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The Neuropsychology of Weight Control

The Neuropsychology of Weight Control

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Your body fat is controlled by a center in your brain called the hypothalamus. This weight regulating mechanism controls your metabolism— the rate at which your body stores and burns fat for energy. Through breakthrough research conducted at Brigham Young and Stanford University it is now possible to program your hypothalamus to burn excess body fat.

Here, finally is a fat loss program that works! The Neuropsychology of Weight Control is a powerful audio based weight loss system that provides a scientific and successfully tested method for reprogramming your metabolism and getting the healthy, lean, and firm body you've always wanted -- without diets, pills, and other worthless gimmicks.

The terrible truth about diets. To understand why this program works, you have to understand why diets don't work. Diets are ineffective because they trigger your body's defenses against starvation. When you deprive your body of food and nutrients, your brain signals your metabolism to slow down. Your brain triggers your intestine to produce the appetite sttimulating hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin acts as a sort of chemical room-service call to the brain for more energy. In other words, people who try to shed pounds by depriving themselves of food through crash diets are fighting against a feedback mechanism that becomes more insistent the more weight they lose.

Consider the symptoms of dieting. You get hungrier, so you're tempted to eat. You get tired, so you move less and burn up fewer calories. You lose several pounds of weight easily (mostly water and lean muscle tissue ) then you suddenly find yourself at a plateau. This is because diets encourage the loss of lean muscle tissue—the main furnace where fat can be burned. Discouraged, you give up and gradually get fatter than you were before you started your fruitless effort.

In your desperation to lose you you may have fallen prey to miracle pills and powders that promised fast weight loss. Or machines that electrically stimulated your muscles. They all failed you. Why? Because there are no miracle cures.

Is there anything that works? A few years ago, three obesity experts at Brigham Young University began experimenting with a new method of weight control based on the discovery of a mechanism in your brain called a setpoint or "fat thermostat."

It is a primitive mechanism meant to guard against starvation that is programmed to maintain your present weight at all times and under all conditions.

When you go on a low calorie diet (below 2000 calories a day) or try to force your body to lose weight, your setpoint interprets it as starvation. Through hunger stimulated by ghrelin production and a lowering of your metabolic rate, the setpoint fights to maintain your weight. Your setpoint actually goes up a notch. You gain all the weight back you've lost on the diet and more.

Dennis Remington, M.D. and Garth Fisher Ph.D. encouraged their patients to eat enough (up to 3,500 calories per day) of nutrient-rich food that may help block the production of ghrelin and to do a form of non-strenuous exercise that would build fat burning lean muscle tissue The results were amazing. Patients who had dieted unsuccessfully for years and were chronically obese began to lose weight steadily and easily. And more Importantly, they kept it off!

The Neuropsychology of Weight Control program will show you, step-by-step, how to use these powerful new principles to reprogram your "fat thermostat." It will give you insight into how your body burns and stores fat, tell you how to develop the motivation you need to sustain your lasting weight control effort, introduce you to the fat burning foods and non—strenuous exercise patterns discovered by the BYU doctors—reprogramming your metabolism for lasting weight loss.

Over 1.2 million people have purchased this program and have enjoyed dramatic success (click here to read some of their stories). Most have lost it and have kept it off for 20 years!! Now, so can you. Order today and see what an astounding difference it make when you try to lose weight the right way

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Sybervision - Neuropsychology of Weight Control
Reviewer CACollins
 April 15, 2008
I first purchased this program back in 1988 and had phenomenal results. Back then, they included a book that explained the meaning behind 2 units of RCU and 4 units of FU. The newer version makes reference to this system and even tells you a page number to refer to; however, the information is NOT there. The newer version of this program is a HUGE disappointment. With the older version, they included a real book you could look through and fill out. It had great recipes in it and a shopping list for several weeks and a calendar with meal suggestions. The older version also included a 90 minute tape of walking music which was very motivational AND it had a video of people telling their success stories which was also very motivational. The newer version is nothing compared to the older version. You do not get as much help and what they have put together is full of errors and omissions.

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