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Contra Radio is for new and experienced preppers. Contra Radio has recently expanded to include Patriot News. We are privileged to include the Patriot News in this program.

by Micah Tillman

Each episode explores the philosophical ideas at play in a pop, rock, rap, or country song (often drawn from Billboard's Hot 100 chart).

by Geoffrey Edwards

Unabridged philosophy audiobooks including writing by Plato (Parmenides), Aristotle (Economics) and Cicero (On Moral Duties).


This is a podcast hosted by the Center for Analytic Philosophy at Renmin University of China.

by Patrick Daniel

Engage thinkers and doers philosophically. Profile the ones that move the world forward and decode how they think.


These are the podcasts of Catholic NGO Voice, an outreach dedicated to sharing authentic Catholic socal teaching about human dignity and human rights.

by Leonard Peikoff

A 15-minute discussion of Ayn Rand's philosophy, posted every other Monday on www.Peikoff.com. Leonard Peikoff is a PhD in philosophy and a longtime teacher and writer; he was designated by Ayn Rand as her legal and intellectual heir. In the show, Peikoff reads a batch of philosophical questions emailed to him and methodically answers them.

by Plato

The Republic is an influential work of philosophy and political theory by the Greek philosopher Plato, written in approximately 360 BC.

by Thirteen - WNET

The only national TV news program devoted to religious and ethical issues.

by Roisin McAuley

Provocative weekly debate on moral, religious and ethical issues. From BBC Radio Ulster.

1 - 10 of 103 Titles
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