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A Guide To Dream Interpretation by Andy Guides

A Guide To Dream Interpretation

by Andy Guides


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Running Time
3 Hrs. 3 Mins.


Every dreamer has asked questions about why we dream, and what those dreams mean. While every dream is unique to the person who dreams it, the world of dream interpretation is a rich, fascinating and exciting one.
Even in today’s world, dream analysis and interpretation continues to be a source of wonder, inspiration and even healing. Psychologists and therapists often use dream analysis as part of their careers, and dream interpretation has been used in modern times to treat victims of trauma and help them heal.
Dream interpretation and analysis can be anything from a fun and interesting diversion to a serious, full time pursuit. Many people have been able to analyze their dreams and use the clues found there to address important issues in their waking lives.
Everything you need to know to interpret your own dreams is included in this guide:
What you always wanted to know about dreams and their meanings!
·      What is the significance of dreams?
·      Why do recurring dreams happen?
·      Do most people dream in color?
·      Do animals dream as well?
·      How are dreams affected by our daily lives?
·      Do men and women dream differently?
·      Why do I remember only bad dreams and never good ones?
·      What does it mean to dream about dreaming?
·      Will I really die if I hit the ground during a falling dream?
·      Understanding Dream Analysis and Interpretation
I show you how to record your dreams and maintain a dream journal so that you can retain as much information as possible about your dreams in order to interpret them more thoroughly and accurately.
You will rest happier and easier when you master the incredible techniques and commands presented in this special guide.
Let’s get you started interpreting your dreams right now!

You'll Receive The Audio Book Plus A 109 Page eBook!

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