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3: Selby "Quiet Mind" Program by John Selby

3: Selby "Quiet Mind" Program

A New Cognitive Method For Inner Clarity & Peace

by John Selby

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66 Mins.
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Based on his mind-management research for the National Institute of Health and elsewhere, John Selby has developed a powerful cognitive process that you can readily master, for quieting the bothersome chatter of your worried and stressed thoughts - and shifting into a more productive, peaceful, enjoyable inner experience.

At work, this Quiet Your Mind process will help you focus and perform at higher levels, dramatically improve your relationship skills and charisma, plus shift you into higher creative performance. At home, you'll learn how to be more heart-centered, to listen and relate with more compassion, and let go of the past in order to fully enoy the present moment.

This CD course includes audio training for:

1: "Quieting Your Mind" ... master Selby's basic cognitive-shifting technique using special focus phrases and mental methods, and transform your life in positive directions;

2: "No More Worrying" ... worrying doesn't really serve you at all. So learn how to actively quiet all your nagging worries that cause anxiety and stress and mental confision - break free into a more enjoyable present moment!

3: "Let Go Of Anger" ... you don't have to fixate on thoughts and memories that generate anger and aggressive emotions. Choose to manage your mind so that you regularly let go of anger, and move into more postiive emotions and relating.

4: "Accept & Love: ... judgment is a negative function of the mind that too many people are stuck in constantly. Now you can learn how to shift out of judgment mode, accept the world just as it is - and open yourself to positive participation at work and at home, as you become more compassionate, friendly - and effective.

5: "Listen To Your Heart" ... rather than being dominated by old ttitudes and childhood programmings and beliefs, you can learn in Selby's Quiet Your Mind program to regularly shift into 'heart mode' where you tap your deeper wisdom and insight, and listen to your inner voice with confidence and spiritual clarity.

Each of these five training sessions (about 10 minutes each) guides you into an inner experience that truly 'moves you' into a new vision of your life. You'll want to listen to each of these five programs many times - in fact they will serve you throughout the rest of your lifetime, as you continue to explore new realms of your own potential.

Enjoy tihs CD, and also go to http://johnselby.com for more information and discussion!

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