Audio Book Membership

Audio Book Membership

35 Free Audio Books w/ Member Plan

We're now offering 35 free downloadable audio books for subscribers to our LearnOutLoud Member Plans:

35 Free Audio Books for LearnOutLoud's Members

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This includes the entire catalog of audio books professionally recorded and published by LearnOutLoud.com. Some of the most popular audio books included in our Free Audio Book Library for Members are:

  • Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
  • Art Masterpieces by Various Authors
  • Classics of Western Philosophy: Volumes I, II, & III
  • Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
  • Great American Presidents, Volume I & II
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu

    If you haven't subscribed as a LearnOutLoud.com Member, we encourage you to check it out. Along with our Free Audio Book Library, members receive credits each month which they can apply towards Audio Downloads, CDs, & Cassettes at 20-40% off the retail price. We've also added the benefit of receiving 10% off all purchases made without using credits. For more benefits check out:

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    LearnOutLoud's E-Magazine Archive Updated

    We've been sending out our E-Magazine for over 3 years now, and we've now updated our complete archive of all our past E-Magazines:

    All LearnOutLoud.com's E-Magazines

    This archive contains over 75 of our E-Magazines covering the evolution of LearnOutLoud.com and the audio & video learning resources we've added over the years. Here's some highlights from the past year:

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 51 - September 27th, 2007 - We focus on language learning featuring new downloads from Berlitz Publishing and the Best Language Learning Podcasts.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 53 - October 18th, 2007 - We highlight the massive collection of free literature offered by Lit2Go on iTunes U.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 56 - November 30th, 2007 - We feature the 100 best new audio book releases for the holidays of 2007.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 59 - January 10th, 2008 - E-Magazine devoted to Motivation for the New Year with a list of the best motivational CDs, MP3 downloads, and podcasts.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 60 - January 23rd, 2008 - 2008 Presidential Candidate Audio & Video covering the major Republican & Democratic Candidates at the time. As well as free videos from Barnes & Noble Media and @GoogleTalks.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 62 - February 21, 2008 - Highlights from the 500 new titles from iTunes U that we added to our free section.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 67 - April 24, 2008 - The Top 50 Free Resources that we've highlighted in our Free Resource of the Day Email from the past year.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 70 - June 5, 2008 - We feature the 2008 Audie Award Winners, along with a laundry list of the Top Free Titles from the collection of 500 Free Titles we added from FORA.tv.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 71 - June 19, 2008 - We introduce our new downloadable offerings from Random House Audio.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 73 - July 31, 2008 - We offer up a comprehensive Guide to Audio Tours covering U.S. Cities, European Cities, and other Cities around the World.

    LearnOutLoud.com E-Magazine No. 75 - September 10th, 2008 - Our 3rd Annual Back to School Special with a whole new slew of resources on different educational topics.

    Enjoy these past newsletters and thanks for being a subscriber to our E-Magazine! It's been a pleasure sharing these wonderful audio & video learning resources.

    Modern American Presidents

    With less than a month until the United States presidential election of 2008, we thought it fitting to feature biographies of some modern American presidents. We're continuing our presidential offerings with our new audio book for the month of October:

    Modern American Presidents

    This audio book is unique in that we have drawn our biographies from the free web-based encyclopedia Wikipedia. We chose to feature four of the most influential presidents over the past fifty years. This audio book features the complete Wikipedia entries for:

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Richard Nixon
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Bill Clinton

    Enjoy this free 3 hour and 35 minute audio book available on MP3 and bookmarkable MPEG-4 download exclusively through LearnOutLoud.com.

    Download Modern American Presidents

    Also if you missed the presidential debates, they are being podcasted on audio & video by CBS and are available on YouTube streaming video by C-SPAN:

    2008 Presidential Race Debates Audio Podcast

    2008 Presidential Race Debates Video Podcast

    And if you're a United States citizen, be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 4th!

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