credit card points to buy tickets halfway around the world for under $200. 
We talk about his experiences travelling to many places such as Peru, India, Turkey and so on. Learn how he visits his family in Texas by also going to Mexico! It's all doable if you are creative.

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Ep 46 I ask if you can be friends with your superiors, boss, teachers

Fri, Feb 27, 2015

I was talking recently with my classmates and the question of whether or not you should be friends with your boss came up. Why not? Why not be friendly to the person that determines if you can get paid more? It doesn't have to be anything too mutual like going bowling together, but talking for a bit can really make things better.

Being friendly in general can also get you out of some tight situations while travelling. Having a smile and being happy to see somebody can be really improve the mood, even for muggers. It might take a thief completely by surprise when you *accidentally* misread the situation and are happy to see them. Maybe so off gaurd that they don't know what to do next which can give you a chance to act

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Ep 45 Jeff Steinmann on How to Quit Working and have job fulfillment

Wed, Feb 25, 2015

Jeff Steinmann is the author and creator of the movement 'How to Quit Working' as well as the weekly podcast host of the show of the same name. He has been teaching people for the last 2 years on how you can leave your job and find fulfillment with entrepreneurship. He emphasizes living the lifestyle you want and considers himself to be a 'Lifestyle Fanatic.'  Jeff also writes for several media outlets, including The Huffington PostLifehack and Medium.
We talk about his passion to start this project after spending 10 years of his life in a unfulfilling job in order to show people that there is a better way to live. He says that we have been taught to live life in a way that does not make us happy and will ultimately not give us the security we once thought it would. We talk about how you don't have to leave everything and not burn all the bridges to transfer into your new life. He talks about ways to lower the risks of the transfer to a better life through doing what you are good at and not quitting until you are sure you can support yourself.

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Ep 44 Susan RoAne on how to have success while travelling and meet great people

Fri, Feb 20, 2015

Susan RoAne is The Mingling Maven Author of the benchmark bestseller How to Work a Room. The book has recently had its 25th year anniversary and has sold over a million copies. She teaches about how simple things like listening to people in conversations and not taking yourself too seriously is the key to making friends as well as building business relationships. She is the expert on help people, companies and organizations successfully develop, build and manage client relationships that increase business growth.
We have a great conversation that feels like it gets away from her 500 previous media interviews. We talk about the relation of talking to people with travelling and how travelling can help sharpen your social skills later in life. We share many funny stories about how a smile and being warm while travelling can make all the difference. Finally we talk about how not to take yourself too seriously, smile, and do your best to help as if they were already a friend. This is not rocket science, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the fundamentals, because that's what will determine most of our success

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Ep 43 my meditation master, Tawachai, gives us all tips on meditation and clearing your monkey mind

Wed, Feb 18, 2015

Back in 2013 I went to a meditation retreat near Chiang Mai Thailand and met my meditation leader Tawachai. For 3 days he guided me through the process of meditation, but at the same time we were able to have a fun time. When I heard he was coming to my city in Germany during a trip around Europe, I was excited to have him stay with me.

He teaches the process of mindful meditation, which I believe is the key to any successful person. This allows you to monitor your thoughts to help identify and eliminate and negative thoughts that creep in. By doing this you can train your mind to stop jumping around from place to place like a monkey, but rather calm it down and learn to focus on what you need. If you have goals, this will surely help you achieve them!

I am sorry for the audio quality, it was recorded on my phone as I do not yet have the necessary audio equipment to do in studio interviews

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Ep 42 Orlando Kelm on learning languages as a cultural thing, also his Portuguese podcast

Fri, Feb 13, 2015

Orlando is an Associate Professor of of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin where he teaches courses in Portuguese and Spanish. He focuses mainly on business language and the cultural aspects of international business communication. He has many materials about language learning including Brazil Pod and many other resources to learn Spanish and Portuguese 
We talk about his experience on a Mormon mission in Brazil and how that increased his Portuguese abilities. We also talked about how learning new languages can make you less shy when you speak to others. He says that the key is to just have fun and learn what you can with the language. Finally we talk about how there is much more to language than just the grammar and vocabulary. There are cultural cues and other things that need to be learned in order to communicate effectively. 

