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CBC Radio: Quirks and Quarks Segmented Show Podcast
by Bob McDonald
Available on:

Join host Bob McDonald each week to find out the latest in science, technology, medicine and the environment.

StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson Podcast
by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Available on:

Science, pop culture & comedy collide on StarTalk w/ astrophysicist & Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, comic co-hosts, celebrities & scientists.

Relativity: The Special and General Theory
by Albert Einstein
Available on:
Audio Download (Free)

This is an introduction to Einstein's space-bending, time-stretching theory of Relativity, written by the master himself.

Fundamentals of Physics II
by Ramamurti Shankar
Available on:
Audio Download (Free) | Online Video (Free)

This is a continuation of Fundamentals of Physics, I (PHYS 200), the introductory course on the principles and methods of physics for students who have good preparation in physics and mathematics. This course covers electricity, magnetism, optics and quantum mechanics.

Physics I: Classical Mechanics
by Walter Lewin
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

8.01 is a first-semester freshman physics class in Newtonian Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Kinetic Gas Theory.

The Theory of Everything
by Stephen Hawking
Available on:
Audio Download ($20.97)

The Theory of Everything is a unique opportunity to explore the cosmos with the greatest mind since Einstein...

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Ever wonder about the our vast, mysterious universe - but don’t have time to earn that PhD? Superstar scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson has come to the rescue with Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, the brilliantly witty guide you’ve been waiting for.

A Short History of Nearly Everything
by Bill Bryson
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.92) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

In A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson takes his ultimate journey...

NOVA - PBS Podcast
by WGBH Science Unit
Available on:

NOVA brings you short audio stories from the world of science -- anything from hurricanes to mummies to neutrinos.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
by Leonard Susskind
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

This Stanford Continuing Studies course is the fourth of a six-quarter sequence of classes exploring the essential theoretical foundations of modern physics.

1 - 10 of 385 Titles
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