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Audiobook Reviews

10 Good Reviews

Here's a list of ten good reviews written about some of the top 100 bestsellers on LearnOutLoud.com:

10. Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing

I think that if I had bought the book in writing - it would have been easier to appreciate - the tone of the speaker is condescending and basically annoying - hard to picture the author that way - who knows - the speaker/reader of the text - is very dramatic and 'soap opera-like' - ironic...the points the author makes are helpful and Somewhat direct - still feel like there is a lot of story telling that just doesn't need to be in all the dialogue - think that there could be SO much less story telling - which would make the book more of a tool for enlightenment - rather than a tool for ego amusement....

9. Mindfulness for Beginners

Another great audio program for those interested in learning how to meditate and connect to their "higher selves". John Kabat-Zinn teaches Mindful Based Stress Reduction and guides you through several exercises to make you "aware" and put you in the right mindset for meditation. John teaches meditation to adults and children of all ages and sizes. In fact, an article just ran on John and a group of middle school children that he began working with to help them learn mindful meditation. They remarked on how much at peace they felt and how much more love they had for each other before they started learning to meditate. This is a great series that will leave you wanting more.

8. The Law of Attraction

Even Oprah Winfrey thought it was weird and a little freaky when interviewing Esther Hicks and "Abraham" for her XM Radio show. But there's a lot of wisdom in the message that you can't argue with. Message to previous reviewer Griffin and anybody else who may react like him: don't miss the message just because you didn't like the delivery! I have to admit, normally I would be put off by anything that resembles mystical new-age thoughts, but fortunately for me, I first heard of Esther Hick's works and Abraham's teachings without the same "anti-new age- mumbo-jumbo" prejudice because I didn't know she was supposed to be "chanelling" the information. What she said made a lot of sense to me and she spoke very precisely with absolute certainty in her voice on the topic of The Law of Attraction (on the original version of the DVD "The Secret"). I didn't purchase the audio from this site but I've rated it 5 stars because it's excellent information for people who are searching for this information, who are seeking answers, who are wondering why bad things happen to good people as well. The first chapter (CD) covers an overview of the Laws which govern this universe. The remaining chapters cover each topic in more detail with a few questions by Esther's partner, Jerry, who asks questions often asked by their students. The main theme is the Law of Attraction, which is not a new concept but is starting to gain awareness (just try Googling Law of Attraction). It's about how things that happen in your life happen because of your thoughts, whether intentional or not, whether good or bad, whether wanted or unwanted. The concepts of karma, positive mental attitudes, self-fulfilling prophecies and coincidence are all evidence of The Law of Attraction. The teachings presented here encourage people to purposely apply these principles, to live a joyous life by deliberately creating experiences and circumstances, rather than to let it happen by default. So I challenge the previous reviewer and any skeptics out there to listen to the information and just try to fault it. You will find it difficult to deny it makes sense when you examine the things that have occurred in your life.

7. Still the Mind

This recording is of an introductory meditation lecture Alan Watts gave during his years as a public speaker. As with anything Watts produced in this sort of setting, his discussion is filled with his personal brand of intelligence, wit and enthusiasm. Although this title is short, you will nevertheless get a good lesson that traces the history of meditation and you'll soon realize why practicing it daily is valuable. As an added bonus, Watts gives an example of how he meditates himself. It would have been nice to be there while this title was being recorded. Watts is one of my favorite people ever, so you could do worse than picking up anything he has on audio.

6. 101 Power Thoughts

101 Power Thoughts by Louise L. Hay has changed my life completely. I learned that I am not so bad after all. I am a good person, and although I have been through more than a person ought to go through, I am a survivor and Louise L. Hay has shown me that there really is a light at the end of my tunnel. Thank you Louise for helping me believe in me. I listen to 101 Power Thoughts every single day, and I learn something new every single time I listen to this. Thank you so much!

5. Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love

This audio program will further expand your base for learning meditation. Bodhipaksa's voice is soothing and knowledgeable. I can't quite place his accent though. I think he may be a scotsman or from somewhere in England. Regardless, this is one of my favorite audio programs on meditation. There are three guided meditations. The first, Mindfulness of Breathing, teaches that fundamentals on how to breathe correctly and to concentrate on the breath. The second program focuses on Metta Bhavana, or development of loving kindness. Finally, Walking Meditation (my favorite) teaches us how to meditate throughout our day. I love, love, love this program. My only gripe with this program, or warning, is to encourage you to only buy this complete program. There are other titles by Bodhipaksa but many of them are this program separated out. After I bought and downloaded this program I also downloaded another title called Mindfulness of Breathing thinking that it was a different program. Nothing on the page for that title indicated that is was part of this collection. Just a warning. However, this is a very good program and it has encouraged me to seek out more info on Bodhipaksa.

4. The Way of Peace

A hundred years old but up to the minute freshness in its delivery of key concepts. Excellent! My first time with this author and well worth the listening. I will be looking for more titles by this author.

3. The Power of Now

The Power of Now blew my mind. In part because of its simplicity. And in part because of how infrequently I follow its basic principles. I'm the kind of person whose thought pattern goes something like this: future, future, future, past, future, future, past, future, future, future. Rarely am I actually in the Now. Since listening to the Power of Now I've been catching myself more and more when I slip into the future or the past. I'm much more aware. Now I don't agree with Eckhart that we should entirely be in the present moment all (or most all) of the time. I think that planning for the future and balancing "doing" with "being" is the key. It's the yin and the yang thing. The probably is many people are very unbalanced. They spend way too much time in the past or the future. The Power of Now will help you spend more time in the present. It's one of the most critical keys to success and happiness. I'm glad to have found it at an important part of my life. This is also a great title to have on audio as you can listen to it when you're driving as an incredible reminder to Be Here Now.

2. It Works

About 7 years ago, I bought 10 of these. Now, I can't find but one, I don't know if my wife gave them away or what, but I will tell you, this last copy is not leaving the house. Why? It is the simplest, most practical approach to goal-setting and acheiving you will ever read or listen too. Keep in mind that most of what is published in written form, is often re-written every 2 yrs or so. In order to avoid sounding to much like a re-write, authors will change things a bit, and by and by, you have a 350 page book or goals. But you have the choice. Do you want the pure, gold-nuggets, or do you want the job of sifting and sorting through 100's of pages until you come up with the nuggets again yourself? Give it a try! Very concise and the motives of the author are such that he remained anonymous - a true philanthropist! Enjoy.

1. The Science of Getting Rich

This is an amazing and insightful book and deserves its resurgence in popularity. I'm ranking it among the top five books I've read. Written in 1910, as I recall, only a few examples are dated; the majority of the discussion is universally relevant. I haven't listened to the other versions of this book here at learnoutloud, but I certainly appreciated narrator Brian Johnson's enthusiasm & clarity. Highly recommended.

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