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Ep 41 Wandering Earl on travel as lifestyle choice for 14 years

Wed, Feb 11, 2015

Wandering Earl has been travelling for 14+ years and has been to about 90 countries.He runs his blog where he wants to prove that a life of travel is not a crazy fantasy, but a realistic lifestyle option instead. He realized that a happy and healthy person is in a far better position to do good in this world than an unhappy one.

In this episode we talk about how things got started on this almost 15 year journey around the world. I had never heard anyone else say that travelling could be an investment into success but Earl said it almost 15 years ago! We talk about things that he learned along the way and how he paid for everything as well. 


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Ep 40 Chris Guillebeau on setting goals and accomplishing amazing things

Fri, Feb 06, 2015

Chris Guillebeau is the founder of Art of Non-Conformity (AONC), a home for unconventional people doing remarkable things and has travelled to every country in the world at the age of 35. He is the author of The Art of Nonconformity, $100 Startup, and Happiness of Pursuit which have all reached top 50 in their respective categories of business guides, travel, and entrepreneurship. My favorite thing is that he has started the World Domination Summit which will be having its fifth year with a sold out crowd of 3000 people. Finally is author of the book and blog $100 Startup which helps people create a job from their passions often for less than $100

We talk about what led him to go to every country in the world and the type of goal that he is setting. We also talk about the goals that he sets and what is next for him. Don't miss this interesting albeit short interview!

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Ep 39 Dave Sperling on being the biggest ESL name on the internet

Wed, Feb 04, 2015

Dave Sperling is the founder of ESL cafe which is the internet's meeting place for English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language teachers and students. The site offers job postings and teaching material for English teachers around the world, mainly in South Korea. It has been the internet's guide to languages for over 20 years and was one of the highest trafficked sites in the world.


Now he manages over 1000 listings per month to connect teachers with positions. We talk about his journey over the last number of years and what the motivations have been to make sure that everything goes well. We also talk about his experience in the dinosaur age of the internet back 20 years ago.

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Ep 38 I talk about the importance of digging your well before you are thirsty

Fri, Jan 30, 2015

Can you do things last minute? Does it always work out as well? In this episode I talk about why it is important to work ahead of yourself, dig your well before you are thirsty. Just like in a village, it's too late to start digging a well for water when everybody it already thirsty. You need to do this in advance, otherwise you could face the consequences. It is important to not be panicking later on. 

I share the story of figuring out what to do for my Master's thesis, a 6 month exploration of a topic which could very well lead to a job and somewhat define your future. Although I arranged things many months in advance, some of my classmates waited until a month or only even weeks beforehand to figure out this large logistical problem.

I also talk about the importance of this in travel. It is great to be spontaneous and it really helps you grow as a person but it can be more expensive. Finally there are some things that you just can't be spontaneous with such as ordering a passport and getting visas for countries.

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Ep 37 Chris Yager on educational trips with Where There Be Dragons

Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Chris Yager is the founder and executive director of Where there be Dragons, a education service that takes students around 17-24 years old to the developing world. The business was started after Chris was one of the first students to go to Communist China when it first opened in 1983. There he was able to see the sights that they wanted him to see but found much more value going off the beaten track to learn more about the people and culture.

The company now focuses on this using both local guides as well as Westerners having spent much time in the country to take a small group of students for anywhere from a few days to a few months. The service maintains the original idea of staying off the beaten path and keeps the itinerary open so that spontaneous (the best) moments can happen freely.


