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The Vital Energy Program by Susan L. Taylor

The Vital Energy Program

by Susan L. Taylor

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Master Your Body’s Vital Energy for the Best Health of Your Life

Do you experience unaccountable fatigue? Would you like to have more energy for the things you love most? Western science is finally validating what doctors in Eastern medicine have known for centuries: that the human body’s life essence, or vital energy, plays a critical role in our general health and well-being. On The Vital Energy Program, pioneering nutritional biochemist Dr. Susan Taylor introduces you to this potent force that can infuse and sustain every aspect of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

Cultivate the Energy of the Universe
Recognized for centuries in China as qi and in India as prana, vital energy can be cultivated and directed with pinpoint accuracy, teaches Dr. Taylor. Using a unique integrated approach encompassing both Eastern and Western traditions, Dr. Taylor has helped hundreds of people raise their energy levels and overcome debilitating problems including fatigue, depression, illness, weight gain, loss of sex drive, and sleep disturbances. Now for the first time, her techniques— culled from more than seventeen years of success in her private practice—are collected together and presented by Dr. Taylor for everyone seeking the gift of vibrant health, through improved metabolic functioning.

Four Keys to Unlock Your Vital Energy
On this ultimate, energy-boosting curriculum, Dr. Taylor will show you how to work with the natural cycles of your metabolism and four key principles: nourishment, breathing, movement, and relaxation. You will learn:

• How to optimize your energy through what you eat—and when you eat it
• Special breathing principles that directly influence your nervous system, yielding a new ability to think clearly and quickly, while reducing stress levels
• Specific exercises to circulate and cleanse stagnated energy, revitalizing every organ in your body, and much more.

Reconnect with the Natural Cycles of Health
In our modern way of living, we are disconnected from the natural cycles of energy crucial to our health, Dr. Taylor teaches. With The Vital Energy Program, you will learn to reconnect with the energy of life itself, while cultivating a continuous, balanced energy supply for better health and vitality today—and every day—for the rest of your life.

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