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Debate: Drugs Should Be Legalized by Newt Gingrich

Debate: Drugs Should Be Legalized

by Newt Gingrich


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Another skirmish in the Drug Wars. Mr. Buckley sets the stage: "Our team is not united on all aspects of the resolution, and you should know that it embarrasses us not at all if you single out differences in emphasis. For instance, I believe in capital punishment for anyone who conveys drugs to minors, while Mr. Ira Glasser, a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union, doesn't believe in capital punishment for Satan himself..." Mr. Buckley focuses on "$15 billion per year, jail cells for every third college student, a national obsession with a lost cause." Mrs. Schroeder comes out swinging: "I think indeed Bill Buckley has finally hit his midlife crisis.... I suppose I'm looking at this as a parent, but... I think too many people think the trouble with drugs is the crime that comes from that.... The trouble with drugs is also the use of drugs.... To say it's a victimless crime is really incorrect. It tears at the fabric of families, it tears at the whole society's fabric ..." Often heated but illuminating as well, as both sides have come well prepared.

Episode FLS107, Recorded on March 26, 1990

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