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Ep 36 I talk about how to make friends while travelling or anywhere else

Fri, Jan 23, 2015

Today I am talking about how to make friends while travelling or anywhere. When travelling, things might get a bit lonely even if you are going with a friend. Talking to the same people for even as little as 3 days could become mind-numbing even if you are really good friends!
That's why its important to make friends. The most common way is to simply hang out in the lobby of a hostel and wait for someone to talk to you. You can't look too busy and definitely can't have headphones. Also, feel free to talk to anybody at a hostel, they probably want social contact as well. The shared experience of travelling, going to the same places, and being in the same place is enough to start a conversation for a few minutes during which you can find more shared interests. That's why I find making friends while travelling so much easier!

The better way is to make friends through your Couchsurfing or AirBnB guests or hosts. Since these are people you have already chosen or have chosen you, you know you have some common interests. Then, when things again might get boring after some time, you can meet their friends which provides a much easier transition to meet more people! This is definitely a more natural way to meet people and I find it to be less stressful. 

These are all great ways to meet friends while travelling or even at home. Events are a great way to meet lots of people, even a girlfriend or a boyfriend. My challenge is that you consistently meet 5-10 new people every week and have at least a 5 minute conversation with them. Once you do that you will find your social network expanding and you will not only make more friends, a significant other, business opportunities, good ideas, and people that can support you through what you are going through. Friends are just good people, remember that! It's not a very high bar to cross. 

So go out there and meet some good people!

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Ep 35 Chris Broholm on learning languages and his 'Actual Fluency' podcast

Wed, Jan 21, 2015

Chris Broholm from Denmark and has only felt alive and inspired when learning languages. He speaks Danish, English and German proficiently and is learning Esperanto and Russian. He started his 'Actual Fluency' podcast and blog in order to be accountable and to be inspired for the long task of learning new languages. Through this he has been able to talk to amazing guest such as Benny the Irish Polyglot, Steve Kaufmann, and Dave Mansaray.

Listen to this great podcast and learn how he has improved his Russian learning skills over the last year with the new things he has learned. Most importantly, by applying himself in this area he has been able to achieve success in other parts of his life. His schoolwork, family relations and generally his motivations have become better due to his successes in his language learning.


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Ep 34 I talk about learning to live with what you have and how stoicism improves your life

Fri, Jan 16, 2015

We all have felt unhappy in our lives or been stressed out. In this episode I talk about a method of relieving that stress and being able to see that its really not that bad. Of course we can simply tell ourselves that it is not that bad but sometimes you need more. For this I recommend travelling and going as minimalist as possible. It is only then that you realize that the only things you need in life can be fit into a small backpack. I have travelled many months with only 15lbs (8kg) of stuff, many times gifts for the next person I will meet. 

This can truly be a resetting experience and can help you deal with stress down the line. I have gotten over some mental problems by using this, getting back to nature, and realizing what it is that I need.

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Ep 33 Jesse Krieger on living your dreams and being a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Wed, Jan 14, 2015

Jesse Krieger is a bestselling author of the book Lifestyle Entrepreneur which is about living your dreams, igniting your passions and running your business from anywhere in the world. He has had an eclectic career starting out as a musician in Vienna, touring the US with an MTV backed band, starting half million dollar revenue online businesses and finally learning how to be location independent. In this interview we talk about how an eclectic mix of careers and vocations have led to the success he has had. He has been able to be location independent and has been able to travel around Asia, learning languages, exploring, and taking in the culture, all while running his online business and making money to be able to travel.
So if you are interested in having more than the typical 2 weeks per year to travel and want to set up a lifestyle where you are able to travel and experience life, then take a listen to this episode!

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Ep 32 I talk about how to take the first step, how to get started with travel...or anything in life!

Fri, Jan 09, 2015

We all have trouble getting off the couch and doing the things we need to do. Even at the time of this recording I was putting off going to the library to learn German for a few hours. 


