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The Enlightened Brain by Rick Hanson

The Enlightened Brain

The Neuroscience of Awakening

by Rick Hanson

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Unabridged Edition
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8 Hrs. 33 Min.


Meditation Meets Neuroscience—Practical Tools to Reshape Your Brain for Awakening

We are inspired by the living example of great teachers, who have both penetrating insight and a loving heart. “With modern neuroscience, we’re now beginning to understand the brain processes that support these wonderful qualities of mind,” explains Dr. Rick Hanson. With The Enlightened Brain, this pioneering neuropsychologist explores how you can activate these same processes inside your own brain to accelerate your own transformation.

Self-Directed Neuroplasticity—How Our Mind Shapes Our Brain

Your thoughts and feelings continually sculpt your brain—for better or worse. As Dr. Hanson teaches, you can use the power of self-directed neuroplasticity to take control of the evolutionary tendency of your brain to react to life with fear, frustration, and heartache—and return your brain to its natural state of calm, contentment, and caring. With simple and potent practices, he reveals how you can weave positive thoughts and emotions into the fabric of your brain, allowing you to cultivate the qualities of mindfulness, virtue, and wisdom for your own path of awakening.

“This new science gives us unprecedented tools to individualize psychological growth and spiritual practice,” says Dr. Hanson. You’ll learn about your unique “profile of attention” and which methods best strengthen your focus and concentration. You’ll also learn how to approach life with equanimity and relax the focus on “me, myself, and I.” With The Enlightened Brain, Dr. Rick Hanson gives you practical tools for strengthening the neural circuitry of spacious awareness, calm in the midst of stress, contemplative absorption, resilience, and lasting happiness.


  • Knowing your brain—how to tailor psychological growth and spiritual practice to your unique neurophysiology
  • Defeating the negativity bias of your brain by internalizing key resources
  • Pairing positive experiences with negative material to soothe and heal old pain
  • Activating the neural foundations of mindfulness
  • Strengthening the five factors of concentration and deep meditative absorption
  • Building neural shock absorbers for stable inner peace in a turbulent world
  • Using neuroscience to relax the apparent self and take life less personally

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