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Cardio Cross-Training Makeover 6-Week Program by Chris Bohlin

Cardio Cross-Training Makeover 6-Week Program

by Chris Bohlin

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3 Hrs. 30 Min.


Cross-train most days of the week on several different cardio machines. Each session here burns 300-500 calories, depending on your fitness level and body weight. Cardio equipment and light weights for the circuit cardio workouts are required. Be sure to cooldown and stretch thoroughly after each session! Move at your own pace and drink lots of water before, during, and after these fast-paced routines.

This six-week program includes:

Cardio Treadmill Hill: Chris Bohlin
The safest, most portable, and do-able cardiovascular workout is a power walk. We start you off slowly, so you nail proper walking form and pacing. If you want a more intense or longer walk, keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Fullbody Gym: Chris Bohlin
This fast-paced resistance workout uses strength machines like leg presses and tricep pull-downs to target your whole body. You should have intermediate knowledge of gym machines and strength workouts. You may need to warm up and cool down thoroughly on your own, and you do need to know your way around the weight room.

Indoor Cycle Training 1 and 2: Matthew Reyes
These programs are intended for you to simulate an outdoor road race on a stationary bike. It's perfect for beginners wanting to get in shape, get used to cycling, and begin getting stronger. Just get on a stationary bike with me and I'll talk you through the rest.

Elliptical Circuit: Chris Bohlin
Blast calories and sculpt your lower body with this beginner-intermediate cardio elliptical workout. Listen to Chris's unique form tips as you walk, and exercise time will fly by.

Treadmill Train for Speed: Chris Bohlin
Our hearts need to be surprised in order to get trained. In this workout you will work on some serious interval training to teach your heart to be strong and quick to respond.

BONUS CHALLENGE, Kick-butt Cardio Gym: Domo Kovacevic
This workout was built to make you work!

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