Since this is a travel podcast I try to focus on travelling and getting out to do a trip. I have met many people who always talk a big talk about wanting to travel but when it comes down to it they come up with excuses. In this episode we talk about some tricks to make sure that you go through with your goals. I find that buying the ticket to your destination is a great way to do it. You won't come up with excuses to not go through with a trip when you have paid $700 for a plane ticket and you will lose it if you don't go through with your plans.


Another way is to tell your friends and family and invest some social capitol into your trip. If you say you are going to do something and then don't go through with it, you might not lose any friends, but it could hurt the way people look at you. But if you consistently go through with your actions, your social standing can improve and your circle of friends might even improve as well.  So do this if you are serious with what you want to do


This applies to anything in your life. Whether it be a business project, going to the gym, studying, learning a skill, or anything else that you find yourself putting off, do it right now! 


Like seriously, this second

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Ep 31 Steve Kaufmann on how to effectively learn languages and how he learned 15

Wed, Jan 07, 2015

Steve Kaufmann is an incredible polyglot and the founder of LingQ.com. He speaks 10 languages well and has a knowledge of 15 languages. I tested him in Czech and he is reasonably good and I believe that he could hold a conversation as needed. We talk about the secrets to learning a lanugage and how the majority of his language learning accomplishments have been in the last 10 years, he is 69.
We discuss the nuances of lanugage and the best ways to learn it. He has his learning program which focuses on listening and comprehension over translation and speaking. His results speak for themself.
Listen to this funny and interesting interview with an amazing guy that we can all agree is notable.

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Ep 30 Ladan wishes a happy 2015 from Wroc?aw Poland

Fri, Jan 02, 2015

Ladan wishes a happy 2015 for all in this spontaneous and quickly made recording while waiting for a bus on the way back from Poland. 2014 was a good year and 2015 should be even better! Better website, more great guests, and hopefully more great things related to the podcast. What's in store for you? What are you hoping for this year? Write at travelwisdompodcast@gmail.com to write in your plans for this year!











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Ep 29 Chris Way on how a business idea struck with a trip to Africa

Wed, Dec 31, 2014

Chris Way is the founder of the Atinga Project. After a study abroad in Rwanda Chris came back and wanted to do more with the experiences he had in Africa. The tire sandal that was crafted for him was a constant reminder of how different the world was and the life he had there. Because of this, he founded the Atinga project which connects Rwandan artisan crafters with people in the West who want quality, environmentally friendly, supportive, long-lasting footwear that is interesting and unique
I had actually done a very similar project for some time and therefore am very interested in this as well. Listen to how developed the project and raised over $13,000 on Kickstarter. We catch him 4 days before leaving for Rwanda to get this incredible project started.
Let's wish him luck!

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Ep 28 Ladan talks about the best country in the world - Georgia - no question about it

Fri, Dec 26, 2014

I am often asked, since you have travelled to 80 countries which one is the best one? The answer is always the same, Georgia. There are many reasons for this but it clearly stands out in front of all the others in terms of the best place to visit. We originally planned to stay for 5 days but ended up staying for 5 weeks, that's how good it was.


It was mainly because of the landscape, people, hospitality, price, unique language and of course the amounts of drinking that everyone takes part in there. It is really one of the best places that I have ever been to. With beaches, mountains, rivers, valleys, beautiful women, great food, and alcohol that flows like water, who could want anything better?

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Ep 27 Kezia Noble talks about how dating and pickup is same in other countries

Wed, Dec 24, 2014

Kezia Noble is the world's leading female dating coach and expert who has a YouTube channel with over 120 million views. She talks about how men can learn the art of seduction from the viewpoint of a woman. She has been doing this professionally for 5 years and has very many successes and has a bestselling book, The Noble Art of Seducing
We talk about the art of seduction as well as how pickup is different in different countries. We talk about what she has learned as well as some of the incredible successes she has had with her coaching. Finally we talk about how the right person can change you for the better if you want to. Finding a person worth staying with can who is imperfect is ok if you are willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work
Listen to this great interview! Kezia has done many interview but in this one we were able to talk about some topics that she has not talked about before and little nuggets of wisdom are inside!

