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Basic Human Anatomy by John K. Young

Basic Human Anatomy

The Beauty of Form and Function

by John K. Young

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Unabridged Edition
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7 Hrs. 30 Min.
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The structures that lie beneath our skin represent a remarkable and beautiful assortment of biological machines essential for our lives. Often, however, we take these structures for granted; it is only when we become ill that we wonder how the body functions and what has gone wrong. In these fourteen fascinating lectures from Howard University's Professor John K. Young, a basic overview of the human body, its physical features, biological systems, and general functioning will be presented for the benefit of anyone from budding medical students to curious laymen. Before Professor Young begins to describe the structure and function of the body, he introduces the basics of anatomical terminology. Without a knowledge of these terms, the names of muscles and bones would be completely incomprehensible. A component of biology, morphology is the scientific study of the form and structure of living organisms - and human anatomy is the branch of morphology that looks at the structure of the human body. Human anatomy is made up of gross anatomy (structures that can be studied with the naked eye) and microscopic anatomy (the tiny structures that can only be examined under the scrutiny of a microscope). The complementary sciences of histology, cytology, physiology, and biochemistry may also be briefly summarized in support of this course. Our bodies rely on a host of complex biological systems that allow us to survive. Each of these systems employs the functioning of our major organs. These organs - including skin (our largest organ), heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, intestines, bones, bladder, and eyes - in turn, are made of tissues, and the various types of tissue in the human body are composed of cells. As Professor Young illustrates in this course, our bodies are amazing machines that, for example, can perform such marvelous feats as fully repairing themselves after sustaining injury. Professor Young has taught human anatomy for thirty years and has collected many fascinating and little-known stories about the body. In his lectures, he shares the knowledge he has gained during his tenure as a teacher as he leads his audience on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of the human body.

Lecture 1 Introduction to Anatomy and the Axial Skeleton

Lecture 2 Bones and Muscles of the Arms and Hands

Lecture 3 Bones and Muscles of the Legs and Feet

Lecture 4 The Cardiovascular System

Lecture 5 Lymphatic Vessels and Organs of the Immune System

Lecture 6 Spinal Cord and Brain

Lecture 7 Eye and Ear

Lecture 8 Upper Digestive System

Lecture 9 Lower Digestive System

Lecture 10 Exocrine and Endocrine Glands

Lecture 11 The Respiratory System

Lecture 12 The Urinary System

Lecture 13 The Male Reproductive System

Lecture 14 The Female Reproductive System

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