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Ep 26 Ladan's suggestions on Internships abroad and how he got to where he is from them

Fri, Dec 19, 2014

Ladan talks about the experiences he has had with internships abroad. This is more or less the reason that he has gotten into the Masters program that accepted only 10% of applicants. This is absolutely a way to open doors and be able to travel at the same time. 


Since internships are generally not very rigorous and not much responsibility is give, it gives you a chance to explore the place are located in. It also gives you the ability to take a much smaller backpack and have a home base while checking out new places. Learn how Ladan was able to see many areas of Germany during his 2 month stay in Berlin by travelling during the weekend.


Do it! Do an internship abroad, but make sure to do it many many months in advance! it is a low-stakes way to check out a country to see if you would want to live there. Listen to the show for more details! :)

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Ep 25 Matt Wilson on guiding young people through amazing experiences abroad

Wed, Dec 17, 2014

Matt Wilson is the founder of Under30CEO as well as Under30Experiences. Under30CEO is a site that teaches people how to manage their lives in this changing economy and has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes and many other places. It has over 4000 articles to get a bit over 25,000 facebook likes. Lots of material is on this site
What we talk about Under30Experiences, a travel company he created to take people to countries and to take them off the beaten path. This is something I wish I could've founded myself many years back and was very happy to find out that it already existed. They take participants to places such as Iceland, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bali and many other locations. They are vacation time friendly and make sure that you have a life-changing experience.

Listen to how he started both companies and how you can learn from taking one of their trips!



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Ep 24 Ladan talks about finding a suitable method of travel and some experiences from them

Fri, Dec 12, 2014

Ladan talks about the different methods of travel.


Check out this experimental podcast which is both on YouTube as well as http://travelwisdompodcast.com/ 



Ladan talks about the reasons you may want to use different types of transportation, whether it be boat, rail, bus, carpooling, hitchhiking, or plane. He sets them out in this order in terms of comfort. However this also seems to be the order from slowest to fastest. So if you have time definitely go for the more comfortable stuff.


Ladan also sets out some guidelines for choosing these methods of travel as well as some prices you should expect.


And as always, you will get to hear some interesting experiences that he had along the way


Although it wasn't really covered in the podcast, always ask yourself, what good is this experience bringing me? Sometimes transportation can be late, have problems, or somehow not be the way you expect. What can you learn from it and what will this experience teach you? 

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Ep 23 Rob Lyon on how to start sailing on the sea with Vagabond Sailing

Wed, Dec 10, 2014

Rob Lyon is the commanding captain from Vagabond sailing which takes people out on sailing trips around the world. They take people with little to no experience out on sailing trips for up to 3 weeks. They go to locations like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Indonesia. We talk all about sailing and how to get started with this amazing hobby. I have been very interested in this topic ever since I found out it is really easy and cheap to get started. But getting started in this could be a huge step into the unknown, and we talk much more about what the first steps can be to start sailing

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Ep 22 Ladan talks about getting sick or hurt abroad, travelling, or backpacking

Fri, Dec 05, 2014

Ladan talks about his experiences getting sick or injured while abroad


Check out this experimental podcast which is both on YouTube as well as http://travelwisdompodcast.com/ 


Ladan is sporting a bandage from a recent event in a German bar. He talks about the experience of going to the hospital in Germany.


Ladan also talks about getting ringworm in Armenia, cutting his toe and getting stitches in Egypt, a friend getting Dengue Fever in Costa Rica, and finally getting inevitable leg injuries in Thailand.


With all of these experiences came new knowledge and wisdom. Most of all what he found was that going to the Pharmacy first is usually a good idea for non-emergencies.


Finally, what was not really covered in the episode was that you should evaluate why a certain sickness or injury happened. Is there anything you can learn from it? What can this event teach you for the future?


Let us know what you think about this experimental YouTube inclusion.


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Ep 21 Zeb Welborn on how a road trip changed his outlook for marketing

Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Zeb Welborne is the host of the Defining Success podcast which talks to successful people and among other things asks them how they define success on its over 100 episodes. He is number 1 in golf course social media with his golf course marketing company 19th hole media and asks the question of why some business leaders succeed while others fail. We talked about his experience starting up his business and the road trip across the country that started it all. He talks about how talking to people from other parts of the US really allowed him to see that people think differently depending on where you come from which he was able to use to become number 1 in golf course social media.


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Ep 20 Travis Sherry on how to pay almost nothing for flights

Fri, Nov 28, 2014

Travis Sherry is the top 100 iTunes ranking host of the podcast Extra Pack of Peanuts. There he talks mainly about travel hacking and how to especially how to get flights for next to nothing. In this episode we talk about how he has spent less than a few hundred dollars. He is a fiend when it comes to frequent flyer miles and knows exactly how to use them. In the past about half of my travel expenses went to the flight, this is a great way to drop down the cost of your travels by half!! Most of these things only take a few hours of research and pulling the trigger and it could save up to $3000!! Is that worth it for you??


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Ep 19 Hunter Maats on not being stressed when you learn languages or anything else

Wed, Nov 26, 2014

Hunter Maats is the cohost (and program director) of the Bryan Callen show which has tens of thousands of monthly downloads. He brings the scientific and intelligent yang to the ying of the comedy of Bryan Callen in the Bryan Callen show. Also, Hunter (and coauthor Katie O'Brien) have written the 'Straight-A Consipiracy' which reverses the notion that people are born smart and is focused on helping high school students get good grades but can be applied to college and life as well.
Finally, he speaks about 8 languages but is somehow unable to come up with a good joke in Norwegian!! Come join this excellent interview where he talks about the learning process and how he experienced travel. My favorite fact that he mentioned was that people even in tribal communities spoke about 5 languages, it has stuck with me and stays in my mind when I think I should improve.Super thoughtful Hunter

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Ep 18 Jason Moore about his Zero to Travel podcast

Wed, Nov 19, 2014

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Ep 17 Tom Morkes on extreme life and Pay What You Want System

Wed, Nov 12, 2014

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Ep 16 Daniel Ryan Spaulding on being an expat comic

Fri, Nov 07, 2014

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Ep 15 Peter Sage on being an extreme entrepreneur

Wed, Nov 05, 2014

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Ep14 Spencer Shaw on growing businesses and living in paradise

Fri, Oct 31, 2014

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Ep13 Veit Kuehne on starting Hospitality Club

Wed, Oct 29, 2014

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Ep12 on overcoming the language barrier

Fri, Oct 24, 2014

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Ep11Ari Mesel on Less Doing and More Living

Wed, Oct 22, 2014

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Ep10 Mike Bown the most travelled man in the world

Wed, Oct 15, 2014

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Ep 9 Anthony Volpe on finding a travel partner

Wed, Oct 08, 2014

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Ep 8 Mike Hrototski on finding your life path

Wed, Oct 01, 2014

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Ep 7 Ladan talks about packing clothes for your trip

Wed, Sep 24, 2014

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Ep 6 James Swanwick on getting into interesting jobs

Wed, Sep 17, 2014

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Ep 5 MemRise's Ben Whately for language learning

Wed, Sep 10, 2014

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Ep 4 John Corcoran Personal Relations and Networking

Wed, Sep 03, 2014

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Ep 3 Naveen Dittakavi on building a recurring income

Wed, Aug 27, 2014

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Ep 2 Paying for your trip

Wed, Aug 13, 2014

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Ep 1 Turner Barr on his around the world in 80 jobs project

Tue, Aug 12, 2014

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Ep 0 Introduction to show

Mon, Aug 11, 2014

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